Fresh Meat

Headlines and real meanings

Fauci: US Likely Will Not Return to Lockdowns
Meaning: We are still figuring out how to implement national lockdowns

Breakneck Pace of Crises Keeps National Guard Away From Home
Meaning: We have to keep the guard away from the red state governors to protect our asses from the governors.

Biden Extends COVID Travel Restrictions, but Not for Illegals
Meaning: We need more time to ship them all to red states to drive up COVID hysteria.

Personal Spending Strengthened in June Along With Prices
Meaning: Gee, that was unexpected (as in No Shit Sherlock).

The D party library 2021

1) Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky – think of it as their Michelin guide to destroy the Republic.
2) The New Progressive Dictionary – only it never gets printed as the word meanings change daily
3) Fifty Shades of Penumbra – the definitive guide book for lawyers and justices
4) How to Destroy a Country in 100 Years by Antonio Gramsci – the D how-to book
5) Burning Looting and Mayhem – Beginners Guide by Patrisse Cullors and foreword by William Ayers & Barrack Obama
6) How Green Was My Valley – A guide to California forest management
7) Welfare and Unemployment – How to live on $4000 per month without working
8) The Revolving Door – A how to guide for Journalists, Politicians and Lobbyists
9) The FBI – A history of creative criminal enterprise
10) The NSA – Spying for fun and profit
11) World Hegemony and Useful Elites – By Xi Jinping with foreword by Anthony Fauci
12) Selling my Father – by Hunter Biden
13) Religion and How to Replace It – Joint Authorship – Joseph Stalin & Mao Zedong
14) Spin, Twist and Cloud – NYT Editorial Board Cliff Notes
15) Trickle Down Poverty – by B. Sanders, A.O. Cortez and N. Pelosi
16) Theocracy , Jihad and Nuclear Engineering – by Jimmy Carter
17) How to Paint and Gain Lucre – by H. Biden with back page ramble by The Big Guy
18) A Brief History of Grease and Guns – L. Lightfoot, Chicago Press.
19) Eugenics for Dummies – M. Sanger
20) It’s A Tax – By J Roberts (Fee=License=Tag=Permit= Forced Penalty=TAX )

And in case anyone missed it, the current junta plans to “purge” the Library of Congress of seditious and dangerous documents. 

Having done research there in the late 1970’s and spent hours with pad and pencil (pre electronic anything),  any such action involving the removal or destruction of documents would be a supreme crime, right behind the total destruction of the Constitution, also under way.

Of course, they all ignored it when Clinton’s buddy Samuel Berger walked out with documents shoved in his underpants,  nothing is new with these clowns.


Do these things and watch the economy and population surge.

1) Eliminate the income tax, strike the 16h amendment from the constitution and introduce a 10% federal tax at point of sale. Fixed, never to change for any reason. If economy grows, fed tax intake grows. If it shrinks, so does fed take. Applies to all purchases/sales except for raw foods (not processed beyond cutting/cleaning/packaging and basic inputs to farming and raising food animals).  Why 10% – because it is a reasonable amount based on the GDP for a right sized  government. If funding is too great, add wording to the amendment that allows reductions in percentage (remember, no increases tolerated, not even by euphemism).

2) Eliminate all Federal regulations. Period. The Federal government has 2 duties, defense of the nation and settling disagreements between states. Dismiss 80% of federal employees, not needed, the states take care of their own issues outside of national defense and even then, the Guard remains state controlled and only an act of congress with 2/3 majority vote allows them to go to war outside of the U.S. (something grossly ignored since the close of WW II) The core national defense team is kept small and professional. BTW, border control and embassy functions are a national defense issue all controlled by the Executive branch outside of declarations of war.

3) Privatize or release to the States all social services currently shoved into the federal (centralized) system. All services must be answerable directly to the people at the state level. This includes Welfare , Education, Medical, Retirement and all federal level Police related. With modern communications the FBI is an anachronism and choke point. As to feel good things, States should manage all the so called “National Parks” on their lands seeing what an effed up job the centralized and corrupt apparatchiks do. Resources are to be exploited for the benefit of the citizens of each state, who are directly responsible for their proper management by selecting answerable representatives. Governors appoint the Senators for each state, as it used to be before corruption became dominant.

4) Always keep in mind the glitter rule (it is fool’s gold now, no real gold backs anything):

                      The government cannot give to anybody anything that
                      the government does not first take from somebody else.
                      This includes printing money without limits, inflation
                      takes away your money through devaluation and increased
                      cost of goods which is a tax pure and simple.

5) Federal regulations on everything are one of the root causes of increased cost, poor service, inefficiencies and corruption, leading to a tax burden that directly dis-incentivizes a prosperity which sustains larger families. Return to a low tax environment with 1 breadwinner and 1 home maker then stand back for the explosion of growth and prosperity.

6) Enforce existing laws on immigration. What is coming across the borders is a criminal invasion, not immigration. All those supporting and promoting it should be removed from political office permanently and lose their cushy pensions.

Never happen you say? Well, if we keep on current path the explosion and destruction of what now is, may present such an opportunity in varying degree within each state. Washington is well on the way to becoming irrelevant.

Debunking Ballots with DJ…

… my new class for the stubborn people who still believe the ‘Big Lie’.

Okay kids, take your seats.  That’s alright, if you are going to be stubborn, just stand there slack-jawed as usual.  But do try to pay attention to some facts.

There has been a lot of Right-wing screaming that voting by mail is ripe for ‘voter fraud’, and I am here to show you exactly how idiotic those claims are and how impossible it would be for anyone or any entity to somehow flood the zone with fake ballots.

It is election time here in the Socialist City of Seattle, and we’ve all received our ballots in the mail yesterday.  Here’s mine as it came in:

Obviously, I removed my name from the image, because I never use my real name on the Internet.  I was hip to ‘cancel culture’ thirty years ago, and have made it a point ever since to have a nom de plume for online activity that wouldn’t come back to bite me on the ass later.

But I digress.  We are talking ballots, not self-preservation.  That can be a topic for another day, if you want…

We vote by mail here in Washington.  We don’t request a ballot, one is automatically mailed to us if we are registered whenever there is an upcoming election.  This particular election is a primary, where we get to pick from a list of clowns  running to fill positions such as King County Executive, Seattle Mayor, and two positions on the Seattle City Council Politburo.

And what a clown-car the list of those candidates are, let me tell you.  Wait until I tell you about Goodspaceguy.


I got my ballot in the mail this morning, left out overnight in my mailbox with all the mail thieves swirling around the neighborhood.  You can tell that I am really excited about this particular election by my hurry to keep my ballot ‘safe’ from the mail thieves.  HINT:  nobody wants to steal a ballot — it’s like junk mail to those whose name isn’t on the envelope.  Sure, they can open it up, fill it out and provide a signature and drop it back in the mail, but it would be instantly flagged at the office in Renton due to a signature mismatch.

I filled out my ballot, choosing Goodspaceguy as my choice for King County Executive.  This guy has shown up on Seattle ballots for one position or another for the past thirty years.  Given the caliber of other candidates currently running, and the fact that he has “name recognition” around here, I figured, why not?  Again, that’s how seriously I am taking this current election.  After all, given the other choices available, voting for him seems to be the least obnoxious of the lot.

Oh, and for some reason, all of these positions are labeled as ‘non-partisan’.  I’m guessing that is because the only real political party around here is someone with a socialist bent.

So here’s to Goodspaceguy.  I hope he wins this time.  We deserve him.


After I’ve inserted my ballot into the ‘security sleeve’, and then stuffed it into the return envelope, I sign my ballot with the ‘signature’ they have on file in the King County Elections office in Renton.  The signature I use is one specific for voting and nothing else.    It’s the first thing they look at when the ballot comes in the mail or from a drop box.  The ballot has a bar code that is scanned, and my signature shows up on a screen and they compare it.  Since I use a symbol instead of a cursive signature, it is pretty damn easy for someone to know if it matches what they have on file or not.

I have had my ballot rejected and held for further verification a couple of times in the past because the person verifying it was looking for a traditional ‘signature’, not a symbol.  If the signature doesn’t match or needs further verification, they will contact you through the email address or phone number in their files.  You can also include either / or or both on the ballot envelope if you want.  But that signature, however it looks, has to match what they have in their file or the ballot won’t be counted.  PERIOD.  END.  They will hold that ballot for a week after the election is over to give you the opportunity to ‘cure’ the problem.  After that period the ballot is disqualified and never counted.

You will notice that I’ve circled some codes on the outside of the envelope.  The ballot contains three of the four codes inside.  There are a couple of bar codes and three QR codes.  Each will resolve to an alpha-numeric codes that are unique in combination to that particular ballot.  No two ballots have the same combination of alpha-numeric codes.  When all of these codes are scanned into the computer, an algorithm is created and used to determine whether that ballot is valid or not.  This makes it virtually impossible for someone to simply print up a bunch of ballots and drop them off into the mail or drop box.  Those unique combination of codes has to match what the system has produced, or it automatically gets kicked.

The system tracks every ballot it sends out by the unique set of codes on that ballot.  If the system didn’t send out a ballot with that unique combination of codes — it will know it immediately — and that ballot is flagged and sent to law enforcement for further investigation.  It never gets beyond the envelope scanning procedure.

If the ballot envelope makes it through the signature and code scanning process, it is then opened up and the ballot inside is separated from the envelope for another QR code scan.  After that, it is scanned for the actual vote count.

What happens if you move?

Usually, when you move, you contact the USPS and have all of your mail sent to your new address.  If you have filed a mail forwarding card with the USPS, they will not send a ballot to your old address, and they will not forward it to your new one.  Instead, it gets sent right back to King County Elections where your file is updated and your registration put on hold until you contact them with your new address.

What if you haven’t voted in a while?

If a ballot has been sent out and not returned after two consecutive elections, then your registration is put on hold until you contact the office.  You can obtain a ballot online by going to the Voter’s Portal.


It really boils down to this:  One person, one possible vote.  The idea that someone could mass-produce a number of ballots for the purpose of stuffing the ballot box is impossible.  It shows a lack of understanding of how it all works.  Each ballot is marked in such a way that it is not only unique but can also be determined whether the ballot was officially issued through the system and not copied and submitted.

There is ZERO chance of there being ‘more ballots received than sent out’ in this system, because every ballot issued is tracked.  If King County Elections didn’t personally mail the ballot out then it can’t receive it.  It is as simple as that.  And it is done in such a way that even if you know how the coding is done, you would have to know the actual codes — in their proper combination — in order for one ballot to be accepted.  The idea that there might be hundreds, if not thousands of fake ballots being returned and counted is nothing more than a fantasy.

Oh, and the final kicker?

All mail-in ballots in the country, not just Washington state,  use this system, because it is regulated by the federal government, not the individual state.  If it has this logo on the ballot, it has to follow this exact process per federal law.

So all that bullshit going on down in Arizona?

Nothing more than a dog and pony show designed to keep some of you riled up enough to keep sending money to Donald Trump to “Stop the Steal”.  I am sure he thanks y’all for being so damn gullible.

[DISCLAIMER:  I posted this mostly because I am working on a new design for this site and I need a post format to test the new theme in.  But feel free to respond in any way, shape, or form you see fit. ]

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