I wasn’t going to watch the debate. Remember? I said that I had no intention of watching it. I honestly meant it.

But then, at 1800 hrs, the TV was on and there was the beginning of the debate, so I stopped what I was doing and watched the first thirteen minutes. That was all I could take, so I switched over to Netflix to watch Supercell.


I am sure the Democrats are probably scrambling right now, trying to come up with a ‘Plan B’, because ‘Plan A’ just had a “senior moment” at the podium in a studio at CNN headquarters in Atlanta last night. Biden’s aids should be checking for signs of a stroke after that debate performance.

Thirteen minutes was enough for me.

Democrats have a major decision to make RIGHT NOW. Do they keep Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee? Or do they move for an ‘open convention’ and choose someone a bit younger and … well, coherrent.

Like I said, thirteen minutes was all I could handle. I can tell you that none of this bodes well for the United States going forward.

Look, this has nothing to do with ideology, and everything to do with senility. BOTH these candidates are suffering from it — it shows in their faces and by every word they utter. Right now, Joe seems a bit worse off than Donald, but he isn’t that far behind Joe.

Will Joe Biden do the right thing and withdraw from the race? Because under party rules that’s the ONLY way we get Joe Biden off the ballot — he has to want to get off the ballot. But I suspect that Joe’s ego will drive his decision and we will be stuck with Joe until he loses to Trump.

That’s when I move back to Canada.

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