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Sherlock Holmes & The Great Del Rio Mystery

I am sure you have all seen by now, the pictures from last Tuesday the first day of Autumn, of some 15 to 20 thousand Haitians and others under an overpass in Del Rio Texas.

Then on Friday, lo and behold! Images of a totally empty ground, with front end loaders disposing of the debris, trash and shit, with nary a soul visible other than the hardhats and contractors.

Followed immediately by a bunch of PR statistics that kind of went along these lines:

2,000 returned to Mexico

3500 (family units dontcha know) admitted to USA with notice to appear before an immigration judge (sure, uh huh)

5000 deported back to Haiti (Huh? Lessee, each aircraft holds give or take 350 persons, so that would be at least 15 aircraft departing from Del Rio between Tuesday and Thursday PM? Wanna bet the ATC flight logs do not show such activity?

And then the balance of 4500 to ?? many more, no one knows, other than rumors of busloads being sent all over the USA under the cover of darkness (can’t have snoopy drones showing everyone what is going on, can we now?)

In addition, the muted news from Florida and other “red” and “purple” states, complaining about busloads of illegal invaders being dumped at bus stations all over.

The lies just keep coming folks, never ends. Then suddenly (unexpectedly I am sure) we begin to hear of movements to allow amnesty, citizenship and (gasp!) VOTING privileges to all of the above. Let us call this what it is…. A well funded, coordinated and on going invasive effort to completely flood the nation with unemployable government dependent bodies (hey, your tax dollars are unlimited now, that is also in the works).

Stock up with consumables and trade goods, money is heading for Weimar, nay Zimbabwean value, unless China economy crashes first and Xi launches the war on Taiwan for distraction. Then it goes to zero instantly and U.S. store inventory vanishes. This is not theory, I have seen it happen first hand in Argentina and Chile.

Be prepared to the extent possible and pray that some sanity returns (don’ expect it though).

SHTF if true

Rumor circulating that the Resident in Chief has instructed that any military person refusing the forced “vaccine” will be subject to court martial and dishonorable discharge. No option to resign.

Such action eliminates all pensions and remains a mark against all future employment both inside and outside the government. Having been honorably discharged and run into that question with past employers, I can personally attest to the effects that may result.

If this proves to be true, and gets implemented, it will guarantee the destruction of the U.S. military and our national defense pretty much across the board.  Ripple effect to all industries and vendors to the U.S. G. as well.

If anyone had any doubts at all that the present regime and the puppet masters pulling the strings are aiming for the destruction of our country, this should dispel all illusions.  I pray this proves to be an ‘up the flagpole” moment and gets instantly retracted and buried for real. The consequences are dire.

Tax it all

Tax the plastics, and whence they came
Tax your shirt, shoes and briefs
Tax the tires, the paint and fuel with tank
Tax the garden hose, the plumbing and the fences
Tax the glue that hold your teeth
Tax everything from eeevil oil.

Fine you say, I will switch to all cotton, wood, leather and wool,

Paper bags lined with beeswax (all natural of course)

Ceramics and glass as in days of old, but no, can’t use any fuels that greens do not like
But no! Crieth the greens, can’t cut trees, ,harm the sheep, kill cattle or stress the bees
And cotton is evil, needs much water and urea (not to mention slave labor in China)

OK, we go nuclear, energy for cheap, with which we will smelt and weave and make from nature (oh! and Oil is natural as can be).

Nay! That is worse, no nukes, no oil, no nothing at all
Woe to the whales, we shall revert to their rendering for sputtering wicks and light in the eve.
Burn wood for heat, it is renewable you know (except in California).
Walk to work, but Whoa Nellie, there is no longer any work, as production dwindles,
Have meal, if you grow your own, see there will no longer be supermarkets or stores.
Or cooling and heating, with freedom to move
We revert to the 40 year lifespan of hard labor to survive. Law of the jungle returns for sure (hello Chicago).

And lest you doubt this, all greens will be quite tasty, fried up over a wood fire out in the forest, where no one remains to hear their lament.

Oz at the tipping point

I have nothing crafted, long day installing a water heater at son’s place and grandson’s birthday in parallel, whew!

So hie thee over to the Conservative Treehouse and have a look.  Apparently Oz is boiling over while the DC “Insurrection II” false flag op fizzled.

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