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Prosperity and economic growth

Civilizations prosper when they reach a level of labor efficiency that allows for sufficient food and protection from the elements, with some hours daily to think and analyze what is about them. By this we historically meant every able bodied person over age 14 was in the labor force other than those remaining home to care for children . That and a work schedule under 10 hours/day with at least one day of full rest.

Civilizations begin to fail when a majority of the population has a means of survival without needing to work much if at all, thus allowing excess idle time without focus. Watching TV or gaming hours upon hours every day is a pretty good metric.

You peg where we are in the U.S. A. with a 61% (and dropping) labor participation rate of working age bodies and have a look at the percentage not working that could be, receive taxpayer funding to not work.

Factor out children, the aged and women raising children which means about 60 million out of 330 million are full time workers with maybe another 30 million part time or underemployed. The U.S. ratio is about 27% of the whole population productive (private sector)  to 73% non productive. Note that government workers are non productive or negative productive deepening on how you choose to define it.  Persons that work in service industries, not making tangible products are partially productive. 

This is not tenable.  We as a nation must decide to move as much production of tangible goods back to U.S. soil in order to shift the participation rate upwards.  While machines now do a lot of things that displace human workers, increasing production domestically does require  more humans to feed and maintain the efficient machines.  Growth is possible and higher levels of employment as well.

Sadly, too many that end up setting policy and determining actions have zero understanding of economic systems and human nature.  The latter being more important than the rest. Our founders studied classical history and were very aware of the myriad of economic and government systems that have been tried over time (and failed).  The U.S. Constitution is one of the finest creations of man in that it recognizes our nature and was structured so as to allow individual freedom to pursue our interests without the hindrance and interference by government (loosely translated to mean all those who seek power and wealth by coercion of the free individual).

We stand at a crossroads and must choose the path of individual freedom and self made opportunity. TANSTAAFL

Near 70 turns around the Sun

I consider to have had the good fortune of being an observant little tyke, noticing and filing away cause and effect from a very early age. This is a survival skill and is ingrained in every human being and some other animals, though one could argue as to the degree based on how modern society is “progressing”.

In order to simplify what comes, the term “the left” shall be construed to incorporate everyone within the Venn diagram population listed below:
a) Communists and any flavor thereof which espouse Marxist thinking (an oxymoron) as a path to power. Including but not limited to: Nazis (National Socialists), Fascists, Maoists, Jacobins and the currently constituted Democrat party leadership in the U.S.A. and so called Social Democrats in most western nations.
b) Big business and industry that choose to go the route of crony relations with powerful entities, be they government, bankers or military (some incestuous overlap).
c) The Military leadership, falling into the crony relationship trap with both of the aforementioned groups.

All those institutions that have been taken over and corrupted by members of the aforementioned 3 categories including mainly but not limited to: Unions, Schools, Academies, Universities, Colleges and Media. All pretty much becoming the mouthpieces and indoctrinators to support control and grasp on power.

It does not matter the country, language or even history and strength of ethnic cohesion, the corrosive entry of the left will eventually dissolve all bonds (with one interesting anomaly).

This brings us to the main observation, which I had the unenviable luck of living through. As most will recall, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil between the 1960’s and 1980’s, “enjoyed” both Fascist and Communist takeover or attempted takeover of their respective governments by various means, some legal and some by force.

Brazil was an early winner in that the Navy and elements of the Army took over in 1964 and booted out a very corrupt and ineffective communist political class headed by then Pres. João Goulart .

I observed such military intervention in Argentina (Gen. Jorge Vidella) , in Uruguay where a joint command of all armed forces (COSENA) took over for about 10 years, Chile (Augusto Pinochet taking out Allende). With family and close friends in all 4 locations during these times, visited between all.

That little bit of information tucked away from all this, is that countries with a non-corrupt and very tight (there are families in each country where men have served continually generation after generation) nationalistic military core (high command) that would support the constitution and of the integrity of the nation, could step in and steer away from left wing suicide. 

This is my great concern about the U,S. of A. as it appears that the federal high command (pentagon) has become corrupt and co-opted through and through. At the individual state level this is perhaps not the case, but we have about 20 states run by leftist governors, which means the “High Command” at the state level may not have full integrity before the Constitution . Then there is the long history of our military not getting involved in any way over internal politics.

In the end one has to conclude that whatever comes, it is going to be up to the individual in every family, community, county and state that determine what happens within the state.

The centralized federal system (a distorted abomination) can either right itself or collapse.

The Natives Grow Restless

The resistance to dictatorial government policies appears to be on the rise around the globe (finally!) and I now think it is only a matter of weeks before capitulations begin to domino across the Anglosphere and the EU.

Meanwhile, some other interesting things are happening, such as the possibility of Greater Idaho with 2/3 of Washington State jumping ship and partitioning the state.

Not to mention California and Colorado unrest over the flaming liberals destroying the conservative (sane) portions of their respective states with their policies, engendering the movements to secede and/or shift land boundaries to become independent (two new stars on the flag?) or become part of a saner state (yeah, we all want to be in a saner state).

Who knows, civil war 2.0 may yet result, only it will likely be blessedly short as surrounding a number of blue cities and cutting off all commerce, energy, food deliveries and exit avenues will change the situation remarkably quick for wannabe tyrants. There is a reason why Il Douchessa Pelosi wants 25,000 NG troops around the capitol (gosh, whatever will she do if the governors call them all home, don’t think the DC police will manage to fill the gaps, eh?)

Interesting times indeed.

Sherlock Holmes & The Great Del Rio Mystery

I am sure you have all seen by now, the pictures from last Tuesday the first day of Autumn, of some 15 to 20 thousand Haitians and others under an overpass in Del Rio Texas.

Then on Friday, lo and behold! Images of a totally empty ground, with front end loaders disposing of the debris, trash and shit, with nary a soul visible other than the hardhats and contractors.

Followed immediately by a bunch of PR statistics that kind of went along these lines:

2,000 returned to Mexico

3500 (family units dontcha know) admitted to USA with notice to appear before an immigration judge (sure, uh huh)

5000 deported back to Haiti (Huh? Lessee, each aircraft holds give or take 350 persons, so that would be at least 15 aircraft departing from Del Rio between Tuesday and Thursday PM? Wanna bet the ATC flight logs do not show such activity?

And then the balance of 4500 to ?? many more, no one knows, other than rumors of busloads being sent all over the USA under the cover of darkness (can’t have snoopy drones showing everyone what is going on, can we now?)

In addition, the muted news from Florida and other “red” and “purple” states, complaining about busloads of illegal invaders being dumped at bus stations all over.

The lies just keep coming folks, never ends. Then suddenly (unexpectedly I am sure) we begin to hear of movements to allow amnesty, citizenship and (gasp!) VOTING privileges to all of the above. Let us call this what it is…. A well funded, coordinated and on going invasive effort to completely flood the nation with unemployable government dependent bodies (hey, your tax dollars are unlimited now, that is also in the works).

Stock up with consumables and trade goods, money is heading for Weimar, nay Zimbabwean value, unless China economy crashes first and Xi launches the war on Taiwan for distraction. Then it goes to zero instantly and U.S. store inventory vanishes. This is not theory, I have seen it happen first hand in Argentina and Chile.

Be prepared to the extent possible and pray that some sanity returns (don’ expect it though).

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SHTF if true

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Tax it all

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Oz at the tipping point

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Just say NO!

It would appear that perhaps Nancy Reagan was well ahead of her time with the slogan “just say no” (to drugs). This applies equally to anything being “forced” by a government that exist at the behest of the American citizen. Either amendments four, nine and ten mean something or do not. The very fact that

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It can now be said

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Ages ago

So how did your childhood go? Age 8 – cap guns, some with spring loaded plastic bullets – great fun with dominoes at 3 yards Age 9 – Dick Tracy machine gun – caps and plastic spring loaded bullets fired – noise mostly Age 10 – First Daisy BB rifle – off to target shoot

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