Many of you know about the World Economic Forum, and have heard about the New World Order. Some of you probably know as much or more as I do about these things

, and their implications for our lives. I ran across this video earlier today which does a good job of setting out some of the particulars. The maker promises more such coverage in the future, but this is a good start, especially if you read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, a link to which I posted several weeks ago.

This video is a well-spent hour if you are still trying to understand the massive hidden machine behind the CCPVirus, the Great Reset and the New World Order.  It comports with everything I have learned over many years.  Until we recognize that it is not the NWO pawns in politics that we must overcome. The fight over political parties is theatre designed to distract us from the profound truth in this video. It is the small handful of families who have been made impossibly rich through our kleptocratic banking system that are the true enemies of freedom

, and indeed, all mankind.

(Author’s note 1/10/22: the video removed from YouTube within a day of this post. I found a link to it on Rumble. I have the video

, it is just too large to host on this site.)

(I got it on here for you.)

You might say a short prayer for the author’s longevity.

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By LC SecondMouse

Find me on twitter at @DiscardedVirtue Retired CEO. Constitutional conservative. Mortal enemy of moral hazard, ignorance and collectivism. Traveler on the Inner Journey, Zen Buddhist, Taoist. Walker of The Way. Teacher and Student.

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