“Why isn’t President Trump just releasing the search warrant, you conspiracy-minded likely domestic terrorists?”

Possibly because they don’t have a copy to release since the Stasi refused to give them one and only allowed the lawyer present to view it at a 10 foot distance which, unless you happen to carry binoculars around in your purse, hey, who doesn’t, it’s the law!, makes it kind of difficult to read what it says. We mean, such as required information like “what are we looking for, what areas are we authorized to search”, those kinds of things.

Things that used to be part of common jurisprudence in this country for very good reason, it’s hard to build a defense if you have no idea what your accusers are working on, but seem to have gone out the window when the Stasi took over.

That copy has still not been released in spite of demands to do so, but we’re sure that our wise masters have very good reason to not prove any sort of probable cause because they’re simply better than the accused peasants. It’s good to be the king, right?

It helps if your king isn’t a drooling, demented, senile imbecile, but who cares? This is the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, where everybody has the right to face their accusers and look at the evidence against them. Don’t make us laugh. That nation died a long time ago, and we let it die, thanks to our own spinelessness and, worse still, due to the spinelessness, cowardice and treason, yes, we said it, there’s this oath that some of us cling to, senile as we are, of our so-called elected “representatives.”

The boxes that Donald Trump “stole”? They were packed by the GSA, so we guess that unelected bureaucracy are due for some scrutiny. After all, if Donald Trump WAS in possession of document he shouldn’t have, THEY were the ones that sent them to him.

No, it’s not going to happen, we know, but it’s a good question, isn’t it. That lot should be given the whole bright light, sleep deprivation, no access to their usual online porn accounts treatment for a few days. The blue balls alone would crack them in a day.

Anyway. So if this was all above boards, why is the search warrant that the accused’s lawyer was never allowed to get a copy of, much less have a chance to READ, still sealed?

You Nazi Democrat fucks just screwed yourselves in ways that this lifelong historian Emperor can’t stop laughing at. Seriously? We thought you’d reached your absolute max in ignorance with your Jan 6 Reichstag Fire “hearings”, even the NSDAP put a bit more work into hiding their involvement. But we were wrong, you really ARE that ignorant of history, aren’t you? Perhaps it’s due to the fact that you’re mostly lawyers, and your only qualification is lying on behalf of whatever your job is.

Open a history book. For your own sakes. Because if you keep on like this, the next time you hear carpenters working, it’ll be the sound of scaffolding being built outside the cells you’re locked up in.

If you’re lucky.


P.S.: Damn, where’s the popcorn? This is the most incompetent coup in the history of humanity. We’re loving it. It’s like they assembled the worst drooling village idiots in the entire nation and asked them how to do it. In the most well-armed and most unlikely to “follow orderz, Mein Führer” nation that ever existed. Seriously, unless you have a heart of stone, you can’t help but to find this darkly amusing. The backlash will be EPIC.

The only thing most definitely UNfunny about it is the untold thousands of completely innocents who will have to suffer as a result, only due to the never to be underestimated capacity of people who think they’re smart’s inability to read. Our prayers go out to them.

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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