…and you’d better do the same. There’s still time, right up until tonight.

And kindly don’t give His Imperial Majesty any of the “but it won’t matter anyway! They’ll STEEEEAAAAAL it, *sniffle*” nonsense either.

Sure, they might. It’s not like they haven’t done it before, in 2020 they did it so blatantly obviously that it was visible from space, but that’s not the point. If they do, they do, and they “win”. But if we DON’T vote, then they won’t even have to TRY and they STILL win. And if they don’t have to try, all of the very, very watchful eyes staring at ballot boxes this year will see absolutely nothing because no stuffing of them will be necessary.

At least make them try. If there’s one thing we teach every young recruit in the Legions, it’s that it’s damnably hard to chop your enemy’s head off if you don’t get him to stick his neck out far enough that you can get a good swing on it.

So you can either vote and make them work for it, or you can curl up in the fetal position with your thumb in your mouth and cry about it and then live with the knowledge that they didn’t even have to cheat this time, because you gave it to them for free.

Finally, and this is something we learned as a young buck getting fitted for our first toga, if you don’t vote, then you’ve abandoned your right to complain until the next election. No matter what follows, you’ll be kindly asked to sit down and shut the fuck up because “daddy, what did YOU do to turn the last election.”

“I couldn’t be arsed because they’d win anyway” isn’t going to convince anybody to listen to you.

So vote.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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