Good morning from my Hunker-Bunker overlooking the Puget Sound from West Seattle. It is an overcast day on this Thursday morning, and my Windows 11 Co-Pilot AI tells me that it is going to rain in about 36 minutes. We’ll see.

Today is the day that two octogenarians fortified with Geritol and prune juice will face off and attempt to sling mud at each other. Both will be trying to make the argument that being alive on this planet for going on nine decades isn’t a liability for being POTUS. Both will be showcasing their ability to remain cognitive for at least 90 minutes while simultaneously answering questions that both guys have memorized responses for. The main goal: To not fall flat on their faces, and to not look as old and flustered as their opponent.

It’s a rather low bar.

I have no intention of watching the debate. I can scan the highlights first thing tomorrow morning if I am at all interested. I think I would rather clean out the Honeybuckets at an outdoor concert event with a siphon hose than to sit through another presidential debate.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  The Supreme Robes Speak

When bribes can become gratuities: It’s a bribe if you accept money to do something, and a ‘gratuity’ if you get the money after you do it.

The Court is deliberately holding off until the end, their most important decisions. This brings us to the next related item:

Item 2: The State of The Supreme Court

“incredibly dishonest about how law and facts are cherry-picked.”

The Court has been losing its ‘legitimacy’ and ‘respect’ for about forty years now. This isn’t a Left/Right thing, even though most partisans try to make that argument.

No, I think the problem is with lifetime appointments of judges and justices. We have judges and justices currently serving on the bench who were nominated and appointed by presidents and Senators long since dead. NO single term for ANY position within the US government should exceed twelve years. NOBODY should serve more than two terms in ANY position. Move up, or move out. There shouldn’t be anyone ‘camping’ in any elected position ever.

Item 3:  Trump’s Potential VP Pick

Do you know what would be cool? If both Trump and Biden were to drop out and the VP picks be the ones running for POTUS.

Item 4:  The “Debate”

Do you think that ANYONE is going to watch the debates to ‘learn’ about the candidate’s positions? If so, then you are probably a moron.

Of course the only reason people are going to tune into CNN and watch this thing is to see who royally fucks up and/or loses their fucking minds. There is really no other reason for anyone to watch.

As far as Trump ability to not be a ‘Raging Asshole’?

Assholes are going to asshole. It’s what they do. It would be easier for Trump not to breathe than it would be for him not to be an asshole.

Item 5:  Exclusive: Michelle Obama’s private frustration with the Bidens

How about MY frustration with Michelle Obama? Either put up or shut up.

Item 6:  A new measure of Americans’ deep distrust of the media

Social media has severely damaged the news media.

Item 7:  Far-right site Gateway Pundit to answer claims of ‘bankruptcy abuse’ in hearing

From the description I read here, it is ‘bankruptcy abuse’. Blatant.

Item 8:  ‘This disorder has almost killed me’: His addiction to ultraprocessed food began as a child

Ultra-processed foods haven’t done any of us any favors. As a whole, today’s first-world human being is probably the most unhealthy we’ve ever been. Our expected longevity has been dropping over the past decade. Americans specifically, are among the most unhealthiest on the planet.

Item 9:  Man accused of attempted murder in hammer attack over online gaming argument


What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

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