I’ve spent a bit of time trying to work out a kink here that prevents the writer from using the ‘Classic Editor’ that WordPress abandoned a couple of years ago for this stupid monstrosity using ‘blocks’. For some reason, this is the ONLY site that will not post anything using the ‘Classic Editor’.

So we are stuck with the ‘blocks’. Oh well.

I ran across a few more headlines to ridicule.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  The brain makes a lot of waste. Now scientists think they know where it goes

Oh, that’s easy — I don’t even have to read the article! I know exactly where it goes: Onto social media.

Item 2: Farting Cows and Pigs to be Hit by Carbon Tax in Worlds First

Farting cows and pigs…

Item 3:  Millions of Taxpayers Call the IRS for Help. Two-Thirds Don’t Reach Anyone.

It’s a feature, not a bug. It’s even worse for those of you trying to get ahold of someone at Social Security.

Item 4:  People need this ‘essential’ cognitive ability—and fewer have it than ever before

“We are at risk of losing this essential capability that I call receptivity, the ability to have good judgment, to have insight about people, and it’s a major concern.”


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