Good morning from my Hunker-Bunker overlooking the Puget Sound from West Seattle.  I am home recuperating from getting my nether-regions beamed with protons while simultaneously doing battle with Home Depot and Amazon over two missing dishwashers that were supposed to arrive here last week.  Amazon literally lost the dishwasher they were sending, and are refusing to refund my money until they get the damn thing back.  (Visa just cancelled the order for me — Take that, Jeff Bezos…)  The other day I went ahead and ordered a dishwasher from Home Despot to be delivered yesterday (286 in stock) only to find out this morning that it isn’t coming any time soon.  (Apparently, the 286 in stock is a lie, because when you order a dishwasher from Home Despot, they send the order to the factory to be built and then shipped from there — or at least that’s the lie I was told a few moments ago on the phone…)

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  Most Americans plan to watch the Biden-Trump debate, and many see high stakes, an AP-NORC poll finds

I have no intention of watching two old farts shake their fists at each other.   I think I would rather watch a one-hour infomercial with Sally Struthers pleading for money than subject myself to the madness that will be the Biden/Trump ‘debate’.

“I’m not as demented as that guy is,” doesn’t seem like much of a selling point, does it?

Does anyone expect to ‘learn’ something new about either candidate, or are we just waiting to see who face-crashes first?

I’d like to believe that “we could do better” than both of these octogenarians.  Unfortunately, if that were the case, there’d be a line of candidates up front, and center.

RFK Jr is the only other idiot out there.

To be honest with you, the Office of the President has lost any kind of legitimacy and reverence.  It’s become the brunt of a lot of jokes in the world and the upcoming contest for its next occupant isn’t going to make that reputation any better.  If anything, it will continue to sink.

So no, I see no reason to watch the debate.

Do you?

Item 2:  Get ready for the Supreme Court to drop some bombshell decisions

They sure seem to be taking their time on these.  It’s as if they are each preparing an escape route so they can get out of Dodge before their shit hits the fan.  Alito appears to be missing already…

Item 3:  Judges Rebel Against the Supreme Court

Judges (and most lawyers) like to have some rigid stability to the law.  When the Supreme Court tosses out years and generations of precedent and reverses itself on purely ideological lines, you would have to expect some major ripples to go through the legal system.  MAJOR ripples, and in areas of the law that you would never expect.

This stuff is all interconnected.  One case may rely on the decisions found in dozens of other cases, that rely on the same basic foundation that has been built up over the decades by precedent.   Take away some of those precedents and the foundation weakens and starts to crumble.

Item 4:  Latimer Beats Bowman in Pricey NY Primary Shaped by Gaza War

If you think this has anything to do with his stance on Israel, then I have a Space Needle and the box it came in that I will sell you for very cheap…

Bowman has pretty much been an embarrassment to himself and his district since he first got elected.  He was a flash-in-the-pan that made news by accidentally beating a 30-year incumbent following the George Floyd ruckus.  If I were to point to a defining  moment in losing the support of his district, it would have to be his fire alarm debacle.  Everything else from that point on — including his stance on Israel — is just “that, too”.

He turned out to be a political jackass.  A Democratic jackass this time, but a jackass nonetheless.   The fluke is getting replaced.

There are more flukes to go…

Thanks for playing, there’s the door, buh-bye.

Maybe politics isn’t for Jamal Bowen.  It tends to bring out the worst in people, I’ve noticed.  He probably was a great school principal, just a shitty-ass politician.  It’s not a bad thing, as long as you are aware of your limitations.

ME?  I’d be a shitty, SHITTY politician.  I know that deep in my core.  Just as most of you feel about your own such limitations.  I might be ‘full of myself’ on a lot of things, but being a politician is nowhere in that equation.

Item 5:  Oklahoma’s top court rejects establishment of first publicly funded Catholic school

This was so obviously unconstitutional.  It makes me question a couple of things:

  1. How did the lawyers who brought this case pass the bar exam?
  2. Are they hoping the current make-up of the US Supreme Court is going to change the Constitution in order to make this fit?


Item 6:  What would Jesus think if he read your social-media posts, church review asks

Social media is a path to stupidity…

The stupidity is a feature, not a bug.  The Internet is full of people who have almost no filter when it comes to backing up to their keyboard and just dumping their shit online.

Item 7:  Abe Lincoln wax sculpture melts in brutal DC heat

Okay, who thought it would be a Good Idea™ to make a wax sculpture of anything and put it out in direct sunlight and not expect it to melt?

Item 8:  Google studied Gen Z. What they found is alarming.

“Within a week of actual research, we just threw out the term information literacy”

LOL!  Now that is funny.  Just wait until Google studies the Millenniums…

Some people and their kids…

Item 9:  White West Virginia couple forced their adopted black children to work as slaves and live in barn

Almost heaven…

I’d like to say that I was at a loss for words, but I’m not.  I just choose not to say them out loud, in case they could ever be used against me in court…

Item 10  Two US astronauts stuck in space as Boeing analyzes Starliner problems

“It’ll be a cinch. We go up, drop this stuff off, and be back in time for me to take you out to dinner”

From what I understand, they are not only stuck in space, but they are confined to the space capsule.

Confidence in Boeing is dropping by the day.

Item 11:  Kyle Rittenhouse’s Family Plead for Money as They Face Eviction



Need help with substance use disorder or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.


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