I literally stumbled across this Andy Borowitz tweet this afternoon and it suddenly made sense: Joe Biden has already done all the legwork and has won all fifty states worth of Democratic primaries, and now you want to shove him aside for someone else? Imagine all the hassle of changing paperwork and having to re-run some primaries. We can solve ALL of that simply by substituting Hunter Biden for Joe Biden.

The posters are already printed. We could still have our Biden’24 lawn signs. It’s such an easy fix!

Besides, when Hunter Biden becomes president all he has to do is pardon himself, just like Donald is going to do if he becomes president.

Everyone should be happy with this setup. We’d have a much younger candidate named Biden, and his new-found “street cred” of having a felony conviction should be a boost, not a burden in his campaign. He’s also get the support of all those who feel that the gun laws are too strict, if you can’t lie on a gun application about your prior drug use when applying for a permit.

Don’t just stop there…

Now that we have a nifty way to switch out Bidens on the ballot, if Kamila Harris is a problem for you, I can give you a fairly long list of people named ‘Harris’ that we can switch her out with also.

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By I'm THAT Guy

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