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Good morning from my office perched between two stadiums in Seattle.  I’m coming off of my three-day vacay, and am ready for another one.

I am not feeling all that well this morning, and I may decide to bug out of here in an hour or two, if I can.  I sure could use a nap right now…

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  ‘We’ll See You at Your House:’ How Fear and Menace Are Transforming Politics

What a stupid threat:  “We’ll see you at your house…”  Seriously?  Are there really people out there THAT fucking stupid?  (It’s a rhetorical question)

Item 2:  Donald Trump’s lawyer fighting to stop former president from testifying in trial next week

Trump’s lawyer has to ‘fight’ to keep Trump from testifying?

Most lawyers are quick to tell their clients that they should never testify in court.  NEVER.  In a criminal case, the prosecution has the sole burden of proving their case against the defendant.  Why give them more ammunition by giving them the defendant to testify?

I don’t care how innocent you are, DON’T DO THE PROSECUTION’S JOB FOR THEM!

Item 3:  Reaganomics Is on Its Last Legs

The fact that Reaganomics lasted for as long as it has was amazing all by itself.  This whole ‘trickle-down’ theory was already known to be bullshit when Stockman first came up with it, and he was the first one to call it bullshit after it was enacted.

Item 4:  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange faces U.S. extradition judgment day

Just give it up already!  While Assange should have been convicted and served time for his crimes, the amount of time he would have received as a result of that conviction would have been just about as much as he’s currently served just fighting the extradition.

Item 5:  Now takes more money to make friends

Finding and keeping friends can be expensive.  Enemies don’t cost anything.

Item 6:  Rift in Israel’s war cabinet over postwar Gaza plan

The ‘unity’ war cabinet is about to rattle itself apart.  The centrist-Left member has his demands while the Far-Right member is also threatening to leave the coalition if Israel caves in and doesn’t wipe out every Palestinian in Gaza.

Item 7:  Stephen King’s Justice Samuel Alito Remark Takes Internet By Storm

“I have no words”.

Probably should have kept his mouth shut then.

Item 8:  Bibi blocks Israeli intel chiefs’ meetings with U.S. officials

This is why the US needs to stop shipping Israel any weapons until they start paying attention to our demands.  Yes, I said demands, because if we are going to hand over billions of bucks worth of weaponry, then we have the RIGHT to make demands as a price for those weapons.

Item 9: Former Far-Right Hard-Liner Says Billionaires Are Using School Board Races to Sow Distrust in Public Education

More money than sense.

Item 10  Florida Man, 66, Finds Out He’s Not a U.S. Citizen After Being Denied Social Security: ‘I’m Overwhelmed’

This guy has a similar situation as me:  we were both born in Canada to American parents, which should have given this guy his ‘dual citizenship’, except that unlike me, he can’t prove his father was living in the US at any point in ten years prior to his birth.  In my case, my parents were on vacation, visiting family when I made my appearance three weeks early.  This gave me the dual citizenship, and now in my retirement years, I’m able to collect both Canadian AND US Social Security.  I now get about $8350 a month between the two countries.

Item 11:  Stupid is, as stupid does…

This guy here is a flying fucknozzle.  His big claim to fame is that he’s one of two assholes who come down to the stadiums here with a giant sign and a bullhorn so he can harangue the people going to the games shouting that they are all going to die a horrible death in the fiery lakes of hell if they don’t accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior.

I’ve been wanting to make an EMP jammer so that I can blow up his fucking bull horn.  Ain’t NOBODY wants to hear that bullshit — but he feels that because he has that right, that he’s just going to make everyone’s life miserable by having to hear that bullshit amplified and echoing throughout the stadiums.

It sure would be a shame if something were to happen to his bullhorn…

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What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

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May 20, 2024 00:00

Interesting that you have a problem supplying money & weapons to Israel, but not the trillions we have sent Ukraine with no oversight of where the money goes. Or the $70 billion Biden has given to Iran, which vows to destroy us, has slain many Americans and is the biggest state sponsor of terror. If Ukraine is fighting Russia so Americans don’t have to, then Israel is fighting Hamas and Hezbollah so that Americans don’t have to fight Iran.

But God smiled today; the helicopter carrying the President of Iran, the Foreign Minister and other top heavyweights of the Iranian regime has crashed in bad weather. Rahisi, the Butcher of Teheran, is dead. DING-DONG, Best news since Solomeini was killed.


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