Good morning from my office perched betwixt the two stadiums in Seattle!  It is a glorious Monday morning, the sun will be out, and the high will be around 67°F.  It is 0600 I’m on my second cup of coffee, and once I am finished sharing the news and commentary, I plan on delving right into my SQL project.

I say “plan”, because between now and 0800, just about anything can happen to derail my best-laid plans.  More a “will”, than a “can”, if history is a gauge.  But I will have to roll with it.

Lots of news this morning.  Some sad news on the worldwide stage:  There appears to be a job opening in the Iranian leadership roster and that has the entire world blubbering with grief.

Just kidding.  Celebrations seem to be breaking out over the news of “The Butcher of Tehran” experienced the “hard landing” of his helicopter.

Maybe we should start a GoFundMe page…

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  Iranian president and foreign minister dead after helicopter crashes into mountain

Iranian President has assumed room temperature…


Item 2:  With fate of Raisi known, his denial and hatred for Jews and Israel takes the spotlight

The fun part of this article was when it referred to the crash as the ‘helicopter’s “hard landing”‘.

Item 3:  Israel’s hand? ‘Revenge’? Iran President’s fatal chopper crash prompts conspiracy theories

I have to admit, the VERY first thought that popped into my mind was that Israel probably did this.  Mainly because they have a prior record of doing such things — and never actually admitting to it even though there is usually some very strong evidence pointing in their direction.

Did they have a hand in this particular incident?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  We will never get a definitive answer on this one.  It certainly will never stop the speculation…

Item 4:  Israel insists ‘it wasn’t us’ after ‘Butcher of Tehran’ Iranian president is killed in mysterious helicopter crash

I’m sorry, but the VERY first thought in my head when I read “It wasn’t us” was the Krusty the Clown catchphrase, “I didn’t do it!”.

IF Israel was responsible for the ‘hard landing’ of President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter, they will NEVER admit it.  But it is fun to think they did…

Item 5:  ‘Dangerous’ Iran faces ‘brutal civil war’ after President Ebrahim Raisi’s death in helicopter crash

A civil war? Wouldn’t that be nice?  The Iranian people finally getting a nutsack to stand up to the government they already cannot stand?

People always talk about either Israel or the United States bombing the dogshit out of Iran to get them to change their ways — and history will tell you that never works.  If anything, it will make things even worse.  Look no further than Iraq and Afghanistan for proof.

No, the ONLY way Iran will change is for there to be a revolution from within.  Maybe that will happen:

Item 6:  President Raisi’s death has sparked off fireworks, celebrations in Iran

The PEOPLE of Iran often get confused with the GOVERNMENT of Iran.  The PEOPLE can’t stand the GOVERNMENT — which is par for most countries these days.

Item 7:  Who is Mohammad Mokhber? Iran taps acting president after Raisi’s death.

Looks kind of sweaty to me

Item 8:  ICC seeks arrest warrants against Sinwar and Netanyahu for war crimes over October 7 attack and Gaza war

Fuck around and find out…

People have been warning Netanyahu for MONTHS that his actions in Gaza might be crossing the line, and he chose to ignore it

Look, the United States has a policy of overlooking a lot of what Israel does in the world.  But when the US starts to balk at some of Israel’s actions it probably means they’ve gone too far.

Item 9:  Israel pushes further into parts of north Gaza; new cracks in Netanyahu coalition

As long as they aren’t killing civilians, who cares?

Item 10  Israel’s War Cabinet in Turmoil But Netanyahu Seen as Secure

Secure how?  If there are general election called, I doubt that Netanyahu could survive.

Item 11: Nick Fuentes blames his gay porn stream on IDF

Well, he has to blame someone, doesn’t he?

Item 12:  Pro-Palestinian demonstrators chant ‘Intifada revolution’ and ‘UK government watch your back, Palestine is coming back’

Some people and their kids…

I blame social media.  I blame Tik Tok, FaceCrack, Xitter — all of them.

Item 13:  Rishi Sunak to apologise for worst treatment disaster in NHS history – as devastating report will lay bare failing over infected blood scandal that’s claimed 3,000 lives

This wasn’t unique to the UK.  I can remember getting vaccinations with reused needles back in the 1950s and 1960s.  It has been estimated that roughly 40% of Americans over the age of sixty may be infected with Hepatitis C and not even know it.  I successfully got rid of a bout of Hepatitis C a couple of years ago that I was unaware that I had.

If you haven’t been tested for Hep C lately, you SHOULD.



Need help with substance use disorder or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.


What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Outlander – Netflix

Memes From the Meme Box


He probably should have stayed away…

I would rate this as “Mostly True”

Sixteen MILLION?  This is under “Entertainment News”?

Ah, the icon of my new SQL program…

“You have mortally injured me, sir,”

It’s a service we provide…




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