Good morning from my office perched betwixt the two stadiums here in Seattle. It is a Sunday morning, before 0600 and while you are still sleeping, I’ve been here for a couple of hours – coding.

Why, you ask? Why the fuck are you working in your office at 0330 on a Sunday morning?

Well, for one thing, nobody else is here. It is quiet, and there are no distractions. Plus, I’ve found that if you want to catch ChatGPT while it is ‘fresh’, then the number of insanely obvious mistakes and brain farts are greatly reduced. The later in the day, the more the AI model becomes overburdened and that’s when it starts to glitch.

All of these AI models take a ridiculous amount of computing to work. The more people using AI, the more resources it requires to function, and right now, ChatGPT, just ONE of the thousands of AI models out there, uses enough power to run a small city the size of Issaquah Washington. As AI expands and creeps into every nook and cranny of our lives, the more energy it will require to run — and this is already putting a major burden on our energy grid.

But yeah, I’m here early for the peace and quiet, the lack of other humans, and an AI model that isn’t out of resources.

That, and I am usually back home, safely ensconced in my Hunker-Bunker by noon each day — away from the mouth-breathing public. (some of you really need to brush your teeth)

But enough of my life. Let’s get on with the news that caught my attention this morning.

Fwance is going to the polls today…

Isolated Macron Braces For French Voters’ ‘Revenge’

Far-right scents power as tense France ready for snap vote

What in the fuck did I just do?

Yeah, I have NO idea what Macron was thinking when he dismissed Parliament and asked for a new “snap vote” following the Rightwing advances in the EU government. Maybe he was just tired of the status quo?

Well, unless the new hobbled-together coalition of Leftists gain a decent showing in today’s election, the Far-Right party will be taking over Fwance.

Joe Biden given ‘one week to stand down’ by Democrats despite Barack Obama defending US President

Ah, the ultimatum move. Like Joe Biden is really going to cave in just because the rank and file of the party is appalled at Joe Biden remaining in the race. He’s a politician. He’s not wired to actually follow the wants and needs of his constituency. NONE of them are.

Democratic-leaning voters less likely to choose Biden after debate, survey finds

We all might be voicing our concerns (out loud) right now, but when November rolls around and if Biden is still the Democratic Clown on the ticket, we are going to pick Biden over Trump — even if Biden is brain dead.

Trump campaign hopes Biden stays in race as ex-president changes tone

The ONLY way Trump wins is if Joe Biden remains on the ticket. If Biden is replaced by someone who is younger, and articulate, then Trump will lose for sure. The ONLY reason why Trump is even viable as a candidate right now is exactly because Joe Biden is in his mid-eighties and is seen to be doddering.

If Biden were to be replaced by say, Gavin Newsom (and if you don’t think this guy hasn’t been salivating over the downfall of Biden, you haven’t been paying attention), then Trump doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to win the election.

In fact, I would posit that if Joe Biden were replaced by anyone else BUT Kamila Harris, they would win in a landslide against Trump.

Kamila Harris, on the other hand, would NOT be that person to beat Trump. Even if Trump were dead she’d lose.

The rest of the news…

Oklahoma schools head Ryan Walters: Teachers who won’t teach Bible could lose license

“Any teacher that would knowingly, willfully disobey the law and disobey our standards — there are repercussions for that,” Walters said. “So we deal with that on a case-by-case basis, but yes, teachers have to teach Oklahoma Academic Standards and this is absolutely going to be part of them.”

-NBC News

I can see Oklahoma going broke trying to defend itself against the obvious lawsuits that teachers will file against this clown and the state.

There couldn’t be any more blatant of a violation of the First Amendment than this.

Internet addiction: What is it doing to teen brains?

If this post here is an example… LOL

I remember when the Internet first came out. It was going to be the ‘superhighway’ of information. It would revolutionize the world and make people a whole lot smarter.

Well, it did revolutionize the world — that’s for certain. But it didn’t make people ‘smarter’. If anything, it made all of us a whole lot lazier — and dumber. That ‘superhighway of information’ turned out to be a superhighway of disinformation, misinformation, and just plain bullshit.

There are demographic differences, such as by gender, in who turns to each social media site regularly for news. Women make up a greater portion of regular news consumers on Nextdoor (66%), Facebook (62%), Instagram (59%) and TikTok (58%), while men make up a greater share on sites like Reddit (67%), X (62%) and YouTube (58%).

Pew Research Center

There are a couple of teens who live upstairs. One just graduated from high school and doesn’t know anything. I literally had to show him how to start a lawn mower yesterday — because he had no clue. He’s spent most of his life on an Xbox and it shows.

His “brother” who was born his sister but decided a few years ago was a ‘boy’ instead of a ‘girl’ is now pregnant. She became a gay boy who had sex with another boy and … well you don’t need the math to figure this one out…

Alcohol is always a solution

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