According to my daily pill organizer, it is a Tuesday in the Realm and with it comes a whole new batch of headlines that caught my attention this morning.

The Headlines in no particular order:

My Commentary on these headlines without ever reading the story:

I think it’s been a ‘make or break moment’ for the Republican Party writ large for a while now.  Most of the true Republicans have left the party to become independent Conservatives since Trump rebranded the party four years ago.

I keep reading stories where all the past government shutdowns were caused by Republicans trying to push shit that couldn’t be passed in regular legislation.  This is mostly true

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, but with a couple of exceptions.  I recall a shutdown in the mid-1980s where Democrats were trying to force a reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine.  But yeah, for the most part, it’s always been Republicans playing fuck-fuck with the government.

The third story is about frivolous law suits, and it does have the potential of pissing the Supreme Court off enough to trigger a massive chilling on civil rights lawsuits in general.  I say it’s “potential”, considering that they may just choose to stifle this particular plaintiff.  But that doesn’t stop the media from assuming the worst case scenario

I’ve been expecting Hunter Biden to sue the pants off of any and everyone involved with his laptop — and for damn good reason.   There are explicit laws concerning the dissemination of computer data, and demonstrable attempts at trying to hack Hunter Biden’s computer accounts.  Apparently, Rudy and company tried to use the information found on Biden’s hard drive to access bank accounts and other personal accounts — a federal offense, should any prosecutor decide to pursue it.  But it certainly doesn’t stop Hunter from suing the dogshit out of Rudy.

YES!  That is exactly the motivation behind a “gag order” in federal or state court — to keep the parties from speaking out about the case and poisoning the jury pool though incitement.  Most defendants have the common sense and … well, intelligence …  to not publicly talk about their pending criminal cases.  There is a reason why you have a right to remain silent in criminal cases — forget ‘anything’, but EVERYTHING will be used against you in trial.  EVERYTHING you say or do.  Every time Trump opens his gaping shit hole, he provides the government with more ammo to use against him.  He’s like the gift that keeps on giving for the prosecution.  Funny thing though, while Trump has the Right to remain silent, and retains the Right to free speech, he does NOT have a Right to run for public office and use that as an excuse to put off his legal jeopardy.  A criminal defendant can also have his pre-trial release conditions revoked and he could spend the next year or so in a FDC waiting trial.  I mean, THIS is what his playing with here.

Ah yes, the “enemy of the state” routine.  It also illustrates the idea that Trump and his followers believe that a sitting president gets to decide who gets investigated and/or prosecuted on his own whim.  The DOJ may be housed under the Executive Branch of our government (for lack of a better branch to house it under) but it is not under the direct control of the POTUS.

The story about Mark Milley circles back to the gag order set by one of the trial judges that Trump is facing.  Trump was ordered not to intimidate or talk shit about witnesses in his cases, and true to form, Trump ignored the order spectacularly.

Oh goody.  Biden walks a picket line.  Trump will be doing the exact same thing tomorrow.  I suppose it’s better than either one of them kissing babies…

Don’t let Biden trip.  Well, okay then.   LOL

Does it surprise anyone that Tucker Carlson is being repackaged and re-broadcast in … RUSSIA?

I wonder how much of this I got right?  Like I said, I haven’t read the actual stories behind these headlines.  It could be that I got it all wrong.

What I am streaming now:

Robert Downey Jr collects a lot of classic cars.  His collection isn’t quite as large and extensive as Jay Leno, but he does have more than a few.  Unlike most shows on cars, Downey is taking six of his classic vehicles and converting them to either hybrids or full electric vehicles.  What made me interested in this particular show is in the sixth episode he converts a 1969 VW Transporter Bus to a fully-electric vehicle.  You can find it here

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"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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September 27, 2023 17:28

That’s funny.  As I remember it, it’s usually the Democrats responsible for the shutdown of the government, due to their habit of stuffing budgets with all their left-wing projects, like the time that Pelosi padded a budget into a 3.000 page document that nobody could read before the vote.  I seem to remember her saying “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it” giggle.   Did you know that Belgium went for 2 years without a government?  It didn’t hurt the country.  It wouldn’t hurt if all the Deep Swamp bureaucrats didn’t receive their fat checks for a few weeks.  Let them see what it’s like for the rest of us.

But wait!  King Joe will use his magic pen/wand and pay them by executive order!  Or just order the Federal Reserve to print more money, as he’s been doing.  Congress and laws mean nothing to the king, since he consistently violates our laws, as for example, funding the PA in violation of the Taylor Force Act and releasing $6 billion to Iran for 5 hostages without Congress’s approval (that’s $1.25 billion per hostage).  We should expect more hostages to appear soon, now that Iran has seen it’s profit-making venture go so well.  And of course, Robert Malley, the architect of the Iran deal, who is now “on a leave of absence” and his staff, work for the Irani government.  They routinely checked in with the Mostafa Zahrani, head of the  “Iran Experts Initiative” and the Irani Foreign Ministry.  The Pentagon will never address these issues, but I bet you Malley and his staff own some nice oil wells.

September 28, 2023 18:19

I see no reason to be sorry.  For example, with Obama’s Healthcare Act, he added BILLIONS to the budget in a highly suspicious maneuver.  And that was when Pelosi made her infamous comment “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”  She, along with fellow Democrats, also packed it with all kinds of pork.  And if Trump’s funding for the wall hadn’t fallen through, we wouldn’t be facing this disastrous invasion of at least 8 million illegal immigrants, many of whom have committed crimes, including rape and child rape.   There is no place to put these people, yet Biden promises them free everything – health care, education, housing and you name it.  That has to have added billions to the budget.  And let’s not forget the hundreds of billions he’s sent to Ukraine.  That’s Biden all the way.

But I will concede both parties are to blame for the outrageous spending,  pork and untenable deficit.  My solution would be to stop paying members of Congress and watch how fast they would come to a decision.

Since you closed the comments before I got to them, I just want to say that I think your answer of “Boo-hoo” to Ashli Babbitt’s murder was DISGUSTING.  You mourned over the death of George Floyd, an obese criminal who died of a drug overdose which was later changed to homicide under pressure.  Yet a woman who did nothing was cold-bloodedly killed by a trigger-happy incompetent cop.  She did NOT deserve to die, why did he shoot her?  She was threatening no one, was unarmed and he shot her for no reason.  If she’d been black, there would have been riots and apologies, but since she’s white, who cares?



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