I’ve never been one to regulate my speech.  I can drop the “F-Bomb” without warning, and that tends to make a few people clutch their pearls.  I am especially fond of the word “Twat” — the version that rhymes with “Bat” — and I sometimes trade off with “cunt” and “dickhead”.  Today I was asked to be more ‘gender-neutral’ in my speech, so I quickly responded with “Don’t be a genital”.

Not much going on today.  Let’s get to it.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  Biden’s own DOJ said he has ‘diminished faculties and a faulty memory’

More proof that there should be a maximum age limit on people holding federal office.

Item 2:  Alabama station in disbelief after 200-foot radio tower stolen

How does a radio station not know that their broadcasting tower was stolen.  More importantly, how does one go about stealing a 200 foot broadcasting tower without anyone noticing?

Item 3:  Biden Says He Spoke to a SECOND Dead European Statesman

What’s the big deal?  I speak to dead people ALL the time.

Item 4:  Republicans Admit in Private That They Killed a Good Deal

Republicans will never get another chance like this one.  But then, this isn’t the first time Republicans have kicked a gift horse in the mouth and turned down a bipartisan immigration bill — solely because they weren’t the party in power when it was devised.

The problem is, Republicans have proven over and over AND over again that they cannot govern.  The best they are capable of is being “The Party of Grievance”.

Republicans have no intention of actually FIXING a problem.  Instead they would rather keep the problem(s) around so they can have something to run on.  Take abortion, for a PRIME example.  Republicans have had numerous chances to ban abortion outright over the past fifty years.  But abortion is a huge fund-raising vehicle for the GOP and if abortions were illegal, they’d lose a major source of funding.  So they kept it around, until the Court finally got around to taking that issue away from them.

Immigration has now taken the place of abortion for the GOP.  Oh, they have on real intention of actually FIXING the problem, but they sure like to keep it as an issue so they can continue to run on the issue.

Want proof?

Think back to when Trump first got into office in 2017 after running on taking care of the out-of-control immigration mess at the Southern border.  He tried his “Muslim ban” and a dozen other Executive Orders that all ended up being shot down in court.  Each time, the court kept telling them that CONGRESS has to fix the problem, not the POTUS.

Remember, when Trump was sworn in, Republicans held both houses of Congress, with a super majority in the Senate.  So what did they attempt to do right off the bat?  That’s right, they tried to do away with Obamacare and failed.  They COULD have been passing legislation on immigration, but they chose not to.

Why?  They still needed the issue to run on.







Memes From the Meme Box

I receive dozens of memes in my Meme Box on a daily basis from people all over the landscape.  Some are political, some topical, but most are just everyday events with a little fun inserted.  My absolute favorite are just photos that will speak those thousand words clearly.






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February 9, 2024 06:52

At to stealing towers, easy peasy. I have some expertise in bringing them down, not the stealing part. All you need is 10 mexicans with 10 abrasive disk cutters at least 4 inch diameter. cut the guy wires after partially cutting the upwind side of the 3 legs then stand back. Once on ground, cut 20′ segments and load onto flatbed. Skedaddle. Done.


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