According to my pill caddy, it is a Wednesday in the Realm.  According the my headlight switch, it is early in the morning.

Here are the headlines that caught my eye this morning:

  1. Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks and insurers while building real estate empire
  2. Trump fights Jack Smith request for narrow gag order in Jan. 6 case
  3. Feds sue Amazon
  4. US judge throws out Texas ban on drag acts, calls it unconstitutional
  5. North Korea says it will expel Travis King, U.S. soldier who ran across border in July
  6. Canada’s House speaker has stepped down after inviting a Nazi veteran to Parliament
  7. How Much Coffee Is Too Much Coffee?
  8. Russia Appears Ready To Accept Crimea as Ukraine’s—On One Condition
  9. Russell Wilson’s time with Broncos has gone from bad to worse
  10. How to watch tonight’s second Republican presidential debate

Here is my commentary based solely on the headlines:

    1. There really wasn’t any other conclusion the judge could reach.  Trump has been engaging in fraud and deceit for most of his adult life

      , and he carried that into the White House and beyond.  If there was any question as to why he is currently facing ninety-one felony charges in four separate jurisdictions, you only have to look at his entire life story.

    2. The Donald was warned — has been consistently warned — that his mouth is going to get him in trouble.  Even if he wasn’t under indictment for ninety-one felony charges, a person does NOT get away with inciting his followers to assassinate people like Mitch McConnell and Mark Milley, like he’s done over the past week.  You’ve seen plenty of cop shows on television where the criminal is read his rights.  I’m sure you can recite the Miranda Warning by memory:

      “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”  – Double emphasis mine

      The fact is, that everything you’ve said and/or done will be used against you in court.  Everything.  The smart defendants know when to cut bait and plead.  They also know that from the moment they’ve been arrested, they NEED to stop talking to ANYONE other than their attorney.  The stupid ones think they can game the system, and they end up doing a lot of time behind bars for their stupidity.

    3. Finally, we can start getting back to some anti-trust enforcement.  But this case has the potential of dragging itself into the next decade and by the time any of it gets resolved, many of us will have long-since died.
    4. FUN FACT:  Most drag performers are gay men.  But there are more than a few who are straight men.  Very few drag performers are transsexual.  Drag performances are not sexual in nature.  They are basically ‘performance art’, a schtick, if you will.  Drag shows are deliberately exaggerated and flamboyant, and designed to shock the audience.  Take for example, Marilyn Manson, or even Alice Cooper.  Neither men are gay, both are straight, and are simply putting on an act.  Smart people realize this.  Stupid people do not.
    5. North Korea can hardly feed and house its own people.  If the US isn’t actively pursuing the release and return of this soldier, then it has no real political reason to keep him.  There is no upside for holding on to him.
    6. When I first heard this story on NPR the other day, my immediate thought is that some clown went to ‘central casting’ to look for an old Ukrainian soldier to prop up and applaud for Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to Cannookistan.
    7. When I saw this headline I almost spit a mouthful of coffee onto my computer screen.  I have a Keurig coffee maker I got off of my old boss several years ago when he got pissed off at some political thing Keurig had done.  (Remember that?)   I buy those BIG boxes of K-cups at Costco 120 cups for about $30.  I can go through a box in about a week.  Yes, that’s about twenty cups of coffee a day.  I’m drinking coffee from when I get up at 0400 until I go to bed at 2100.  I know that it is a “problem”.Last month I decided I needed to make a major change in my coffee drinking habit.  I needed to cut down and switch to decaf.  The problem is that there isn’t a great selection of “good” decaf coffee available in K-cups.  Until I found the ONE.

    8. Russia is running out of bodies and ammo to fling at Ukraine.  For being a “superpower”, Russia has exposed itself as myth more than a reality.
    9. The Russell Wilson story has me laughing.  He was such the GREAT quarterback with the Seahawks, until he started getting old, in more ways than one.  Seattle couldn’t hurry up and get rid of him fast enough.  HE thought he would just continue on in Denver like he did in Seattle, and it just didn’t work for him.
    10. LOL!  This is a trick question, right?  What do I consider the best way to watch the Republican debate tonight?By not watching it at all.  I have Netflix.

Need a funny video?  Sound is required for this one:

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By I'm THAT Guy

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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September 27, 2023 17:28

Regarding the judge in that fake fraud case. He decided that Mar-a-lago was only worth $18 million. Every single real estate broker in the area went “WTF?? They estimated it at $300 million. If the judge botched that, then the whole thing is garbage.

And regarding tonight’s debate, I’ve made a little post to assist you in viewing it.

September 27, 2023 19:53
Reply to  angrywebmaster

The land alone is worth that, add the buildings and historical background and likely it is worth double the 300MM you cited.

Going to be interesting to see what comes of this.  All the valuations by the judge seem to have been pulled out of his ass and to top that, there are no injured parties claiming anything against the Trump organization in NY. They made money, were paid on time and are all fat and happy.

September 28, 2023 08:40

T’was not a DEBATE, that was a DE BAIT, as in a total screaming over each other clown show.  Listened to it live for about 1/2 hour then turned it off in disgust.  There may be one or two on that stage that could develop into presidential leadership material in a few years, and most who should exit stage left immediately.

I will support whomever gets the “conservative” primary nod but suspect it will not be one of that bunch this time.

The unknown unknowns are that if  Kennedy does take the leap to independent party route, whom does he strip more votes from?  The D party or the R party?  Hard to tell since they seem to be sides of the same America destructive coin of late.



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