Good morning from my office perched between two stadiums in Seattle.  I plan on being here for a couple of hours before I transit my fat ass North into Canookistan.  We’re selling our condo in North Vancouver and leaving once and for all.  British Columbia has become a socialist nightmare, and if Seattle isn’t careful, it will be where Vancouver is right now in about five years.

Vancouver went to hell shortly after it ended its war on drugs by decriminalizing hard drugs and creating ‘safe injection sites’.  Since then, 13,000+ drug-related deaths, and the streets around these ‘safe injection sites’ look like this:

Seattle, Portland, LA and New York City are now exploring the idea of creating these ‘safe injection sites’.  It would be the biggest mistake ever made, because it would be pretty hard to put the drug-addicted genie back in that bottle.

So yeah, we’re gettin’ while the gettin’ is good.

Okay, on to the news…

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  Trump and his Pecker

After opening statements from both the prosecution and defense, the prosecution called National Enquirer editor and publisher David Pecker as their first witness.

I love this headline because of its fitting double meaning.  First off, it was Trump’s pecker that got his fat ass in all of this trouble in the first place.  The fact that the guy who helped Trump bury an embarrassing news story name just happens  to be “Pecker” seems more than just the obvious coincidence.

Item 2:  Australian PM calls out Musk as ‘arrogant billionaire’

The TL;dr version of this story is that Australia doesn’t want the video of a teenager stabbing a priest last week out on social media.  Probably because it involves a TEEN.  Whatever the reason, Australia doesn’t want it out there on any social media platform.

Legally, Australia could shut Twitter down altogether in Australia if is wanted to.  But I do think that Musk is correct in the sense that Australia can dictate to Twitter what it shows on its platform outside of Australia.

But I also think that the Australian PM is correct in identifying Elon Musk as an ‘arrogant billionaire’.

Item 3:  Trump faces contempt hearing for comments on witnesses

We are EACH responsible for our own actions.  If you and I were defying a court order by talking smack about witnesses, judges, and their families, we’d be hauled directly to jail for the duration, and there would be nothing we could say or do about it.  THAT, THERE, is a reality.  A fact, if you will.  Don’t believe me?  Go try it the next time you find your ass in legal jeopardy.  See if you can bail out of jail and remain free without any kind of restrictions placed on you.  Unless you are Donald J. Trump, this does not happen.  Even if you bail out of detention in federal court, you would most likely be on house arrest and would have to contact a probation officer every time you left your house.

This is how things are normally done.

If you are one of those gullible MAGA people who believe that Trump is being ‘unfairly treated’,  then you are mistaken.  Trump is being treated differently than most other criminal defendants — the leeway he’s been given so far is HIGHLY unusual, and just doesn’t happen in real life.

Item 4:  Ben Shapiro Is on the Warpath to Purge the Conspiratorial Cranks from the Right

Wouldn’t this be the case of the blind leading the blind?

Item 5:  AI can predict political orientations from blank faces – and researchers fear ‘serious’ privacy challenges

I’ve been using AI a lot in the past few months.  I don’t know if I would rely on it for accuracy on ANYTHING.

Item 6:  Israeli Protesters Burn Symbolic Passover Table Outside PM’s House

I keep telling you:  Netanyahu is toast, and has been for a while now. He’s living on borrowed time as PM, and he knows that as soon as this war thing is over, he’s done for.

Item 7:  Putin Sets Stage for Upheaval in Another Country

If anyone believes that Putin intends to stop with Ukraine, they are ignoring history. Putin wants to put the old Soviet Union back together again.

Item 8:  The Accidental Speaker: What if Johnson actually good at this?

Is he good at the job like Nancy Pelosi was?

Not even close.  Pelosi would have never brought a bill to the floor unless she knew exactly what the vote tally was going to be.  She knew who she could lean on, who she could make a ‘deal’ with.  She could trade one vote for another and bet both.

Johnson has just been winging it.

Item 9:  How youth gender medicine broke almost every liberal institution it touched.

I have a neighbor whose child was born a girl, but around the age of 10 she decided that she was a boy.  But not just any boy, a GAY boy.  In case you didn’t read that quite right, “she” became a “he” who happens to be attracted to … boys.  Last year (s)he had surgery to remove his breasts and has been undergoing hormone therapy so now “he” has a full mustache at the age of fifteen.    Now he is thinking about going back to become a girl again.

Item 10  Pitting patients against physicians’: doctors brace for US supreme court verdict on emergency abortions

DOCTORS need to be making these decisions, not judges.

Item 11: Two lifeforms merge into one organism for first time in a billion years

This is kind of a cool story — if you are into science.

Item 12:  America’s fight to save handwriting from extinction as IQs begin to fall for first time ever and teachers warn some 20-year-olds can’t sign checks anymore

I blame smart phones and computers.

We aren’t required to even think any more.  Before the cell phone, we used to have to REMEMBER phone numbers.  I can still remember not only my home phone number growing up, but most of my friends numbers as well.  Don’t ever ask me to remember a phone number now — it’s not going to happen.

Item 13:  FLOODY HELL Shocking pics show bridges collapsing & homes underwater as ‘once in a century’ floods threaten 127million in China

This planet is full of signs where water levels used to be in the past.  There are cities that used to thrive a thousand years go that are under water now.  Maybe in another thousand years or so, they will be above water again, who knows?



Need help with substance use disorder or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.


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