It is a Sunday here in the Realm and I am sitting here in my main office here at the corporate headquarters in Bellevue.  It is 1100 hrs and I am about ready to close up here and head for the hills.  Weed?  Someone was smoking it outside a few minutes ago.

But first the news, such as it is.

Headlines That Caught My Eye

Here we go, buckle up…

Item 1:   Texas ranks last in personal freedoms, libertarian think tank says. What about overall freedom?

For a Party that alleges to be all about “freedom” and “free speech”, it sure comes up with the most draconian ways to take away personal freedoms and free speech.  Texas is just the latest Republican petri dish of stupid shit to try out.

Any state that would literally outlaw the use of its roads for pregnant women to travel out of state on is about as unconstitutional as you can get.  Republicans are concerned about what OTHER people are allowed to read, what shows they can go see, what they wear, or the lifestyle in which they live their lives.

Mind your own shit.

Item 2:   Navajo object to depositing human remains on Moon

Well, they are going to have to get over it.

Item 3:   Donald Trump claimed that the Civil War could have been ‘negotiated’

Gee, why didn’t Abe think about that at the time?

And what the fuck were they going to ‘negotiate’?  As far as I can tell, there wasn’t anything to negotiate.  Slavery was wrong then, and it would still be wrong now.

Item 4:  ‘We Don’t Want to Be a National Laughingstock’: How Lauren Boebert Blew Her Safe Seat

Well, THAT ship has sailed.  They voted for this silly twat in 2020 and 2022, so it wasn’t like they didn’t know what kind of a hot mess this twat has been.

She has ZERO interest in anything other than being a name out front.  I think she has designs on being a FOX News pundit someday.

Item 5:   Excess Death Rates for Republican and Democratic Registered Voters in Florida and Ohio During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The TL;dr version is that more Republicans died of COVID-19 than Democrats, for the simple reason that we didn’t listen to Donald J. Trump.

Item 6:   House GOP ready contempt of Congress charges against Hunter Biden

Good luck in getting the DOJ to actually file charges.

Newsflash:  If a person is currently under federal indictment, he or she cannot be forced to testify in front of Congress until after their case has been adjudicated.

Item 7:   Donald Trump Ridiculed for Bizarre Magnet Remarks at Iowa Rally

Donald Trump just lets stupid shit flow out of his mouth without any kind of governor or filter.

Item 8:   Proposed legislation calls for random drug testing of Arizona state lawmakers

I’d mandate it for EVERY elected politician.

Item 9:   Big Pharma Vows to Fight Historic FDA Approval of Medicine Imports From Canada

When Bernie Sanders first stated talking about this,  my very first thought was, “how fucking stupid”.

TWO things:

1  Canada (and every other nation on the planet) buys their pharmaceuticals in bulk for their health care system.  Because there is only one buyer, countries like Canada can negotiate lower prices and can tell the pharmaceutical companies to ‘pound sand’ if they can’t get a good deal from the manufacturer.  If pharma wants to do business in Canada, then they pretty much have to sell their drugs for cheap.

2  If Big Pharma finds that Canada is turning around and selling the drugs right back to people in the US, the pharma companies can limit the amount of drugs they supply to Canada.

If we want the same cheap drug prices here in the US that other countries get to enjoy, then maybe Republicans can stop resisting calls for Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate for lower drug prices.  It’s really that simple.


What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Who is Erin Carter? – Netflix

Who Is Erin Carter? is a British thriller television series on Netflix. The series centers upon Erin Carter, an eponymous British-born schoolteacher living in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband and daughter, who during the course of an armed hold-up at a grocery store is forced to defend herself and her daughter by neutralizing one of the assailants using her highly skilled fighting abilities, which raises questions about her identity and past, and threatens the life she has made with her family.


Music I found on the Rott Server

Today’s selection is brought to you by the letter


Memes from my Memebox


Well, Daddy talked about it on the trail, so the kiddie table needs to weigh in


Best new version yet!


Well, I didn’t get the bitch pregnant…


Sadly, we can no longer abort them as they replicate

The harder we work, the behinder we get…


When Trump riffs, he tends to make almost zero sense.


It takes two hands to drink a glass of water, what makes you think he can catch a ball?


Floriduh Man, again…


And that’s it for today.

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