Coming to you from my office nestled between two Stadiums in Seattle, I bring you a “Good Morning, Fuckers” and a healthy dose of stupid commentary based on the headlines that caught my eye this morning.

Feel free to jump in any time to tell me where I am wrong in my stupid commentary.  (Don’t forget though, that it is “stupid” commentary)

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Such as they are:

Item 1:   ‘We should be worried’: Israel faces peril at The Hague in Gaza ‘genocide’ case

YES, Israel should be worried.  Worried that global support for Israel had been trending downwards prior to the Hamas attacks on October 7th, has only gotten worse.  Israel is caught between a rock and a very hard spot of its own making, because it has been kicking the can down the road for decades.

It HAS to do something to solve the “Palestinian issue” sooner than later, and the perceive genocide that Israel appears to be carrying out isn’t doing them any favors.

Item 2:   Epstein had ‘sex tapes’ of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, witness claimed

I suspect that Epstein had sex tapes of the entire shitload of freaks that hung out with him on his island.  Until you can prove it to me otherwise, I am going to assume that any and everyone that had any kind of dealings with Epstein is dirty.

Item 3:   Donald Trump Hopes The Economy Crashes

Given the fact that he doesn’t really have anything to run on, of course he is going to wish that everything falls apart in time for the election.  The problem is, the economy is going strong, and getting stronger every day.  Inflation has dropped back down to pre-pandemic levels, and wages have increased to counter the inflation.  The stock market has been closing on record highs.  The Fed has managed to achieve the “soft landing” that it had hoped for by raising interest rates.  The media-predicted recession never materialized, and people kept spending like drunken sailors because they had more money in their pockets to spend.

Sadly, the economy isn’t cooperating with Donald Trump’s dreams of becoming president again.

Item 4:   With Trump present in court, judges express skepticism of claims that he’s immune from prosecution

I don’t know why anyone would be surprised.  Presidents do enjoy a certain amount of immunity from prosecution for the DUTIES of the job, but they AREN’T protected from things that fall outside the scope of their duties.  Running for president, campaigning for the office or the office of others is NOT an official duty of the president.  Holding rallies complaining about a campaign loss is also not a presidential duty.  Calling officials in several states demanding them to certify him as president is NOT a presidential duty.

Item 5:   US president could have a rival assassinated and not be criminally prosecuted, Trump’s lawyer argues

Well, THIS is good to know.  Does this mean that Joe Biden, acting as the POTUS, can order Seal Team Six to assassinate Donald Trump?  Take out his entire family?  And not worry about the legal ramifications because he is ‘immune’?

Do you think that if Biden were to do something like that, he’d be removed from office by the Senate?

I am flabbergasted that a lawyer would even utter such a thing with a straight face.

Item 6:   Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Accuses Bill Barr of Covering Up His Sibling’s Death: ‘Who Was Bill Barr Protecting?’

Easy question deserves an easy answer:  Barr was protecting a LOT of very rich and/or powerful people.  DUH.


What in the hell did I just binge watch?

I can tell you this:  It was HILARIOUS!

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