The Bird is the Word.  For no particular reason, other than it was in my meme box this morning, and it looked cool.  It’s an AI rendering, but still…

Who needs Viagra with today’s news?  This erection may last the whole four hours.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 0:   THE EPSTEIN COURT EXHIBITS   (Court Website)

The court website has been crashing because all forty exhibits plus the order has to be individually downloaded.  Using PACER, I was able to download all of them into one pdf and uploaded all 943 pages here on the Rott.

You are welcome.

•  Use gloves and eye protection.
•  May cause you to want to gouge your eyes out and drink a gallon of bleach

Item 1:   The Epstein list: Bill Clinton and Donald Trump appear in unsealed documents multiple times.

Is anyone surprised that two former presidents with bad reputations were frequent fliers on the Lolita Express?  Yeah, I know, there is no evidence that they were involved in anything untoward, and that authorities have no evidence they can use to charge either of them.  Evidence they can use.  It was an interesting choice of words, ‘they can use’.  Meaning, they might have evidence, but statute of limitations prevents them from being able to use any of it.

Am I reaching?  I don’t know, but given the personal backgrounds of both these individuals, it’s more believable than not that they each had been involved in some very bad shit, a few years ago.  I would also find it almost impossible to believe that either of them knew nothing about the activities that were happening on that island.  Silence is complicity, and complicity is guilt.  A pox on them.

As my parents used to drill into my head as a youngster:  You are who you hang with.

Item 2:   A deadly blast has rattled Iran’s leaders.

Iran is not used to being ‘rattled’ like this.  They would rather finance and supply others to fight their as their proxy.  That keeps the shit from coming back on them.  Until now.  Are they going to make a bunch of noise or are they going to bite off more than they can chew?

Item 3:   Prosecutors seek 11-year prison term for MAGA superfan in voter fraud case

Well, hell, I’m glad they finally found some actual ‘voter fraud’.  I support the 11-year sentence.  Probably deserves more.

First of all, it’s Floriduh.  Second, he was convicted of three counts of forgery connected to voting for his dead father.

Here’s the kicker:  The reason the state was asking for the high sentence was that he had been serving a 12-year prison sentence in federal prison for 18 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy.  He had been let out of prison early on a compassionate release due to COVID and prison staff shortages.  He believed that Trump was responsible for his release from prison.  That Trump had commuted his sentence.  What better way to pay back Trump, but to give him the vote of his father.  That’s a really smart fella.

Item 4:   Jeffrey Epstein said if he revealed ‘what I know about both candidates,’ 2016 election would have to be canceled

I bet he did.  The cynic in me also thinks that Epstein not only didn’t hang himself, I also think that any and all evidence directly tying any of these people to prosecutable crimes, was all washed out within moments of Epstein’s death.

Item 5:   Seattle office building is set for apartment conversion

With more businesses capable of working remotely, the old model of having high-rise office buildings is downsizing.

This comes at a time when there is a dire need for more affordable housing.  If a building owner and to a “Tenant Improvement” or “TI” to an open spaced office building, they can convert them into apartments just as easily.  The only problem is services such as power, water and sewer.  Commercial services are not the same as residential services, they have different loads and capacity needs.  They would be limited to the rated capacity of people per floor for the existing services.  This means they couldn’t cram a bunch of studio units on each floor.

They’d probably be limited to providing units with two or three bedrooms and spacious space in order to keep the number of people per floor down to the building limit.

Let me know when they decide to TI the Columbia Center.  I want one of the top floors.

Item 6:   Covid Has Resurged, but Scientists See a Diminished Threat

Well, okay, this is a no-brainer.  The virus is mutating and we are evolving.  It’s no longer killing us as it was in 2020.  Most of us have had at least one vaccine, if not been sick at least once or twice with it in addition to the vaccine(s).  It’s becoming more of a nasty nuisance that can be mitigated with drugs, water, and sleep.  I’m up-to-date on the vaccines, and have still caught the crap twice.  The first time was the worst one — I was miserable for five days.  The second time, I was not as miserable for three days.  I just couldn’t stop coughing, which was really stressing my troubled liver.

The viral evolution will turn this thing into a common cold in a couple more years.

Item 7:   Trump businesses received $7.8 million in foreign payments during presidency

Hunter Biden WHO?

“Trump businesses”.  Trump IS his business.



What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

The Equalizer 3

At a secluded winery in Sicily, Robert McCall kills crime enforcer Lorenzo Vitale and his henchmen to obtain a key to the winery’s vault and recoup money stolen in a cyber-heist. While leaving the winery, Robert is shot in the back by Vitale’s adolescent grandson. Robert considers suicide due to his injury, but finds his gun out of bullets and then takes the ferry to go back to the mainland. While driving on the Amalfi Coast, Robert pulls over and slips into unconsciousness from shock, where he is found and rescued by Gio Bonucci, a local carabiniere.


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