Good morning, and welcome to the second day of Twenty-Twenty-Four.  If you are like every other dimwit in the world, you’ve probably set yourself up for failure by declaring some kind of ‘resolution’ to do or accomplish something that you haven’t been able to do up to now.  To be honest, I am no exception.  I’m going with the number one resolution:  massive weight loss of about fifty pounds by May.  We’ll see how that goes…

The Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:   Nearly 200 names linked to Jeffrey Epstein expected to be made public

This is like “Second Christmas” to me.  Like a lot of people, we’ve been waiting almost impatiently for the list of 177 public figures-turned-sexual-deviants gets released and we can watch the careers and livelihoods of these absolute shit stains gets irrevocably destroyed.

Do I care what political persuasion these shit stains belong to?  NOPE.  It doesn’t matter, a shit stain is a shit stain that needs to be locked away for the duration of their lives.

Item 2:   Doom dominates 2024 messaging as Trump and Biden trade dire warnings

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Item 3:   Only 15% of Israelis want Netanyahu to keep job after Gaza war, poll finds

The man is corrupt, and has been for a long time.  I strongly suspect that he knew that Hamas was going to strike and did nothing to stop it, and there is very little any of you can say to convince me otherwise.

Item 4:   Boebert faults Ryan Reynolds, Barbra Streisand for her district switch

I don’t know what it is about Conservative politicians, but they can’t seem to take responsibility for their own actions.  This promiscuous twat wants to blame Ryan Reynolds and Babs for causing her to switch districts because they are supporting her opponent?  What’s to stop them from supporting her opponent in the other district?

And what make her think that the neighboring district can’t stand her guts either?

Item 5:   US office buildings face $117BN debt time bomb

You’ve heard “Drill Drill Drill”, right?  Well, here in Seattle we’ve been doing the “build build build” thing, because of all the tech companies showing up here and literally pricing a large number of people out of their homes with the influx of a few hundred thousand high-paying tech jobs to foreign H1B visa holders.

When the pandemic struck, many of these H1B workers went back to China and India, the rest ended up working from “home” wherever that may be.  Meanwhile huge office buildings and complexes have remained empty providing no revenue for the building owners who are now stuck with a bunch of empty office space.

Item 6:   Americans Are Canceling More of Their Streaming Services

I “cut the cable” a couple of years ago when I stopped watching cable news.  Since then, I’ve done really well with Roku TV and a plethora of streaming platforms to choose from.

Lately, these platforms have started to become more like the cable that I quit.  They are expensive now and will only become more expensive as the writers, actors, and producers strikes will end up costing the consumer even more money.

I used to pay for five or six platforms at a time.  Now I pick two, watch all the stuff I want, then shut them down and move on to two more.

Item 7:   X now worth 71% less than when Musk bought it

This goes to show that just because you have more money than sense doesn’t mean that you can’t just throw it away.

Item 8:   China’s EV Champion BYD Will Take on the World in 2024

Tesla is in trouble.  Will the US prevent importation of the Chinese BYD to protect Elon Musk?

What The Fuck Did I Just Sream?

After his father’s sudden death, Mickey Bolitar starts a new life in Kasselton, New Jersey, where he becomes entangled in the mysterious disappearance of Ashley Kent, a student at his school, leading him to discover a dark underworld in the quiet suburban community.

Random Music I Found on the Rott Server

Would you like me to create a personal playlist for you?  Let me know and I will create it for you here.  I have over 16 thousand titles and the license to post them here, so let me know.

Memes from My Meme Box This Morning

The box is empty this morning.  My server went down last night.

But I have a couple of photos I took yesterday from my office window.

Yes, those are two guys hanging from ropes as the helicopters flew over the stadium.













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January 2, 2024 20:54

More Massacres from Islam

[THIS is acceptable if you don’t have any comment of your own. Like I said, if you keep on with your stubborness to not follow copyright laws and continue to put Misha and this site into jeopardy, you are going to force me to block your stupid ass

At this point, you are about as bad as comment spam.]

January 3, 2024 07:22

One simple goal this year – to make it to the next in approximately the same condition as this 72 year body allows. No more, no less. Retirement has benefits along with the detractions. Stay sane out there.


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