Good morning from my office nestled between two stadiums in Seattle.  It is the last day of Two Thousand Twenty-Three.  I do not plan on being awake for the transition.

There is a game today, so this place is going to be busy.  It’s the last Seahawks game of the season so there is sure to be a HUGE crowd around here.

Headlines That Caught My Eye

Item 1:   Supreme Court Faces ‘Ironclad’ Argument in Trump Colorado Case: Strategist

Considering that the current Court of Supreme Robe majority tends to rely on “originalist” and “textualist” arguments in their most recent landmark rulings such as when they overturned Roe, or determined that the Voting Rights Act wasn’t something that was originally considered several hundred years ago, they are going to have a dickens of a time trying to worm their way around these same arguments that Colorado and Maine used.

Item 2:  Another Texas county declares invasion after judge’s family members killed

Once again, this is the sole responsibility of CONGRESS to address.  Congress, while under control of both parties has continually chosen to kick this can down the road for some future Congress to deal with.  Meanwhile, the Executive Branch can only work within the framework of the law.  Courts have been steadily turning back these Executive Orders that various presidents have used to try and get a handle on the growing migration problems.

Any migration legislation that doesn’t include foreign aid to the source countries these migrants come from, will fail.

Item 3:  Republicans Have a Great Chance to Retake the Senate in 2024*

*But they did in 2022, too — abortion access, economy and Trump’s legal troubles are seen as unpredictable factors

I think it’s the abortion issue that will create the greatest problems for Republicans.  The economy is doing fine, and Trump is only pulling the party down.

Item 4:  IDF finds Chinese weapons used in Gaza – report

“China has an extensive arms industry,” an expert on China-Israel relations said. “By definition, it does not sell weapons to non-state entities.”

So how is Hamas getting these weapons?

Item 5:  Where Was the Israeli Military?

This is the $64 thousand dollar question that is sure to be asked again once this conflict is over.

The cynical part of me suspects that Israel knew this was coming, and needed a diversion from the civil unrest it had been facing all summer over Netanyahu’s attempt to neuter the justice and court system so that he could escape from under the fraud, bribery, and breach of trust charges that have been hanging over his head for several years now.

Item 6:  Ukraine Faces Growing Calls From US to Cede Land to Russia

Ohio Senator J.D. Vance is not the “US”, and I find it pretty fucking amazing that a fucknozzle like him can be so cavalier about the some other nation ceding it’s territory over to Russia.  I can remember a time, way back when, — like prior to 2016 — when you would never find a Republican siding with a dictator who wishes to reconstitute the former Soviet Union.  My, how far the Republican party has drifted towards un-American policy…

Item 7:  Meet America’s Newest Oil Trader Extraordinaire: Joe Biden

Bwah ha ha ha ha!  Unlike Trump and his “Dictator for a Day” routine where he says he wants to “pump pump pump”,  the US is now pumping more oil than any of the other oil producing nations of OPEC.

Item 8:  President Clinton, Prince Andrew expected to be named in unsealed Jeffrey Epstein docs

Okay, those would be Shitstain #1 and Shitstain #2 and there are only 175 more names to go.  Brace yourselves, because Trump is also on that list, as are numerous congresscritters and even a handful of billionaires like Bill Gates.



What the Fuck Did I Just Stream?

That’s a damn good question.  What the fuck was that, anyways?  Whatever it was, it was so boring that I literally fell asleep shortly after starting it.  I woke up in my lazy boy chair around midnight and went to bed.


Random Music I Found On The Rott Server

Memes From The Meme Box
















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By I'm THAT Guy

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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December 31, 2023 19:29

I’ll admit that I’m easily confused, however… removing Trump as a candidate because he fomented insurrection?

As far as I know, Trump has not been charged with, let alone convicted of insurrection. Are we living in Wonderland? “Let the jury consider their verdict,” the King said, for about the twentieth time that day.
“No, no!” said the Queen. “Sentence first—verdict afterwards.”
The jury has not even been convened, yet here the Colorado and Maine governments are acting as the Queen of Hearts did.

January 1, 2024 13:54

Interesting, that you happily throw out the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Are you dodging the idea, or did it simply not occur to you? Either way, not a good look.

January 2, 2024 11:28

It doesn’t need to be said, this is (or rather, was) the foundation of our legal system. Innocent until proven guilty. It’s been getting chipped away steadily during my lifetime, so I suppose it shouldn’t be a big surprise.

It will indeed be interesting to watch how things play out. It looks like Trump may be the first major presidential candidate not on the ballot in multiple states since… Lincoln.

December 31, 2023 23:16

As usual, you’ve got it ass backwards when it comes to Netanyahu and Israel. It’s not just him who wants the Supreme Court changed, the whole Knesset does. This Supreme Court thinks it has the right to rewrite laws and make policy. No, Parliament does.

As for the charges against Netanyahu – what, that he and his wife received gifts of cigars, that he gave an interview to a media company in return for favorable coverage – really that’s nothing different from all politicians. It’s not like getting $20 million from China. Or millions from Ukraine. But that’s ok with you, cause Biden is a “liberal” who loves the KKK.

You have Netanyahu Derangement Syndrome.

December 31, 2023 23:27

By the Numbers:

You can try to curry favor with them, but it won’t work. The only language they understand is force.

January 1, 2024 07:26

Excellent summary of 2023

January 1, 2024 21:05
Reply to  terrapod

Here’ something for YOUR TINY LITTLE MIND.

For the past three years, Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and his colleagues built their case for indicting Netanyahu—a long-serving, successful and popular prime minister—by claiming their star witnesses had given them proof that Netanyahu is corrupt and dangerous.

Yes, digest it with your tiny little mind


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