Gotta love the featured image this morning.  Did it get your attention?   I’m betting Hunter hopes it does too.  Now that I gave away the lede,  let’s get on with the headlines.

The Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:   Hunter Biden’s ‘sugar brother’ Kevin Morris plots gauzy documentary on first son

I’m sorry, but WHAT?  This headline was a bit much for even 0800 hrs at home in my Hunker-Bunker leisure wear.

First, “sugar brother”?  I was unfamiliar with the slang — and I pride myself for my knowledge of slang — so I had to look it up just to make sure

I haven’t followed the Hunter Biden stuff all that close so I was unaware there saw Hunter Biden specific slang out there.  Enough so that Wiki has an entry.  Wow.  He’s really ‘made the big times’.

But the whole idea of Hunter Biden documentary is getting really out there in the weeds.  “Hunter Biden The Movie” will be more like “Weekend at Bernies” than a documentary.

I’d ask who would watch something like this, but after seeing what goes for the Top Ten on Netflix, I’d say just about anyone.  It was only a few months ago that there were TWO Jeffry Dahmer documentaries competing for the number one and two slots for a couple of weeks.

Hunter wants to ‘rehabilitate’ his image or some shit like that.

Don’t we all?  If we’re honest, we ALL would love the opportunity for a “do-over” for parts of our lives.  But you don’t see any of us making documentaries do you?

While the first son’s life as viewed through his now-infamous laptop resembles a Quentin Tarantino film — with plenty of not-so-tasteful nudity — the untitled Morris project would show a more gentle Hunter “painting, selling his art, raising his son, and navigating everyday life as a sober adult with ongoing criminal investigations and in the crosshairs of [former President Donald] Trump and his supporters,” the Los Angeles Times credulously reported this week.

A film crew has been trailing Hunter, 53, for years and was most recently spotted recording the first son publicly defying a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee to sit for a deposition Dec. 13.  Source: New York Post

I speak from first-hand experience, in falling from grace, hitting rock bottom, and working my way back up again; this is not how it’s done.  I know it absolutely sucks that a private citizen’s stumbles and falls have become such a public and politically-charged circus.   But for fuck’s sake, the absolute LAST thing an addict supposedly working his steps needs to be doing right now (or at any time hereafter) is to be putting yourself out there as some sort of entertainment for idiots to watch.  There is no ‘rehabilitation’ factor in that kind of shit.  There’s still a lot of stinkin’ thinkin’ going on in his addict brain to think that this is a *good* idea.

But I suspect that this was the price his ‘sugar brother’ set when he paid Hunter Biden’s back taxes.  There was  a quid pro quo there.

Oh well, stupid is, as stupid does, I guess.  Everything I know about Hunter Biden has been involuntary, and mostly against my will.  I didn’t care about him before, and I don’t care about him now.  Tomorrow ain’t looking any different.

Item 2:   Missouri Rep Becomes Latest GOP Congressman to Call It Quits

I’d like to see them all call it quits at the end of their current terms.  Every now and then, Capital Hill needs the congressional dome bowls flushed.  I think Bernie Sanders is an early-prototype AI robot that has been spouting the same shit for the past fifteen years.  Alexa on my Echo Dot has more depth than Bernie.

I can see a person taking maybe up to twelve years out of their lives to serve either as a Representative or a Senator, but any more than that is too much.  Run for governor or president, but get the fuck out of Congress and let others come up.

Item 3:   Britney Spears: I’ll never return to music industry

Oh nooo, pleeeese don’t.

I can honestly say that I cannot name one Britney Spears song or album.  Not one, and I’ve worked in the industry.  Sure, I’ve probably heard her music, but not on purpose, only as background noise.  We’ve ALL been involuntarily exposed to her personal life and troubles, and it sounds to me that making this decision is probably in her best interests.  She’s got money, she can afford to live a quiet life doing something she enjoys.

So g’wan gurl, you do you.  Never mind about us, another confused pop star will step up to entertain us.

Item 4:   First US moon lander since Apollo prepares to blast off on Monday

Oh cool!  This is absolutely exciting for me!  It’s just one more step closer to when both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos blast off in their respective rockets on a one-way trip to colonize Mars.

Look, I approve of billionaires  spending their billions on their space projects.  The money is going back into the economy, and we eventually get to jettison them off into space, never to see or hear from them again.

Item 5:   Driverless Truck Companies Plan to Ditch Human Copilots in 2024

This ought to be good…

What in the Hell Did I Just Watch?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – AMC+

Daryl washes ashore in France (the origin of the zombie virus) and struggles to piece together how he got there and why. The series tracks his journey across a broken but resilient France as he hopes to find a way back home. As he makes the journey, though, the connections he forms along the way complicate his ultimate plan.

This was supposed to include Carol, but Melissa McBride was unavailable.  She will be back in Season two.


Music That I Found On the Rott Server

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Memes From the Meme Box

More AI Madness



I just finished my sixteen hour fast seventeen hours.



Ah, my college days

I could see myself doing this…







Well, that’s it.  Make of it what you must.




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January 5, 2024 20:41

Ahh! The Freak Brothers – one of my college favorites, right up there with the “keep on trucking” cartoon. Good and very (ahem!) anti-sober times.


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