It is a Tuesday in the Realm, and I am sitting in my newly-appointed office nestled between two stadiums in Seattle.  My decaf coffee is piping hot from my Keurig, and I’m ready to go.  The question still remains:  WHY AREN’T ONE OF YOU DOING THIS?  In all reality, I’m the last one who should be here.

The Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning.

Item 1:  Texas Supreme Court rules against first woman to seek court-approved abortion in 50 years

This has been an interesting case to watch because this will end up badly for Texas in the long run.  It may also cinch a Democratic win in 2024 as the backlash against the anti-abortion movement increases.

I’m sure that few of you reading this will agree, but mark my words on this one.  This was one of those third-rail things that you shouldn’t have touched.

Item 2:  Jack Smith to use Trump’s phone data at trial

Anyone who DIDN’T think that Trump’s phone records — and those of his co-conspirators — wouldn’t show up in this or any of his other prosecutions really haven’t been paying attention.  It’s literally one of the first things that federal investigators go after. That little ‘smart’ phone you carry around will literally snitch your ass off.  It will tell the time and location you are at within a ten foot radius — even when turned off.  It has a record of every text or voicemail you’ve ever made or been involved in.  Same with email.  Your cell phone provider is required by law to keep a copy of every text, email, voicemail you’ve made for a minimum of two years.  You can erase that from your phone, but it is still on their server.

Item 3:  Nobody Wants To Host The Golden Globes

Nobody wants to watch them either.

Item 4:  Has Elon Musk’s Luck Finally Run Out?

If it hasn’t, it will.  Right now, he’s in negotiations with the NFL on renewing a $100 million advertising contract.  The NFL is thinking of not renewing it because of Musk’s penchant for cozying up to extremists.

Item 5:  Harvard Chief Gay Will Remain in Office, the Crimson Reports

THIS is probably one of the more stupidest ‘controversies’ this week.

Item 6:  Project Veritas CEO Jumps Ship After Finding ‘Evidence of Past Illegality’

She just now found this evidence?  She was literally involved in some of the illegality herself, the dumb cunt.

Item 7:  The “American Dream” costs far more than most people will earn over their lifetime

In today’s age, the only way you are going to achieve the “American Dream” is to win the lottery.

Item 8:  Pharmacies share medical data with police without a warrant, inquiry finds

This is kind of related to the $5000 judgement I just received from Rite Aid yesterday in my small claims suit, and I am getting ready to hit Walgreens with a similar suit.

Item 9:  Plastic Surgeons Say More MEN Requesting Butt Implants

As if men aren’t complete asses already?


What In The Fuck Did I Just Stream?

Always A Witch – Netflix


In Always a Witch, Carmen Eguiluz (Angely Gaviria) is accused of witchcraft and is set to burn at the stake, according to the way of the Inquisition in 1646 colonial Colombia. While imprisoned and waiting for her execution, Carmen makes a deal with the wizard Aldemar, which makes her able to time-travel to 2019 in exchange for a favor. She won’t be able to use magic there though, since it would make Lucien, a powerful but evil wizard, aware of her presence.

If you want to see Season 3, you will have to wait until February 2025

From the Memebox This Morning:


That’s it for today, maybe even tomorrow, or the day after or the day after that.  Who knows, this may be my last posting here.

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December 12, 2023 13:32

Lawmaker has heart attack ‘seconds after saying Israel would suffer wrath of Allah’
A Turkish lawmaker who was threatening Israel with the “wrath of Allah” during a speech in that nation’s General Assembly Hall in Ankara suddenly collapsed to the floor with a heart attack, according to reports.

If you want to watch, here is the link:

December 13, 2023 18:03

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