Good morning, from my office between two stadiums.  I’m a bit late this morning because I had a few IRL issues to deal with first thing this morning.  So here I am, at 0719 hrs waiting for my breakfast to be delivered.

I’m still waiting for one of you lurkers in the background to step up and take this out of my hands.  I know you’re there, I see you.  That’s me knocking on the inside of your screen, hear it?  I’m trapped, let me out of here!

I have a day’s worth of meetings to attend to in about an hour, so let’s get this shit out of the way.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning and My Stupid Commentary

In no particular order…

Item 1: Threads will let you push fact-checked posts further down your feed

I am assuming this is talking about Threads, the new Meta thing that is supposed to be the next Xitter.

This is why social media is a cancer that will rot the fabric of society.  Who cares about ‘facts’ any more?  Nothing is real, not even the sock I am wearing.  Conspiracy theories that defy reality and cold, hard evidence prevails over actual facts in many minds.

Take the conflict in Israel against Hamas in Gaza.  Social media mindset is mostly on the side of the Palestinians, and if you dig even deeper, you will find that much of that support is also for Hamas.  It’s weird, but there are a LOT of people on social media who do not believe that Hamas killed and mutilated all those Israeli people on October 7th.   It’s like opposite world.

Sometimes I wish there was a major EMP event and we lose all electronics.  No more computers.  No more cell phones.  No more television, or networks.  The vast amount of our information — and money — would simply vanish.

There would be a VERY sudden need for facts then…

Item 2: Impeachment inquiry threatens Biden with election-year headache

This is House version of “Stupid Pet Tricks”.  Is this really any different than former Speaker McCarthy directing the House to open an impeachment inquiry way back in September?  Will it get faster, effective subpoena power?  Nope.

I see that Hunter Biden is defying the subpoena that the House sent him.  Comer wants him to testify behind closed doors so that he can control what information to release.  HB wants to air it all out, warts and all, for everyone to see.

Hunter’s in the catbird seat on this one.  Having been indicted, with the possibility of at least one superseding indictment, he can simply ignore any Congressional subpoena and turn it over to his lawyers to deal with.  Remember Oliver North?  If they want Hunter Biden to testify under oath, it will have to be on his terms, not theirs.  There’s a matter of implied immunity if they expect to get anything more out of him than exerting his rights under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.  He would naturally dictate the venue — and he’s choosing to air his drawers out in public.

Item 3: Turkish MP dies after suffering heart attack in parliament

Thanks to readerjp, I saw this video the other day.  My reaction was “That was a bit dramatic.”  He spoke his last words, did a bit of a twirl, and softly fell to the marble floor of the General Assembly Hall.  Off to oblivion with him…

Item 4: G.O.P. Support Grows for a House Candidate With a Disputed Military Record

*Yawn*  GOP, Democrat  both are interchangeable on the subject of what people will tolerate in a candidate.  That is usually based on the lack of better potential candidate willing to run.  Maybe it comes down to, “… do we pick the child molester, or do we pick the guy who says he served in Afghanistan, but didn’t?”

If a person really doesn’t like the government, then why would that person run for office in that very same government?  To change it?  Don’t be naïve.  Everyone runs on the platform of Changing How They Do Business In Washington™ and yet it’s business as usual, if not worse.  Drain The Swamp™ brought in even more invasive swamp creatures.  The fact that they voted to expel George Santos means that he rated lower than Senator Menendez of New Jersey’s charges.  Maybe instead of Botox, Santos should have gotten gold bars from a robbery…

Item 5: Morning Person? You Might Have Neanderthal Genes to Thank.

HA!  My wife always calls me a Neanderthal.  Then I did the 23 and Me thing only to find out that I do have some Neanderthal in me.  I am a Neandro-American.  I need a month.

Item 6: Trump brags that he’s ‘healthier than Obama’ in wild Iowa speech

Sometimes I get the feeling Trump is still trying to run for president in 2016.  He speaks in slogan-speak, and will often toss out old tried and true goodies that has gotten him applause in the past.  He just rattles them off without even thinking about it.  He’s even fished for a few “Lock her up!” responses from deep in his repertoire of slogans.

Trump being healthier than Obama?  I’m betting that Obama at 62 is healthier than Trump was at 62, if you want to compare apples to apples.  The fact that Trump health could only degrade from that period fifteen years later?  Can we be realistic about Trump for once?

You don’t often see morbidly-obese men live much past 75, and actuarial data that includes obvious morbidities doesn’t look good for him.  Now before my friend Ms. RJP points out that his most recent doctor’s over-exaggerated statement proclaiming the health of the immortal gods, I can get MY doctor to release a statement that I have the body of a healthy 19-year-old if I paid him enough money.  (Extra if he leaves off the part of being a healthy 19-year-old from the year 1968.)

Let’s see his actual height and weight.  Without the lifts.  Stark ass nekkid.  I’m looking at maybe 6’1″ and at least 270-80 lbs. range.  In the early 1980s I was 6’2″.  I worked around Donald Trump on a couple of occasions, and he was shorter than I was at that time.  Over the years, I’ve shrunk a bit due to aging.  I’m around 6’0″ – 6’1″ depending on the time of day.  There is NO way that Donald Trump has grown in that period of time.

So if you are looking for an argument that Biden is ‘too old’ or ‘unhealthy’ or has ‘dementia’, based on being 81 years old, then let’s take a closer look at Donald Trump and his actual health.  Let’s not forget that Trump is the same age now as Biden was.  The list of morbidities is obviously more than Biden.

I’m not excited about either candidate running, let alone being a nominee of anything.  This is like two old farts competing on who can cock-block the other from becoming president ever again.  Maybe even become the oldest president to die in office.  Too much?

Does this mean I am comfortable with Kamala Harris as president?    I’d be “comfortable” in the sense that she wouldn’t radically change life in the world or anything like that.   I can honestly say that she’d be about 99th on my list, just above the guy who delivered my breakfast from GrubHub, and about fifty slots below the valet who parked my car this morning.

I still like Pete Buttigieg.  If not 2024 then 2028 if I am still alive.  If I were forced to look on the Republican side, I think I’d go with Haley.

But if, by some miracle, the choice is Biden vs Trump, I would still have to go with Biden.


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