Insane in the membrane as my kids used to say, ‘back in the day’.  There are a variety of headlines that caught my eye this morning, some might need a NSFW warning.  A reminder:  I haven’t actually read the articles behind these headlines when I comment on them — I’m just winging it based on snippets of the news that I’ve heard throughout the day, passively catching the news on the radio.  I don’t spend much of my day paying attention to the stupid pet tricks being pushed out by the various media sources.  I tend to be less angry that way.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:   Ingraham: White House Christmas Dancing Was ‘Offensive’ On Purpose

Being a perennial member of the Party of Grievance must be depressing.  Spend all the time looking for something to complain about.  For absolutely no reason other than trying to fit a square peg of politics into the round hole of holiday fun.  So what exactly does Laura Ingraham find so ‘offensive’ about this, purposely or otherwise?

Is it the fact that it doesn’t reference the word “Christmas” in any way?  As a Jew, should I feel ‘offended’ because it doesn’t mention Hanukkah?  Maybe call it anti-Semitic, since that’s a popular thing to do these days.  Oy Vey.

It’s a holiday video, for fuck’s sake.  To celebrate all of the religious and pseudo-religious events that occur during the Winter Solstice.  It ain’t Christmas yet, wait your fucking turn, bitch.  When it is Christmas, then most people will wish your silly ass a “Merry Christmas”.  Right now, we just finished wrapping up Hanukkah.

Additionally, this little production was based off of The Nutcracker characters, and the last I looked, The Nutcracker isn’t a religious production in any way, shape, or form.  Maybe Disney on Ice…?

Item 2:   Most people think the U.S. crime rate is rising. They’re wrong.

I blame social media — and most notably, the Next Door website.  If I were to get emotional over all of the reports of ‘strange people’ walking down the sidewalk and warnings about “roaming bands of teenagers” on a Friday night I’d be afraid to leave my Hunker Bunker.

The data indicates that crimes are going down, but that is based on reported crime.  There is a lot of crime that goes unreported, because cops no longer respond in many cases.  You can file a report online, and that’s about how far it goes.  “Let insurance take care of it”, is pretty much the attitude around here in the past three years.  Neighborhood Watch has become a bit more militant in my neighborhood.  Criminals have learned to keep a wide berth.

Item 3:   Classified binder on Russian meddling went missing as Trump left office: Reports

I’m guessing this is what Mark Meadows was caught burning.

Item 4:   She miscarried in her bathroom. Now she’s charged with abuse of a corpse.

I object to having to hear about this on national, and international news.  I object to the insanity that the abortion laws have caused, where a woman can’t have a private medical crisis without it becoming a law enforcement issue and headline news.

The woman had a miscarriage while on the toilet.  A late-second trimester pregnancy.  If you want to read about the graphic mess that created, and her attempts to unclog the shitty, bloody toilet, and what she did with the fetus, then go ahead and read the story.

She went to a hair dresser shortly after this, and from there ended up going to the hospital.  Obviously, this woman was in shock.

The thing is, this happens all the time.  One-third of all pregnancies end up in miscarriage, usually before the twelfth week, and often before the woman knows she’s pregnant.  Late-second trimester miscarriages are not as common, but they do happen.  Especially in areas that don’t have proper pre-natal care.

The medical exam of the fetus determined that there was no mistreatment, yet she’s still being charged for ‘abuse’ because she left the fetus in a bucket next to a trash can for a few hours before the cops were notified by the hospital.  There is a law that determines what is to be done with “birth material” and fetuses, and having a fetus in a bucket outside next to a trash can violates that law.

But have a bit of fucking empathy.  She had a miscarriage, she’s in shock, and she is able to think long enough about the need to take the dead fetus out of a shitty toilet, wash it off, and put it in a bucket.  She then went to a hair appointment, where she almost passed out and went to the hospital.  Definitely not in her right mind.  But still, why in the fuck does the world have to know this?

Item 5:   85-year-old man stabs his wife to death after dispute over pancakes

That must have been some awful pancakes.  Wait until he tries the pancakes in jail…

Item 6:   ‘I’m not a progressive’: Fetterman breaks with the left, showing a maverick side

I have never once thought John Fetterman to be “progressive”.  As far as having a “maverick” side,  he’s always been marching to his own drummer. He’s never quite been in-step with any particular  ideology.  He leans Left, but pay attention to his feet are planted.  I see him as more of a populist and I can almost see him positioning himself in an attempt to replace Biden in the next couple of months as the Democratic candidate.

Not that he has a snowball’s chance in hell, but it’s just a vibe I’m getting from his language and positioning.  He’s staking out territory.

Item 7:   3 hostages killed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza were waving a white flag, Israel says

Take a deep breath.  Hold.  Exhale.  Repeat until calm and rational.

The fog of war?  I’m sure that will be the official stance, but this is going to cause a HUGE headache for the government.  While international attention has been focused in Gaza, thousands of Israelis have been protesting for the release of the rest of the hostages for the past week.  This incident is only going to bring out more tonight and tomorrow.

This is why the US has been making bleating noises about not bombing or killing indiscriminately, which Israel has “seemed” to ignore.

Shit happens in war.  Unless you are there, in that moment, with all the facts available, leading up to and after, then you can’t pass judgment on any individual(s) involved.  That’s going to be an After Action Report from hell…

… whose head(s) are going to roll?

Item 8:   Senate Staffer Caught Filming Gay Sex Tape In Senate Hearing Room (GRAPHIC)

I’m tellin’ you, and EMP blast would solve all of this by natural selection…

Item 9:   DeSantis vows to help man charged with beheading Iowa Capitol’s Satanic Temple statue

DeSantis picks the weirdest battles, then takes the even stranger position in those battles.  I wonder, would he “help” me if I were to take down all the other religious bullshit at Iowa’s Capitol?  I wouldn’t have stopped with the Satanic Temple.

The Satanic Temple is there ironically.  That’s what a lot of people aren’t getting.  It’s a protest of the other religious crap that gets promoted on government capitols all over the country.  A thumb in your eye, so to speak.

Item 10: The Republican leading the probe of Hunter Biden has his own shell company and complicated friends

NEWSFLASH:  A Congresscritter Is A Hypocrite.

How many Congresscritters go to Congress with barely the shirt on their back, and within six years are millionaires?  How many of these ‘honorable members’ are involved with insider trading with shell companies and offshore accounts, etc?

I “own” a few ‘shell companies’.  Limited Liability Company, or LLC.  By a “few” I mean under sixty, or thereabouts.  It just sounds more politically sinister when you call it a ‘shell company’.

What the Fuck Did I Just Watch?

Yu Yu Hakusho – Netflix

The story revolves around Yusuke Urameshi, a delinquent high school student who spends his days getting into fights. He dies after saving a child in a car accident, and gets resurrected to serve as an investigator of the supernatural.  I watched it yesterday afternoon while I was recuperating from treatment.

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