It is a Tuesday morning, 0400, and I am sitting in my office nestled between two stadiums in Seattle, asking myself why I still bother with this.  It’s ironic that an accused ‘Leftist’ is sitting here providing the sole content for a Right wing website that nobody seems to want any more.  Will today be the day that I decide to pull the plug?

Dunno.  Day’s still early yet.  Ask me after my 10:00 staff meeting…

Here are the headlines that caught my eye this morning:

Item 1:  X sues Media Matters over report about ads appearing next to Nazi posts

Item 2:  22-Year-old Jewish man sues Musk

Item 3:  Is it time for America’s elder statesmen to retire?

Item 4:  Israel arrests NBC journalist for glorifying Hamas attacks

Item 5:  OpenAI future in chaos as most workers threaten to leave for Microsoft

And now my Stupid Commentary:

I haven’t actually read the articles associated with these headlines.  I may have heard of the stories by osmosis

, listening to the radio or hearing conversations.  My comments may be spot on, or I may have mangled it completely — that’s why this is fun.

In Re 1:

I heard this story on NPR the other day, and I have to side with the advertisers and Media Matters.  In his efforts to champion ‘free speech’ on the over-priced toy he bought,  Musk has turned the social media site formerly known as Twitter into a hotbed of Far-Right nasty-ism where people can be as nasty and shocking as they want.  It is fast becoming an anti-Semite echo chamber with it’s owner literally agreeing to anti-Semite thoughts on the platform.

Blue chip companies don’t like to be associated with anything that falls outside of the norm — and that would include being on a platform that seems to promote bad things in society.  After all, they are in business to make money, and if their bottom line is being affected by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, then they are going to avoid it.  Elon Musk got his fat ass in a bind on Twitter, and now he’s lashing out at an organization that was built on the premise of shining the light on the cockroaches in the media.  This time the light is shining on Twitter, and Musk is freaking out.

Musk doesn’t have a snowball’s prayer in hell of pulling this lawsuit off, but it won’t stop him from making a big noise about it up front.  Mark my words, three months from now, either case will be dismissed by the court or he will quietly fold.

In Re 2:

Now THIS lawsuit does have legs.  It’s probably not a lawsuit that Musk will like if it ends up going to trial.

In Re 3:

Does a chicken have lips?  (where do you think the egg comes from?)  Is a pig pork?  Was Geronimo a native American?

YES!  They should have ‘retired’ years ago.  Old fish and all that.

I get a kick out of the people who think Joe Biden is ‘too old’ to be president, yet their alternative is only three years younger.   The “No Labels” crowd are floating the idea of Joe Manchin as the alternative to Biden and Trump — because he’s only SEVENTY-SIX?  

In Re 4:

I think this was a stringer or a freelance reporter that contracted with NBC along with a couple of other foreign news outlets.  I heard that NBC cut ties with the reporter, but I don’t know if it was before or after his arrest.

Do I care?  Meh.

In Re 5:

I heard a bit of this story on my way home in the car yesterday.  The CEO and co-founder of OpenAI — and the brains behind the OpenAI got canned by the board, and within two days was snapped up by Microshaft.  Now the employees of OpenAI want to follow the guy over to MicroShaft.

Okay, full disclosure:  I use ChatGPT 3.5 for coding a database project I am working on that will track hotel assets and work orders, schedule preventive and predictive maintenance across a chain of ten properties.  I’ve also been using Microsoft’s CoPilot and Github.

What I finished streaming last night:


FEEDBACK on Netflix is a Polish thriller series (Org. title: Informacja zwrotna). The mini-series has just five episodes and a very strong ending. If you like a mystery, then this series is for you.

The trailer is in Polish with English subtitles, but the actual show on Netflix is in English.


Okay, that’s enough for today.  Now go fuck yourself.

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