My pill container tells me it is Saturday morning, just before breakfast, and I am sitting here providing content to a website that has all but been abandoned.  One day, you may wake up and realize that I’ve stopped.

Here are the headlines that caught my eye this morning:

  1. Hamas kills 40 in unprecedented, wide-ranging incursion into Israel. Netanyahu says ‘we are at war’
  2. How Biden’s Promises to Reverse Trump’s Immigration Policies Crumbled
  3. Kevin McCarthy considers resigning from the House before the end of his term
  4. Retailers appear to be facing a self-checkout reckoning
  5. How Do Americans Feel About Politics? ‘Disgust Isn’t a Strong Enough Word’

Here is my commentary based solely on the headlines above.  I haven’t bothered to read the actual articles, let’s just see what I get right (or wrong)

  1. Notice that the word “surprise” isn’t being used here.  If there was anyone on the planet that didn’t expect this to happen, then they haven’t been paying close enough attention.  This was always the expected response when the Right wing government decided to ignore ALL of the warnings from just about everywhere and pushed these human beings past their limits.  There is no doubt that Israel will prevail, but at what cost?  I renounced my Israeli citizenship last year, not because I ‘hate’ Israel — I don’t.  I can no longer support the government of Israel, which has become authoritarian and is not likely to change any time soon.
  2. I think a lot of people are idiots.  Neither party has exclusivity on idiocy.  In my opinion, Trump wasn’t 100 percent wrong on our broken immigration system, he was just 100 percent wrong in his motivations.  Immigration reform — or repair, depending on how you want to look at it — has been a huge, number ten can that Congress has been kicking down the road for decades.  Neither Party can fix it on their own, it will take a true, bipartisan effort to make that happen, and there just isn’t a bipartisan atmosphere in the Beltway right now.  One party is currently in a civil war with itself, and has been for a while now.  It can’t govern itself, let alone an entire nation.

    Polling on immigration has been consistent over the past twenty years or so.  It’s been at or near the top of everyone’s concern

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    , whether they are Republican or Democrat, for a long time.  We want Congress to get together and finally DO something about immigration and our borders.  The problem is, neither party in Congress wants to work with the other.  They are too busy measuring and comparing their dicks, than wanting to take on something as comprehensive as immigration.

    Presidents cannot do this.  Executive Orders are not even considered triage for the problems we currently face at our Southern border.  Walls, moats, mines nor frickin’ laser beams are going to stop millions of these migrants wanting and/or needing to pack up all they can carry and travel thousands of hard miles north to our southern border.  These people are literally facing potential injury and death to make this kind of trek.  If we can solve THAT part of the equation, then we solve the emergency we currently face at the border.

    It seems to me that if we take care of the issues that cause most of these people to flee their ancestral homes, it will wind up saving billions of wasted dollars at the end of the day.  Take away the need to leave, and we solve our own problem.

  3. Kevin McCarthy will leave this Congress.  He kind of has to.  He went from the top to the back bench, with no committee appointments, no leadership or manager role.  He’s considered a pariah within his own party.    If he wanted to stick it to them, he would leave before the end of this year, which will cause Gavin Newsom to appoint a Democrat to that seat.

    McCarthy lived for the role of Speaker.  Now that his own party took it away from him, the only thing he can do to save political face is to leave gracefully.  It will allow him to come back in a different role.  Maybe even run for Feinstein’s seat.

  4. I never use the self-check outs. There is no real incentive for me to use these machines.  I could see if if they were offering us a discount for using them — but they aren’t.  It’s already bad enough that some POS terminals at Safeway are now asking for tips.

    Stores are losing a lot of money to theft because of these machines.  Enough so, that they end up having to raise their prices to cover the loss, in addition to the inflationary times we find ourselves in.

  5. I think this headline pretty much says it all for me.  I don’t think I need to add more.

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By I'm THAT Guy

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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October 7, 2023 17:48

You are an IDIOT.  Obviously no one expected this surprise attack.  At 6:30 am on a holiday. It is a repeat of the Yom Kippur War and it is fueled by Iran.  Don’t even suggest that it’s Netanyahu’s fault that Hamas attacked.  He did not order it, and you intimate that he pressed them too far.  It is Hamas that rules Gaza, it is Hamas that rules with an iron fist, using children as shields and killing Jews wherever they can.  The  people of Gaza should overthrow Hamas, they are the ones making Gaza unlivable.  And the killing of Jews is NOT the inevitable result of a right-wing government.  It is Islamic terror at its purest, propelled by Iran, killing for the sake of killing, killing Jews to sanctify Mohammed and his sacred schizophrenic “religion.”  Hamas is killing indiscriminately, elderly, women, children and holding hostages, also women and children.

DON’T YOU DARE SUGGEST THAT IT’S ISRAEL’S FAULT.  I will fight you to the death on this.

October 8, 2023 14:29

Where do I begin?  Again, no one expected this, or they wouldn’t have been caught by surprise.  I don’t know what you think Netanyahu did, but if anyone is responsible for the Arabs losing hope, it’s the corrupt PA and  Hamas who have made Gaza a prison, with no hope.  All that money that the EU, Arab countries and yes, even the US have poured into Gaza does not go to the people, but goes for Hamas buying weapons to attack Israel.   Not for sewers, not to make jobs.

They  “snapped?”  You’re an idiot if you think that.  Obviously, some long-term planning went into this coordinated attack on land, sea and air, funded  by Iran.  And yes, I do blame Biden for this as does every other person I’ve seen on TV talking about this.  Appeasing Iran encouraged this.  Giving them $6 billion (please don’t tell me it was their money, would FDR have given the Nazis “their” money?).  Not enforcing sanctions, trying to make a deal with them, despite their constantly shouting that they will destroy us.  What is wrong with this man?  Does he hate America and Israel like Obama did?  Is he just senile?  Is he so focused on undoing everything Trump did that he wants to appease Iran?  He’s got people in the White House and State Dept. with top security clearance, who work for Iran.

Biden is also the reason the rest of the world sees us as weak. His weakness is why Putin invaded Ukraine, why  China is threatening Taiwan and trying to take over the South China sea.  I don’t know how you can’t see that.  Everything, everything Biden has done has made this country  weaker, I’ll give you a list if you don’t believe me.

Yes, war is ugly.  But so is burning people alive, deliberately.  That’s not war.  They are attacking civilians, killing babies.  More than 50o Israelis have been killed.  Most of them are civilians.  There is NOTHING that excuses killing babies.  Nothing.  They are Nazis, intent on killing every Jew.  Do you think FDR pushed the Germans too far, and they had no recourse but to start a war?

You are so so wrong about my never having been to Israel.  I worked and lived there for almost a year.  I’ve been back many times and I have family there.  I speak Hebrew, fluently.  A cousin of mine died in the 1967 war.  So I’m not too impressed with your shrapnel.  It doesn’t give you a free pass to excuse suicide attacks, killing children and the elderly, DELIBERATELY.  Throwing children off the roof of a school.

You say they didn’t have choices?  What about all the times Israel tried to make peace with them?  Olmert and Barak were willing to give them 80% of what they wished for. 80%.  That’s not what they want.  They want all the Jews dead, Israel to commit suicide, and Arabs to have all the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan.  They say so.  They teach their children that.  Biden restored their funding and they still refused to come to the table.

This is what I hate about bleeding-heart liberals.  Yes, the Arabs are in a terrible position.  But they themselves make the choices that put them in that position.  Meanwhile, the ones who choose to renounce violence have free education, free health care and freedom to move.

You don’t care if this blows up?  How about if Iran nukes us and you are burnt to a crisp?  Would you care then?  Or just later, when you and your family die later from radiation poisoning?

And finally, war is ugly.  I know that, everyone knows that.  But when you attack someone, you FORCE them to go to war with you.  And when you deliberately target the weak, then it’s murder.  Terrorism and murder.

Oh and another thing about Biden. The first thing his State Dept. said was to create equivalencies, say everyone should calm down.  After the backlash, they erased that posting.  But it does give on insight into their mindset.  There is no equivalence, and if someone attacked YOU or YOUR family and MURDERED them, you wouldn’t say to them or to yourself, “Calm down.”  Even a leftie like you would take action, and I don’t mean talking to the murderers and convincing them that they’re wrong.

October 7, 2023 17:55

They burned houses with people in them.  It is sheer bloodlust.

October 8, 2023 22:21

Yeah, don’t lose any sleep when you apologize for slaughter and terror.

They didn’t desecrate the mosque, that’s Islamic propaganda.  It is on the site, where it shouldn’t be, where it was erected to show Muslim superiority.  That is actually The Temple Mount,  the holiest site for Jews, and Israeli police keep it guarded and open to everyone, which would not be the case if Muslims ran it.

I already said that Gaza was an open-air prison.  The Israelis gave it to them, and they destroyed everything the Israelis had built.  They withdrew and gave them the land back and the freedom to govern themselves.  What did they do? They voted Hamas in as their government.  It is Hamas who have kept Gazans in a prison.  And what is Hamas’ one goal?  To destroy Israel, that’s in their charter.  And what happens when these Nazis slaughter every Jew, like  the Germans did?  You think the Gazans will be freer or happier?  Or will their leaders, like in every other Arab country steal from them and oppress them?

Arabs are from Arabia, Jews are from Judaea.  Arabs don’t belong there.  When the UN partitioned Palestine, it called for one Jewish state and one Arab state. The Arab state was Jordan.  Why didn’t they go there?  All the Jews had to leave Europe and be refugees; why are the so-called palestinians still refugees?  Still sucking up more money from the UN and EU than any other refugee group.  You do know that the term “palestinian” was created by a PA member as a propaganda term?  But you fall into that trap of  believing it.  The Arabs who are Israeli citizens receive the same rights as other Israelis – Jewish AND Christian.  But Hams doesn’t want any Jews at all.

What makes you sat that I was focused on Hunter Biden’s cock?  You don’t even know me, you don’t know what I watch and read.  You sit there on your throne, professing to be an expert on everything, giving long-winded descriptions of what prosecutors and  scientists do, and pontificating on current events.  Well, your morals are a bit rusty, when women being dragged by their hair and babies shot and teenagers at a rave are slaughtered so badly they have to use DNA to identify them, because their faces were shot off, doesn’t bother you.  Hey, it’s just HATRED and EVIL and you’re above it all.


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