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Good Morning, and a happy Mother’s Day to everyone’s mother.  Don’t worry, you Motherfuckers, your day will come…

I am here in my office between the two stadiums in Seattle.  It is 0630, and I am about to go downstairs to get the restaurant ready to open.  Then get my breakfast.  After that, I will come back here and finish this post.

—  Back with my breakfast — an omelet.

I missed another night of viewing the Aurora borealis.  But then, there are a LOT of things that I’ve purposely missed.  Perhaps I am not easily awed, like some of y’all…

I will be doing some more work on my asset tracking program today.  I bought a Windows tablet from Amazon last week to test out for our engineers, but I’ve decided to return it because the touch screen sucks.  I will have to figure something else out on that.

I have to put together an installation package for IT.  The installation package is that link you click on to install automatically install a program on your computer, by putting it in the proper place and setting the proper permissions to allow it to run.  I found a program that will create installation packages called SSE-Setup.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  Trump News in one small spot

Trump used the Hannibal Lecter riff to compare undocumented immigrants to cannibals, saying “they’re destroying our country.”

A IRL friend of mine recently asked me why I dislike Trump so much.   I told him that it wasn’t his proposed policies — whatever they are, but it is mostly about Trump’s nastiness, his vulgarity, and the fact that he cannot tell the truth to save his life that bothers me the most.   He’s the first president in modern times to purposely try to divide Americans.  Every other president has at least tried to bring those who disagree with them onboard.

I see he’s back to his “windmills are killing all the birds,” routine while also doubling down on a previous false claim that offshore ones are killing whales — as if he gives a flying fuck about either.

Item 2:  Israel / Gaza Mess

Up until now, the ONLY statistics of the dead and wounded have come from the political arm of Hamas.  Those figures have always been taken with a grain of salt, because inflating casualties of civilians for propaganda purposes has always been expected — on both sides.  Just as Israel inflates the number of trucks entering Gaza with food and medicine has been inflated by Israel.  It’s the nature of war.

But whether it is 14,500 child fatalities or 7,797 — both numbers are way too high.  At least that’s the view of this “arm-chair general”  reading this shit on the Internet thousands of miles away.  But then, what the fuck do I know?

I’m just a guy who doesn’t care about the number of combatants killed, I just don’t like innocent non-combatants killed.

Item 3:  Crime-fighting drones track and catch shoplifters within minutes

Science fiction is catching up…

Item 4:  Conservative plan calls for Trump to kill everyone on federal death row in second term

It’s weird that the Republican Party, which has latched onto being the “pro-life” party, is so eager to kill other human beings, whether it be in war, killing criminals, or in Trump’s case, dehumanizing his enemies to the point where killing them wouldn’t be seen as being that bad.

Item 5:  Whole Foods CEO Vows to go “affordable”

I had to go into the Whole Foods in West Seattle the other day to return something I bought on Amazon.  For shits and giggles, I thought I would look around while I was in there.  Honeycrisp apples were selling for $4 a pound.  Most of the stuff in the store were  brands that I’ve never heard of, selling crap that would normally go for a third of the price at QFC (Krogers) or Safeway.

Item 6:  Nearly half of all cancer cases are linked to obesity

Most of obesity in this country is caused by food manufacturers putting high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener in almost everything they make.

Item 7:  Energy drinks can lead to serious heart issues in kids and teens, health experts say

Well DUH.

Item 8:  For a second time, Sen. Bob Menendez faces a corruption trial. This time, it involves gold bars

This fucknozzle needs to resign NOW.

Need help with substance use disorder or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.


What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Outlander – Netflix

Recommended Podcasts for Today

The Moth – PRX

Radiolab – WNYC Studios

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell me – NPR

Snap Judgment – PRX

Global News Podcast – BBC News

Memes From the Meme Box

Okay, NOW this makes sense…

I don’t think they make dresses my size…

Yup.  Pretty much.

Poor Baron I’m sure he had his little heart set on it.

Pretty much my reaction to all the people making a huge deal out of this…

Almost every reaction to this news was
“The worm must have starved to death”

I grew up in these woods

Oh, the endless possibilities…

It is a sketch, for fuck’s sake, not a commissioned portrait.


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