It is a Friday in the realm, and I am still stuck in this weird loop where the inmate is running the asylum.  I have half a mind to toss the keys out there and let whoever picks them up to just take it away…

Let’s just jump right in with the news that caught my eye this morning:

Item 1:  Israel agrees to 4-hour daily pauses in Gaza fighting to allow civilians to flee

Item 2:  Media watchdog says it was just ‘raising questions’ with insinuations about photographers and Hamas

Item 3:  The US Census Bureau estimates the world’s population has passed 8 billion

Item 4:  Michigan GOP faces ‘imminent default’ on credit line, ex-budget committee member says

Item 5:  ‘We’re ungovernable’: House Republicans nix votes on two funding bills as shutdown deadline nears

Item 6:  Suspicious letters sent to elections offices in at least five states

Item 7:  High demand fuels drug shortages

Item 8:  Donald Trump Moves Closer to Losing Mar-a-Lago

Item 9:  A transgender student got a lead role. Then the district took it away.

Now for the Stupid Commentary Based On The Headlines:

I have not read the articles attached to these headlines.  I may or may not have heard the details of the stories through osmosis

, listening to the news and general conversations.  Stir all that into a steaming bowl of my opinions and you have a hearty soup…

In Re 1:

This is for those of you who think that there is no difference between a ‘cease fire’ and a ‘pause’.  A ‘cease fire’ is a multi-lateral agreement to cease all military offensives in order to negotiate for a settlement.  A ‘pause’ is a unilateral strategic pause to accomplish a goal, be it military or humanitarian.  It doesn’t prevent defensive actions that may get civilians hurt or killed.  It also doesn’t prevent the IDF from making sure Hamas isn’t using the pause to advance their cause.  Israel is in enough control of Gaza to keep Hamas pinned down to allow for periodic pauses.

In Re 2:

“We were just raising questions…”  This was one of those stories that you had to wait a minute for the facts to catch up with the allegations and insinuations.  It’s how most of the Right wing media operates.

The TL;dr version is that the media was NOT “embedded with Hamas”.

The “media” is a rather loose term when it comes to freelance reporters and camera personnel.  There have been international “media” all over Israel, and the Palestinian territories for years.   The place is riddled with them. Some work for directly for wire services or networks, others are freelance.

In Re 3:

Eight Billion Buttholes.  Connected by tube to a mouth.  Sometimes it is hard to determine which end is which, or even if it matters.

But fuck. Every twelve years, another billion buttholes.  Can you imagine 26 billion of them by 2300?  Where are we going to put all of them, let alone house them and feed them?  How does the planet resources support all that?  There comes a point in nature when things seem to just take care of themselves.  Either a meteor comes and wipes out a bunch of us or we kill each other off in wars.

In Re 4:

You have to love the party that runs on a ‘fiscal responsibility’ platform.  I suspect that this has more to do with Michigan in general, than it does with one political party.  I seem to recall that there are some Democratic parties in Michigan that are broke or almost there.

In Re 5:

‘We’re ungovernable’.  The Republican Party, like the Democratic Party has become a “coalition party”, made up of two or more smaller parties operating under a common banner.  Things work fairly well when the various factions are rowing in the same direction, but when they start moving off in their own direction against the will of the other faction(s), then things begin to fall apart.  When the faction(s) become so far apart that they can no longer get a simple majority to agree, then the coalition no longer exists.  Democrats will be doing the same eventually.

Raise your hands if you don’t belong to the Republican party.  Do you still vote Republican?  All those people you call ‘RINO’s?  More than likely, it’s you who are the ‘RINO’.  You’ve pretty much left the party already, right?

In Re 6:

Gee, I wonder what the underlying message is here…  to force states to stop voting by mail?  Great way to get the opportunity spend twenty years or more in a Federal USP.  And for what, because someone believes that voting by mail is wrought with fraud because some losing circus clown convinced them?

Let’s put aside that argument and just focus on the stupidity of the person(s) involved.  Because this involved the mail service, the US Postal Inspectors take lead.  But it also involves Homeland Security, and terrorist activity so the FBI is attached.  Postal Inspectors have access to cameras and tracking of mail from that can almost pinpoint the spot and time where the letter was deposited by the person sending it.  Biological evidence left on the packaging, along with a chemical signature of the fentanyl can go along ways to find the person(s) responsible.  Each one, was at least one more mistake made that can identify and locate the perps.  If they get emboldened to do it again, that’s an even greater chance of getting caught.  ABSOLUTE DUMBFUCKS.  How long will it be before someone brags about it?  Maybe even start a fucking podcast behind it?

In Re 7:

“High demand fuels drug shortages”.  The very first thing that popped into my head when I read this headline was

“FUCK, does that mean meth prices are going up?”  No, seriously, that WAS my actual first thought — I swear to whatever god you want me to (just point him out first so I don’t get the wrong one).  But then I re-read it with a (different mind context) and it made much  more sense.

“High demand” usually means addiction to “medication”.  Let’s fix problems that didn’t exist before there was medication to fix them.  Let’s medicate all of our pain(s) and aches away, both real and imagined.  Are you depressed?  Let’s lift you up.  Are you anxious?  Let’s calm your ass down.  Feel drowsy?  Let’s give you energy and clarity.  Can’t sleep?  Let’s knock your ass out.  Speaking of asses, are you constipated?  Have a laxative.  Are you running like a faucet?  Let’s dry that shit up.

Back to the meth part of this.  It used to be, before the US Government decided to finally schedule methamphetamine hydrochloride as a Schedule I narcotic in (wait for it… 1991) that the actual chemicals to make (or ‘cook’) meth was readily available to just about anyone who wanted them.  Then the laws changed to include the ‘precursors’ — the chemicals to make the final product.  So the chemists in the illegal trade figured out that they could use pseudoephedrine hydrochloride to make meth.  A lot of over-the-counter cold medicines had pseudoephedrine as their active ingredient, until recently, when it was replaced with a similar compound in order to prevent street-level ‘cooks’ from either buying up or stealing all of the cold medicines to extract the pseudoephedrine.

Small problem, the new compound has been found to be ineffective.

In Re 8:

This is another story that you need to put a pin on.  Is Donald Trump going to lose Mar-A-Lago in his current civil trial?  It’s within the realm of possibilities, and until Trump started to try and piss off the judge, I would have put it at a very low probability, if he can successfully argue that his ownership of Mar-A-Lago falls outside the statute of limitations.  But if he has some current loans against the property could take it right out of his hands as part of what’s known as “ill-gotten gains”.    The penalty is disgorgement, and it happens more often than not.  Whether it happens to Mar-A-Lago specifically?  Who knows?  But you can bet he will lose control of a LOT of his properties.

In Re 9:

A transgender boy got a lead role in a high school play. Then the district took it away.   Lemme guess: boys have to be in “boy” roles and girls have to be in “girl” roles in drama, right?

Have people gone rabid-ass crazy?  It’s fucking drama.  It’s the whole point of acting is to be able to portray a character role.  They wear make-up and costumes to change their appearance, with the goal to convince the audience that the character is real.

Apparently, the school felt that the kid was perfect for the part.  That caused the district to stop the play altogether while they investigated whether the play itself was “appropriate” in high school.  The play was Oklahoma!  (a play that has been a high school drama staple for decades)

I’m thinking the district is trying to stall on this one, because of their absurdity.


See?  I told you it was stupid commentary.  Think you can do better?  Come at me bro.





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