According to my pill caddy, it is a Thursday in the Realm and I am at home in my Hunker-Bunker at 0500 getting ready to crank out today’s news and stupid commentary to you ingrates.  It’s been five whole days since my last ‘confession’ here — but I have an excuse:  I really don’t care enough about y’all to be here every day.  Contrary to what you might think

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, this isn’t my ‘job’.  I’m a cranky middle-of-the-road, Libertarian-leaning idiot trying to fill the shoes of the Emperor.

Kinda like our leaders in BOTH parties and we all end up looking like cheap imitations.

But enough of me, here’s the headlines that caught my eye this morning:

1.  Lewiston, Maine mass shooting: At least 22 dead as manhunt intensifies for person of interest Robert Card

2.  Trump Threatens Political Foes That Retribution is Coming When ‘We Assume Office’ in Stunning Social Post

3.  Mitt Romney sounds one last alarm on Trump

4.  Retail theft is the worst in these 10 US cities, study finds

5.  Rep. Mike Johnson voted new House speaker

6.  In Texas, local governments are banning travel aid for abortions

7.  Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) Charged With Setting Off False Fire Alarm

And now for my stupid commentary:

The rules of my game here is that I haven’t actually read the stories connected to these headlines.  That’s what makes this fun — I will probably get it all completely wrong.

1.  I did actually hear this story on my NPR jazz station that I play as background noise while I am sleeping.  I only heard that authorities were looking for a mass shooter in Maine who killed a lot of people in a bowling alley last night.  I didn’t know the extent until I saw the bright red headlines on Drudge as I collected today’s headlines.

Twenty-two people.  Fuck.

Some people shouldn’t have firearms.  You can’t get any more basic than that.  Robert Card would be one of those people.  But that is all 20/20 hindsight.  The problem is, who gets to decide who shouldn’t be allowed to have firearms and what is the criteria?  This is where you hit the brick wall.

We already restrict eight percent of the population from owning or possessing firearms for life.  If a felon is caught in possession of a firearm, it could be a five-year mandatory prison sentence.  We restrict another 13.5 percent of the population from owning or possessing firearms if they’ve been using drugs in the past thirty days.  That percentage could be a LOT higher if you consider the fact that marijuana is a Schedule I narcotic and is legal in twenty-three states.

Twenty-one states currently have “red flag laws”, where the state could take away someone’s firearms for mental health reasons.  I believe that all have some form of due process in place that allows for the restoration of those firearms once the mental ’emergency’ has passed.  I don’t kn0w of any jurisdiction that has a permanent ban on firearms for mental illness.  And again, “mental illness” is defined by what criteria?  Is it used exclusively for harm potential, or is it just a blanket term that can be defined by the agency applying it?

Would a “red flag law” prevented this shooting?  I’ve always thought this was a stupid question.  Being mentally ill doesn’t make a person ‘stupid’, or ‘incapable’.  A determined person will ALWAYS find a way to get a gun.  No amount of laws will prevent that.  Especially if you already don’t give a fuck about the law.  But there is no doubt that it would stop at least a few of them.

I have an extraordinary solution to all of this:  Just execute anyone who commits any crime with a firearm.  Right there on the spot, with no trial.  It’s a consequence-based solution, related to “fuck-around and find out”.  It will save a lot of money and will send a message that maybe a firearm isn’t the best thing to commit a crime with.

But it wouldn’t have stopped this shooting.  NEXT…

2.  Assuming that he “assumes office”.  The last I looked, he still has 91 felony charges that he will be dealing with, and if his performance in his current civil trial has cost him $15,000 in two contempt charges, he’s going to be in an FDC while he waits for trial if he isn’t careful.  The courts only have so much patience.  If it were anyone else but Trump, the defendant would be behind bars right now, no question.

3.  “bleat!”  Mittens wrote a book?  How cute.

4.  I am sure that Seattle is somewhere near the top of any list, and there is a reason why:  We elected idiots on our city council.  But we are in the process of fixing that problem.  I have a ballot right here on my desk that I will be dropping in the box at the library up the street in a few hours.  There is a whole new slate of candidates, and none of them actually claim to be Socialists.

Each of them seem to have a better idea of what to do about our homeless problem.  Or at least the free-for-all that it has become.  All of them are running on the platform of reversing the laws that made it illegal to “sweep” homeless camps and either put them in a shelter or jail to be assessed for mandatory services.

The pendulum swings…

5.  Well, that was embarrassing to watch.  My question, is what was actually accomplished here?  A minority in the House was able to grind everything to a halt while the entire party made a spectacle out of themselves?  Shit-can one Speaker only to get another one who will end up being shit-canned for the same reasons?

The Republican Party is really two or even three parties in one, and at least one of them want a divorce from the other(s).  Add to that the fact that the House is almost evenly split between Republican and Democrat, that there is no margin of error when you need to pass “have-to” legislation.  So the Speaker would have to reach across the aisle to make a deal with the Democrats.  Remember, whatever passes in the House, still has to make it through the Senate.

6.  This one caught my eye because it sounds dystopian.  Some states/counties have tried to make it illegal for a pregnant woman to leave the county to obtain an abortion.  I’m picturing one of those checkpoints on roads leaving the county where a cop will check to see if you are not pregnant before being allowed to leave.

Texas does it different.  They create the law that will allow anyone with no standing to sue anyone they suspect has gotten an abortion and anyone who has helped or facilitated.  Now they want to expand the law to include potentially, any pregnant woman who leaves the county that they suspect may try to obtain an abortion?

Blessed by thy fruit…

7.  Good.  Pull a fire alarm for any reason other than an emergency, then you should expect to receive an infraction at the very least.  Apparently they didn’t think he pulled it to disrupt a House session, or he’d be looking at a felony.  Although I would want to know how they came to that determination, because it seemed clear to me that was exactly his intent when he pulled the alarm.

An Interesting Tidbit about why Hamas needs fuel:

Why is Hamas so stressed about the lack of fuel in the Gaza Strip?

It is crucial to understand what is happening in Gaza’s underground. This murderous terrorist organization has created an entire city underground with 1300 branched maze-like tunnels, Located 70 meters (230 feet) under the surface with a total length of 500 km (310 miles). These tunnels are made from the exact concrete that the Western World donated, that was actually meant for schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other civilian infrastructure and services. These tunnels protect high ranked Hamas officials, commanders and 30 thousand terrorists.

Now here’s why Hamas is so stressed about the fuel:

The air to the tunnels is supplied by a ventilation system. The System is operated by fuel powered engines. This is their only source of oxygen. No fuel means no air, no oxygen. If there is no air, it means they have to come out of the tunnels to breathe. Coming out of the tunnels means they will be annihilated by the IDF.

You can’t gas them — it’s a war crime.  But what about cutting off their air and sealing the entrances?

Fresh from the Meme-field to the table:

Memes from my meme-box.

This one is absolutely REAL
Fortunate Son

Well, that’s it.  I purposely left out all the shooting memes.

Have a great day.  Get your Shingles vaccination.

Thoughts and Prayers, yadda yadda yadda…

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October 26, 2023 18:49

Goodspaceguy?  I proudly voted for Chief Wana Dubie back in 2006.  He died in 2017.  He is easily found on web.

October 26, 2023 22:58

My news headlines of today:

If a felon is caught in possession of a firearm, it could be a five-year mandatory prison sentence. We restrict another 13.5 percent of the population from owning or possessing firearms if they’ve been using drugs in the past thirty days. That percentage could be a LOT higher if you consider the fact that marijuana is a Schedule I narcotic and is legal in twenty-three states.

Unless you’re Hunter Biden.

In a recent press conference, President Joseph R. Biden found himself in an awkward and almost comical moment. He came close to introducing himself before approaching the podium but quickly corrected his mistake, stating, “I’m not introducing me, Mark is. I forgot, Mark. I went straight to the podium.”

Oh, it must have been his stutter.

You doubted my contention that Iran is in the highest part of the Biden administration, so here it is:

One of the alleged “Iranian sympathizers,” a chief of staff in the Department of Defense, who had unrestricted access to classified materials.

But who is this mysterious individual? None other than Rob Malley, Joe Biden’s chief negotiator for Iran. It’s no surprise that Malley is a fervent supporter of the disastrous Obama-Iran nuclear deal. Cruz made it crystal clear that Malley’s conduct has been so egregious that even the FBI is investigating him. And don’t forget, his security clearance was suspended earlier this year, a glaring indication of just how bad things have gotten under this radical White House.  [BUT HE WAS NOT FIRED!]

Three of Malley’s top advisers were Iranian operatives recruited and directed by the Iranian government. Yes, you heard that correctly. The very people advising Malley were answering to the Iranian  foreign minister.

RE THE MAINE SHOOTING”  the shooter reportedly threatened to shoot up a National Guard base earlier this year, he was almost certainly on the FBI’s radar. That would make this incident at least the 23rd time that the FBI has monitored, but failed to stop, mass shooters before they go on their sprees.

21 troops injured in Iraq and Syria drone strikes

Biden is warning Iran, you’d better stop attacking Americas or I’ll…I’ll…take a nap.

October 27, 2023 19:10

Hunter Biden committed a FELONY when he lied on his application for a gun when he answered “No” to the question of whether he was a drug user or addicted.

Biden answered “no” in response to the question “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” as part of the background check.

That he wasn’t convicted of it was certainly due to his last name, his father being president and the weaponization of the Justice Department  In any other case, he would have been prosecuted, but since Daddy is president and Merrick Garland owes his position to Daddy, he wasn’t.

It cracks me up that you accuse me of being heartless and not understanding that Biden is just doing what any parent would.  Never mind that it’s AGAINST THE LAW.  Never mind that it’s immoral.  And Hunter Biden keeps throwing himself in the spotlight.  Video of him smoking crack.  Videos of him with prostitutes.  BRAGGING about how invincible he is.

Yes,  children of presidents get a lot of perks.  You think Chelsea Clinton would be a reporter for NBC if not for her last name?  But I don’t know of any other children, including Jared and Ivanka, who committed crimes so openly and did not get punished.

October 26, 2023 23:03

Oh look, something else:

Former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady testified this week that the FBI prevented him from investigating Hunter Biden’s work for Ukrainian oil company Burisma.

Brady, who served as the Justice Department’s top federal prosecutor in Pittsburgh from 2017 to 2021, told House Judiciary Committee members during a closed-door hearing on Monday that FBI leadership and special counsel David Weiss deliberately slow-walked any attempt to look into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings.

The testimony comes just days after Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, revealed that the FBI sat on dozens of tips from more than 40 informants about the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling scheme.

Well, former prosecutor, is this par for the course?



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