Which has been obvious to anybody ever since Nord Stream 1 & 2 conveniently blew up and everybody started asking, naturally, “whodunnit?”.

Of course, the entirety of Western Goebbelsmedia immediately declared Russia the obvious culprit, in spite of Russia having absolutely no reason to or benefit from blowing up a multi-billion dollar project that they could just as easily turn off by turning a valve.

As we thought to ourselves at the time, “we may never KNOW whodunnit, but at least we already know who DIDN’T.”

Obviously that was, at the time, considered heresy, treason and a number of other hysterical, totally unconnected to reality terms, as we all “know” that Russia is to blame for absolutely everything that annoys you, your neighbor, anybody in the world. Burn your dinner? Russian trolls/agents did it! Power went out yesterday for five minutes? Russian GRU is behind it! The dildo you ordered from Amazon was two days late? Clearly, Russian agents were behind it!

We know who we think did it, based on circumstantial evidence only of course. Circumstantial evidence such as our own government’s long standing promise to “end Nord Stream” and assuring everybody that we had the means and intention to do so, Blinken’s jubilant statement immediately after the fact about how to immediate cessation of gas supplies to Europe right before a crippling winter presented a “tremendous opportunity” for the U.S. to wean Europe off of Russian energy supplies (meaning “having to buy it from us instead at extortionate prices”) and other, more dubious bits of claims and statements.

But all that aside, it seems that the “Russia did it!” narrative is weakening even more, at least according to the Washington Compost, which is not exactly known for being a “pro-Russian troll site.” We use this link deliberately, because we know that there are numerous blue pillers out there eager to mumble “there he goes again, linking pro-Russian propaganda.” If you want to label the Compost “pro-Russian propaganda”, please do so. Just know that we’ll be over here laughing our butt off, and we won’t be laughing with you.

After explosions in late September severely damaged undersea pipelines built to carry natural gas from Russia to Europe, world leaders quickly blamed Moscow for a brazen and dangerous act of sabotage. With winter approaching, it appeared the Kremlin intended to strangle the flow of energy to millions across the continent, an act of “blackmail,” some leaders said, designed to threaten countries into withdrawing their financial and military support for Ukraine.

Which only goes to demonstrate just how below-the-IQ-of-a-turnip those “leaders” were and are. If you want to use something as blackmail, you use the threat of it, you don’t present it as a fait accompli. You don’t go “refuse to testify against me or this damaging information about you linking you to mass rape and murder that we published yesterday will be published tomorrow.” But nevertheless, millions of low information idiots bought into it immediately. “Hey, if you don’t give me a million bucks, I’ll shoot your dog.” “But you shot my dog yesterday!”. “Well, I’ll shoot it AGAIN!”

What Russia COULD have done, and we suspect they were probably already doing it, was to suggest to European nations, Germany most of all since their industry is now dead due to their inability to operate without cheap energy, that all of this pain could go away in an instant, if only they dropped the sanctions and pulled out of the conflict in Ukraine. “Drop it, and we’ll turn on the taps tomorrow.”

But that’s kind of difficult if the pipes have been blown up, isn’t it?

But now, after months of investigation, numerous officials privately say that Russia may not be to blame after all for the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines.

“There is no evidence at this point that Russia was behind the sabotage,” said one European official, echoing the assessment of 23 diplomatic and intelligence officials in nine countries interviewed in recent weeks.

Imagine our surprise! There is no evidence at all that Russia cut off their own nose to spite their face! There is no evidence that the single most powerful kind of leverage that the Russian Federation held over the European Union was destroyed by the Russian Federation! Who could possibly have imagined that???

Some went so far as to say they didn’t think Russia was responsible. Others who still consider Russia a prime suspect said positively attributing the attack — to any country — may be impossible.

“Impossible” is overstating it a bit because clearly, after months of investigations, at least some leads must have been found. But we completely agree that we will most likely never be told who was responsible. But that doesn’t mean that nobody knows.

On the other hand, with Russia out of the picture, where does that leave us? Who else might have done it? Who has the means, motive and opportunity? Again, look at the circumstantial evidence. It’s not proof, but it should make you pause, and numerous criminals have been convicted on the basis of much, much less than that.

No one doubts that the damage was deliberate. An official with the German government, which is conducting its own investigation, said explosives appear to have been placed on the outside of the structures.

But even those with inside knowledge of the forensic details don’t conclusively tie Russia to the attack, officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to share information about the progress of the investigation, some of which is based on classified intelligence.

“Forensics on an investigation like this are going to be exceedingly difficult,” said a senior U.S. State Department official.

Exceedingly difficult to admit to, that’s for sure. Particularly given the circumstances, where the only ones with access to the evidence are nations with a clear and obvious motive to keep their yaps shut about what they found.

One thing we DO know is that if any, ANY sort of conclusive proof linking Russia to the explosions had been found, it would have been trumpeted all over the Western Pravda for months now.

It hasn’t been. Instead we’re treated to “we may never know.”

Why is that?

Think about it.


Don’t trust anybody on either side, just think for yourselves.

It really isn’t that hard, unless you’re deathly afraid of the conclusions you might reach.


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