But it could have been a lot closer if cooler heads hadn’t prevailed, for once.

We’re sure you’re all aware of the tragic incident where a missile landed in Poland, just across the border with Ukraine, and tragically killed two civilians.

We certainly remember as we were awake when it happened and immediately thought “oh shit, here we go.” Thankfully, at the end of the day it turned out that we had been too pessimistic for once.

But it didn’t look good initially, when the Angry Gnome of Kiev immediately, the dust hadn’t even settled yet, loudly proclaimed that the Rooskies did it and that this meant that NATO now had to start WWIII by militarily acting against Russia, much as we had expected him to. Forget about investigations, let’s just go ahead and blame it on the “orcs”, as the government in Kiev lovingly calls anybody of Russian heritage.

Listen, we want to make it abundantly clear here: We completely and fully understand why he and his countrymen are pissed off at Russia, they have every reason to be, they’re at war, ferchrissakes, but jumping to conclusions like that is how you turn an already horrible war into something far, far more horrible.

Of course, the monolithic Western media immediately jumped to the same conclusion, having one synchronized wargasm after another, all of them before the Polish had even had time to reach the impact site, much less investigate the wreckage.

But here’s where His Imperial Majesty was pleasantly surprised and more than a little bit relieved by the measured, rational response of the actual leaders of the western bloc: NATO, Washington DC and even Poland, the party who had the MOST reason to be upset and best excuse for overreacting, pretty much immediately stated that everybody needed to back the truck up a bit until they could at least investigate the incident. Bravo, and much credit where credit is due. It seems there are indeed some adults left in the room.

Could it have been a Russian missile. Sure, if it were one that had missed its intended target in, most likely, Lvov. Malfunctions happen. Unless, of course, one was to be of the belief that Russia had suddenly developed a hatred of Polish grain silos so deep-seated that they were willing to burn a very expensive long range cruise missile on hitting one, thereby starting WWIII, but let’s leave the poor terminally insane out of this, they have enough to deal with already.

It turned out not to be. Instead, it was pretty quickly determined from the wreckage on the ground that the missile was an S-300 air defense missile which had, most likely, sadly missed the incoming Russian missile it was targeted at and, gravity being what it is, had to come down again afterwards, in this case even more tragically on top of a couple of unsuspecting Polish civilians.

In other words, a malfunction. These things happen. Things don’t always work, you sometimes miss, but what goes up has to come down again. No bad intentions, no deliberate malice, just the nature of the beast.

And an inevitably catastrophic escalation was avoided by cool, rational thinking. Our admiration goes out to all of those who DIDN’T lose their shit immediately, particularly the Polish government.

Obviously, there will now be equally demented warmongers on the other side of the issue claiming that Kiev orchestrated the whole affair, that they deliberately launched a missile at Poland in order to draw them into the war. Both sides have deranged idiots among them. Just as anybody with an IQ at least that of a boiled turnip can plainly see that Russia would have absolutely nothing to gain from bombing Poland, it’s also obvious that Ukraine wouldn’t have gained anything from it either and, unless one is daft enough to think that the entirety of Ukraine’s government are drooling idiots assuming that the Polish government are drooling idiots enough that they’d have never found out that Ukraine was behind it, they’d have also made the situation much worse for themselves, so we can safely ignore maniacs who think that as well.

It was a tragedy, obviously, but it wasn’t allowed to turn into a much larger tragedy, thanks to the level-headedness, something we’d pretty much given up on, of responsible individuals.

And thank G-d for that.


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By Emperor Misha I

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