So here we are. In a time where everybody is fulminating about the kind of out of control police state that Putin is creating (and not at all without reason, because he is), we already have one just like it here at home and have had it for quite some time but hey, why bother with the beam in your own eye if there’s a splinter in your brother’s, are we right?

Night raids by the Secret State Police or Committee for State Security (original name translations available) are now a common reality.

Challenge the unelected federal bureaucracy and/or get on the bad side of the Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party, and you’ll be rewarded with night raids based on the flimsiest of pretenses. Or you might be arrested in your pajamas in front of your house in the early morning hours with the CNN camera crews tipped off for maximum coverage so the unwashed masses will see just what awaits them if they question the wisdom of the Party.

We call this “America” still? Don’t make us laugh.

This country is no longer anything even resembling the nation that our Founders fought and died for. It’s a joke. And it’s not a funny one. It’s all out in the open and nobody is doing a damn thing except flapping their gums and making empty promises that they have absolutely no intentions of keeping in order to raise funds.

The ones with the means to do anything are a bunch of worthless, spineless, parasitic worms that are a complete waste of skin, and the ones with even the basic instincts of justice and humanity in them are the ones who don’t have the means. At least not means that any of us should wish for. The Independence War wasn’t a glorious picnic you know. Justified, yes. Necessary, yes, but it’s not something that anybody sane would ever want.

And, predictably, the usual Republican figureheads are already out trying to raise funds based on the latest outrage in an unending string of outrages, and none of them will do one G-d blessed thing about it if elected. Remember “give us the House and we’ll end Obamacare?”. We gave them the house and they did… Nothing. “Give us the Senate as well, and we’ll REALLY end it.” So we did and they did… Nothing. Then we gave them the White House as well and they did… Big surprise there… NOTHING.

They have no interest in doing anything, because as long as they just hold on to being “good Nazis”, they won’t be bothered by the bad ones and they’ll still get to live in luxury increasingly unreachable and unimaginable to anybody who isn’t one of them.

If you think otherwise. Well, we admire your optimism, but history called to notify you that you’re blithering idiots, because this is how it’s always been and always will be.

Just keep in mind the next time somebody waxes poetic about the state persecution in Russia of somebody like Navalny, and you’re be right to be outraged by it, that we already have it here, we’ve HAD it happening here for going on two decades now, and the people we voted for LET it happen because they couldn’t give one solitary fuck about us, as long as we vote for them.

We’re not voting ourselves out of this one, people.

Not to say that we should stop voting, we should NEVER stop voting, people who can’t even bring themselves to make that very minimum of efforts have no right to flap their gums in complaint about anything until the next election, just don’t expect it to change anything on its own.

As anybody with the intelligence of a clam or above learned in 2020, “it doesn’t matter who votes and whom they vote for, all that matters is who counts them and how they’re counted.”


I’ll now go back to not give a shit, because that apparently also doesn’t change anything, so why bother?

People are going to get what they asked for and they deserve it good and hard, the only horrid thing about it is that the rest of us have to live through the nightmare that the majority of imbeciles chose for us all. But we’re past caring. There’s no bloody point.

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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