Good morning from my Hunker-Bunker overlooking the Puget Sound from the cliffs of West Seattle. It is a Wednesday morning in Seattle in July, and we are currently in a ‘heat advisory’ with the outside temperatures reaching into the low nineties.

Not in my Hunker-Bunker. It’s 72°F year-round, thanks to my geothermal heat pumps. So I’m not feeling all that heat outside — and I’m cool wid dat.

I’m off for the next two days, but I will be sitting here at my desk getting angry with the ChatGPT when it gives me a bunch of bad code to try. Seven out of eight times the code solution is wrong. I’ve found that the later in the day, the worse it gets. I’ve learned that you have to catch it early in the morning, before noon on weekdays if you want to be productive. Saturdays seem to be the best day, and for some reason Sundays are just tits-up for the damn thing.

So that is what I will be doing for most of the morning — after I finish this nuisance and make my breakfast.

Here are the headlines that caught my eye this morning:

The simplest way to fix this is to only pay the back wages if the worker is reinstated.

Every state will be a ‘battleground state’ if Joe Biden remains on the ballot.

It’s not that I believe that Joe Biden is incapacitated to the point that he cannot do the job, it’s that the PERCEPTION that he can’t do his job because of his age is something that he will not be able to overcome.

While I am not quite as old as either Trump or Biden, I am well past the ‘age of retirement’ and if I were still in the job market, I would have a hell of a time finding work. Not because I am old, frail or senile, but because the perception of my age. I know that the employment gatekeepers like and LinkedIn would automatically filter any job seeking adventure should I ever want to look for a job again.

Do I think Joe Biden is ‘slowing down’ mentally? Sure. We all are. You. Me. Everyone.

Janne Teller: “From the moment we are born, we begin to die.”

Joe Biden went into this with a handicap: He has a major speech impediment — stuttering — which causes him already utter some pretty weird things from time-to-time. I suspect that his age isn’t making this impediment any better. Most likely, it will get much worse as time goes on. This isn’t effecting his cognitive skills, but it certainly is effecting how he communicates his thoughts.

The clue is the difference in how he writes versus how he speaks. Apparently his written thoughts are still solid, it’s his verbal communication skills that is telling the world that he isn’t fit.

And that is all the perception it takes for him to lose the race.

Speaking of old fucks spouting shit that has no basis in reality…

I didn’t watch the entire interview, but what I did watch didn’t make me feel all that comfortable. Like I said above, it is more about his ability to verbally communicate, not his actual mental acuity.


I am reminded of Terry Schiavo and how Conservative ‘doctors’ could diagnose her condition from places like the well of the Senate, by former Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist (R-TN):

Republican majority leader and physician Bill Frist opposed the removal of her feeding tube and in a speech delivered on the Senate floor, challenged the diagnosis of Schiavo’s physicians of Schiavo being in a persistent vegetative state (PVS): “I question it based on a review of the video footage which I spent an hour or so looking at last night in my office.” After her death, the autopsy showed signs of long-term and irreversible damage to her brain consistent with PVS. Frist defended his actions after the autopsy. [Source] [Emphasis mine]

This “Parkinson’s doctor” may be 100 percent correct, that Joe Biden presents with ‘classic features of neurodegeneration’ simply by viewing Biden over a television screen without ever actually meeting with Biden or reviewing any testing materials or medical records.

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire.

The fact that there was a Parkinson’s doctor visiting the White House eight times in as many months seems to indicate that Joe’s White House physician was concerned about the possibility of there being a diagnosis of Parkinson’s based on Joe Biden’s medical “presentation” during his annual physical.

The doctor has since insinuated that there was nothing to it, but who the fuck knows? It’s not like a POTUS — any POTUS — is going to volunteer this kind of information to us.

I’m sure that many of you have now heard of ‘demand-based pricing’ and ‘dynamic pricing’. Uber charges a peak price when there is a large demand. There are other models that set pricing based on what you spend with a particular company. Grainger is an example of this model. Soon Amazon will operate the same way.

You and I might have separate Grainger accounts. What YOU are charged for a product on Grainger might be substantially more than what I am charged for — based on what I spend at Grainger. Amazon and others are starting to do this also.

I noticed some weird pricing differences on Amazon a few months ago when I bought my new Windows 11 computer for $189, and when my friend bought the same exact thing on the same day she spent $239. We both have Prime, but I spend roughly $300 a month on Amazon purchases, and she might spend $50 a month.

Grocery stores will soon start their version of ‘dynamic pricing’. You might literally see a price change on the shelf right before your very eyes.

Living in general is a competitive sport. Some people don’t make it out of the birth canal, and others will live will into their 100’s before dropping dead.

The 2024 Republican Platform states that it will ‘protect’ Social Security and Medicare at status quo. They will do nothing to weaken it and/or nothing to support or strengthen it. Their plan is to do nothing at all and let it go insolvent.

Social Security was designed to be adjusted to fit the present and future financial situations. When Reagan made adjustments in the 1980s, it was expected that a future administration would have to make new adjustments to the program in twenty years or so. We kinda blew past all that. Now, almost forty years later, we are in need of another adjustment to the program in order to keep it running another twenty to forty years before the next adjustment.

Enjoy your day. Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do. And never believe anything you read on the internet.

Here are some memes for you:

I just HAD to look this up.

Sure enough, “Make your wet dreams come true” was an Al Smith campaign slogan. It was in reference to doing away with Prohibition.

I couldn’t find Herbert Hoover’s quote on “Smith is a Catholic. I am not.” It doesn’t mean he didn’t say it, just that I didn’t find it in my lackadaisical, half-hearted, ten-second look on Google.

JFK became the first Catholic president. Even in 1960, there were people who looked at Catholics much like they look at Jews and Muslims these days. American Protestants were pretty adamant about having anyone but a Protestant in the Oval Office up until that time. Something about ‘taking orders from the Pope’…

It IS a fair question.

After all, the media has been pretty much focused on Joe Biden for the past couple of weeks, and have all but ignored the release of Jeffry Epstein’s “frequent flyer list” where Donald Trump’s name shows up more than any other person’s name on that list.

If you have the guts to read the Grand Jury transcripts — and you will need some guts to do so , because it is fucking SICK — you will need a shower and a delousing after reading the lurid descriptions of Trump having under-aged sex.

Weird how the ‘Lamestream Media” has been ignoring this release. (Maybe because the FCC won’t allow them to actually READ the transcript on air?)

I had to laugh.

Taking election advice from a South African.


The sunset last night from the THIRD stadium in Seattle.

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