Good morning from my Hunker-Bunker set into the hills of West Seattle overlooking the Puget Sound. It is a Wednesday here in Seattle and I have just rounded up the collection of insanity that assaulted my eyeballs this morning. I like to consider myself a ‘giver’ so I am eager to pawn them off onto all of you.

You are welcome.

My plan is to sit here in my Hunker-Bunker for the next two days and code. I am also nursing a swollen knee from taking a spill on the roof at the hotel the other day. Ice on, ice off. Repeat.

But first, let me get this done and published…

Stuck, maybe?

– a series of leaks and malfunctions have caused NASA to indefinitely delay the duo’s return.

Just whatever you do, don’t say they’re stranded.

Boeing’s Starliner can stay in space beyond 45-day limit, NASA says

If you have to repeatedly state that the astronauts you launched to the International Space Station are not “stranded” there, then maybe you have a problem with either your spacecraft or your communications strategy. Or both.

Both Boeing and Space-X were given money to develop a craft that could ferry astronauts and supplies from Earth to space.  Boeing received $4.2 Billion bucks, and Space-X received just $2.6 Billion bucks.  Space-X has been flying to the Space Station since 2020, while Boeing barely made it off the launch pad. 

Stuck, for sure.

I know that the public myth has been that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are close buds or something. I think the reality is something a whole lot less. I’ve always had the feeling that the only reason Joe Biden was Obama’s VP was that Obama needed some foreign policy chops at the beginning of his term and Biden was the guy who could give him that ‘cred’.

But I’ve also had the feeling that Obama was only going through the motions when he was backing Joe Biden for president in 2020, and that he would probably would have rather had anyone but Joe Biden to support back then.

Body language makes up about 70 percent of communication. Your lips might move saying one thing, but your body will always give you away by telling the truth and if you know how to read the body language, you will know when there is a problem when you watch someone explain something to you. It’s what make fortune tellers and mind readers seem so uncannily right when they do their ‘readings’. They are literally reading your body language.

I was always seeing a dissonance when it came to the Obama/Biden relationship. Barack was never more than fifty percent onboard with Joe Biden being president in 2020, and is obviously less-so now, before the debate debacle.

This pressure is going to grow exponentially, and I suspect that before the end of next week Joe Biden will be giving his “LBJ speech” in the Oval Office. Hell, he might even resign, giving Kamala Harris ‘incumbent’ status.

Unlike what happened in March 1968, this might actually work…

This week is a bit too hopeful. I’d say next week, maybe the week after. But this doesn’t get any better for Joe.

I don’t know if ‘rage’ is the word. “Freaking out” might be a whole lot closer. “Losing their shit” might be spot on.

Twenty-five out of 213 Democrats? Pshaw!

Meanwhile there are 219 House Republicans who are writing letters to Biden telling him to “Stay strong, bruh, don’t drop out”.

“Choice”? What choice?

To have a ‘choice’ would insinuate that there was more than one other alternative. It seems like the ONLY choice left would be for Joe Biden to man up and admit that it is time for him to bow out and leave. There’s no shame in it: he’s had a spectacular career, and has accomplished more than most any other career politician — he made it to the Oval Office, the cherry on the top of the sundae.

I don’t ever answer the phone, so I would never know if some twat is calling me to ask my opinions on anything. But I do have this little nag-thing popping up in the lower-right corner of my screen telling me that I have a text from someone, and yesterday I had seven or eight text polls asking me if I was going to vote for Joe Biden.

I think I mentioned here a while back that I had made a decision last year that I probably wasn’t going to vote for any presidential candidate this time around — because the lesser of two evils is still ‘evil’, and given the choice of “no choice”, I would rather just not vote at all.

Which would you rather eat, dog shit or cat shit?

Yeah, I get it: We’re going to get shit no matter whether I vote or not. But why bother having to make the choice? Whatever we get, I’m pretty sure we will deserve it.

One out of three Democrats? Are there any left?

There’s that word ‘leaked’ again. Purposely releasing something isn’t exactly ‘leaking’ it. Or does it only count as being ‘leaked’ if original purpose of the poll was for internal purposes…

What the fuck is he there for? Does Joe Biden need the ‘felon vote’ to run in this race? Joe Biden already has enough problems to overcome, he doesn’t need yet another one.

Huh. Just yesterday, we were given the excuse that Joe was suffering from ‘Jet lag’ after flying back from his trip to Europe and wherever else he was last week.

ABC would need a little time to edit out the little naps and Biden “glitch”?

This just showed up in my email:

So, the world IS coming to an end…

To be honest, I don’t think my brain could stand four or eight years of hearing Kamala Harris speak. It’s not about Kamala Harris herself or her political background, it’s literally her voice inflection that bothers the everlasting shit out of me.

Do you know how you could be in a crowd of people you don’t know and automatically your brain can pick out someone in that crowd that you have a dislike for — without ever knowing what it is that bothers you about that person? You just KNOW.

Kamala Harris has a voice that does that for me.

So does Donald Trump, for that matter. But then there are a LOT of things about Trump that bothers me. But the voice is already a no-go.

Before you think it’s just Democrats who are stuck…

This is not a good look for any group to be taking. It’s like joining a club without knowing what the membership rules are.

Isn’t that pretty much the general consensus of the Republican party?

Like I said, it’s not a great look.

I didn’t actually read the article, but the word “terrified” is what brought my attention to this headline.

“Terrified”? Oh the horrors! The humanity!

So you think you may want to go for the third party choice?

Remember when Howard Dean did that weird scream thing that forever doomed his prospects of becoming president? How quaint were those days?

Again, I didn’t bother to read the article, but the VERY first though that popped into my mind was:

“He’s a Kennedy, isn’t he?” Of course he would have a history of sexual assault. In the Kennedy clan, it is ubiquitous.

What hath the Supreme Court done?

I am sure that someone like Donald Trump will quickly try to find the outer limits of that power. Some of you might even cheer him on in his limit-testing. But I can guarantee you that it won’t be long before even you wake up and come to the conclusion that if The Don can do it then the next guy can also.

And maybe the next guy will be someone you really don’t like…

… or doesn’t like you.

The crux of the issue, legal scholars said, is that the decision granted total immunity for any actions a president takes using the “core powers” that the Constitution bestows on the office. One such power is the authority to command the military.

“The language of the Supreme Court’s decision seems to suggest that because this is a core function of the president, that there is absolute immunity from criminal prosecution,” said Cheryl Bader, a criminal law professor at Fordham Law School and a former federal prosecutor. “If Trump, as commander in chief, ordered his troops to assassinate somebody or stage a coup, that would seem to fall within the absolute immunity provision of the court’s decision.”

There’s that word, ‘terrifying’ again.  I’ve seen it a lot lately.

But let’s come back to reality for a moment, shall we?

While the Court has given the President immunity for his official duties or acts, they didn’t give that same immunity to the military, or anyone else.

A president could issue any order that he wants, but the military cannot act upon orders that breaks criminal law. Ordering Seal Team Six to assassinate the president’s political opponents would still be murder, and the last I looked, committing murder is still a crime.

While the POTUS can’t be held accountable for ordering the murder of his opponent, the person carrying out that order CAN, SHOULD, and WOULD be.

Of course, a POTUS could step in and issue a pardon, but who in their right mind would do something like that?

The obligatory Israel/Gaza crap…

I am actually surprised that thought they were never going to be drafted. Did they actually think that everyone else BUT them were going to be required to enlist and that they somehow had a magical pass?

Fucking religious freaks. I’m sorry, but that is exactly what it is.

How, you ask? Well, if Bibi continues on the way he is right now, we will be fighting over there before the end of the year. Maybe even before the election.

And by “we”, I mean those of you who are much under MY age. I ain’t doing shit. They could nuke the entire Middle East for all I care.

… All the other crap

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and guess that it was HUMANS that killed them all off.

Just looked: Yup.

We have also spent almost two BILLION on our homeless problem and we have even more homeless than before.

And what in the flying fuckity-fuck do we need a *looking it up again* a “Tree Equity” job?

This is Washington state, for fuck’s sake. Trees just pop up and grow around here without much help. Do we need to pay some asshat sixty bucks an hour to watch them grow?

We could always have a ‘debt jubilee‘. It’s even biblical.

It’s really the ONLY way out of this mess without having to go through another great depression followed by a devastating world war. Just forget a pile of national debt and move on. Every fifty years or so, just zero-out a large portion of the debt.

And for WHAT?

Have you seen the “NEW” releases on Netflix over the past three months? Most of that shit came from ten fucking years ago! I just watched “That 90s Show” thinking there were new episodes because it literally said “new release”.

No, it’s just ‘new’ to the platform.

And now for a few memes and a couple videos:

I have a hard time walking on a solid surface…

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