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Good morning from my office perched between two stadiums.  Today we are hosting The Rolling Stones, who are in Seattle as part of their 2024 Hackney Diamonds Tour — sponsored by the AARP.

I toured the stage setup at Lumen Field yesterday with the road crew.  I’m guessing the band was probably getting their Geritol IV drips at the time.  Rocking a concert can be rough on the old folks…

Today is going to be a HUGE money-maker for us.  Our occupancy rate is currently at 95% and our cheapest rate is $609 for the night, with our best suites going for $1899 for the night.  Not too shabby.  The Rolling Stones is the first of eleven major events happening this summer.  It’s promising to be a great year for this property.

I plan on getting my old ass out of here by around 1100 this morning, so let’s get going…

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  Texas GOP School Board News

It sounds to me that this woman is like a LOT of people involved in partisan politics in that she was getting most, if not all of her news and information from one of the two major “news and information silos” that pass as our “news media” these days.

People on the fringes of both parties have their own ‘brand’ of facts and news.  The Left hang out on MSNBC and Left-leaning news and commentary sites and social media outlets, while those on the Right hang out on FOX News, NewsMax, OANN and other Right-leaning sites and social media outlets.  Everyone is being informed by way of the echo chamber, and are getting very little in the way of actual facts and real-life information.

And it all utilizes a lot of FEAR and LOATHING to get and maintain a point.

This woman found out the hard way that everything she had been told was nothing more than BULLSHIT.

Item 2:  Fed Chair Powell says inflation has been higher than thought, expects rates to hold steady

I never really expected the Fed to lower interest rates any time soon.  They made the mistake of lowering rates too early back in the 1970s and got burned for it.  The Fed is going to be extraordinarily careful about lowering them too early now.

Item 3:  Melania Trump may be ‘angry’ about Stormy Daniels scandal but will never leave Donald

Why should Melania Trump leave Donald Trump at this point?  He’s 77 years old and probably won’t see much past 80.  She has twenty years of her life literally “invested” in this little business deal of hers, and all she has to do is hold out a little while longer and she gets the payday of her lifetime.

Is she pissed at The Donald?  Sure, who wouldn’t be?  The man is a vulgar piece of stinking shit, but he is a rich one.  She will hang out just a little while longer and be a rich bitch.

Item 4:  “We’re Building One Big Ad-Supported Pile of Shit”

Jimmy Kimble pretty much nailed the state of the “Cut-The-Cord” streaming these days:

— “Golden Bachelor is a key part of our strategy to steal CBS’ viewers by putting them in a house together. We’re now launching the Golden Bachelorette, a game show where you can win an old lady. Joan is our new Golden Bachelorette. She has four kids and two grandchildren. Are the grandkids ready to see grandma get raw-dogged in a jacuzzi?”

— “I’m glad you’re inside. I heard Amazon left you guys out on the porch. You’re lucky you didn’t get stolen. It’s so great to be back in the abandoned shopping cart district.”
— “Bob Iger should be retired by now, he should be off on a yacht somewhere. Instead he’s here pretending to be excited about a new season of Will-Fucking-Trent. Bob tried to sell us last year, he put us up for sale, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, no one wanted to buy us. When no one was interested, Bob explained that he didn’t mean he literally wanted to sell us, he was just testing the waters for Wall Street. You know, Bob, when people test the waters, they usually dip in a toe, they don’t drown their children.”
— “We are bundling and while from the outside this may look like an act of desperation, from the inside, it also looks like that. We didn’t want to bundle, we had to — like when you’re freezing to death and it’s so cold you have to get into a sleeping bag with your uncle so you don’t die. That’s us. You’ve seen our churn rates. This is not just churn. It’s Chernobyl. Now finally our users can turn on their TV and get all the channels in one package for one price all supported by ads. We call it ‘basic cable’ and it’s gonna blow your mind. We’re consolidating. We are building one enormous ad-supported streaming pile of shit.”
— “It must be a good idea because it’s already getting copycats. Netflix, Apple and Peacock just announced their new bundle StreamSaver today. What an excellent name. StreamSaver sounds like a catheter you might find for sale on”
— “All our content is available in one place — and also in multiple other places too.”
— “We have a sports bundle. ESPN is teaming up with Fox and Warner Brothers Discovery to give subscribers … live games, fantasy sports and betting. It’s a package we’re calling it Weekend at Divorced Dad’s House.”
— “What we’ve come to understand about our audience is they would rather be watching Netflix. Remember when Netflix thought they were above all this? They came in to destroy commercial television and now guess what? They want to sell you commercials on television. Now those smug b-holes have to lick your nuts like the rest of us!”

Item 5:  Florida Dentist Who Called for Death of Jews Could Lose His License

While I am not defending the comments this guy has made, I don’t see where the State of Floriduh has any legal say as to licensing based on the COMMENTS of someone.  This fucknozzle has the same exact First Amendment RIGHT to say and have an opinion about anything he wants without fear of reprisal from the government.  Make no mistake, this is a governmental reprisal for the exercise of this man’s free speech rights.

We don’t have to like what this guy thinks or says, any more than he has to like what we think or say.  But we DO have the right to have our thoughts and speech regardless.

Item 6:  Biden Offers to Debate Trump, With Terms, Shunning the Debate Commission

Is anyone going to watch these two old farts?

I think I would rather expose myself to three hours of Yoko Ono singing than listen to either one of these fools argue with each other.

Item 7:  ‘Clueless fucking idiots!’ Cybertruck owners mocked as vehicle issues mount up

This has got to be the UGLIEST vehicle on the planet.

Item 8:  Google rolls out its most powerful AI models

I just started using GPT4.0.  For twenty bucks a month, it’s pretty fucking slick.

Item 9:  ‘Chelsea’ Asked for Nude Pictures. Then the Sextortion Began.

OH FER FUCK’S SAKE.   It’s 2024 and even the most luddite person amongst us should realize by now that sending ‘dick pics’ to someone you’ve never met is probably one of the STUPIDEST things someone could do in this day and age.

This clown deserves every uncomfortable thing.

Item 10  How Israel’s military investigates itself in cases of possible wrongdoing

The key phrase here is “investigates itself”.

While it might be desirable to investigate your own actions, your biases will always control your self examination, and any results of that investigation will ALWAYS be viewed by others as being self-serving.

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