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Good morning, Mutts.  I am here in my office perched between two stadiums at 0515 in the morning to deliver you this sloppy hot, fresh take on the news with some really stupid commentary.  I have only a few minutes to crank  this out because I have to get the back kitchen back together today after replacing a ten ton geothermal heat pump yesterday.

So let’s get busy.

Are you sick of the eclipse news like I am?

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  Social Order Could Collapse’ in AI Era, Two Top Japan Companies Say

They said the same thing about the printing press, books, newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet.

I use AI a lot in writing code for the asset tracking program I am writing.  Let me tell you — AI is as stupid as fuck, often riddled with errors and redundancy.  It is certainly not something I would use without double, if not triple-checking the results.

Item 2:  Appeals court judge denies Trump’s bid to delay next week’s hush money trial

There is an old saying that I will paraphrase for you:

“The wheels of justice grinds slowly, but they still grind.”

I didn’t just make that up.  I just paraphrased a bit, but you get the gist.  Sometimes justice takes a minute or two, but it will eventually happen.  Trump will get his day in court and a jury of his peers will decide whether he is guilty or not.

He just lost yet another attempt to move his trial out of Manhattan, because he feels that he cannot get a fair trial in the place where he committed his crime(s) because Manhattan has a lot of Democrats living there.  Maybe next time he commits a crime, he does it where there are a lot of Trumpublicans living there?

Item 3:  Vatican blasts gender-affirming surgery, surrogacy and gender theory as violations of human dignity

Here’s an idea:  Let’s first deal with a Vatican that is ripe with child molestation issues first, THEN maybe we can let them deal with other issues of morality…

… or not.

Item 4:  Israel ‘preparing to strike Iranian NUCLEAR facilities’ amid tense wait for revenge attack and soaring WW3 fears

Its time to put a hold on Israel’s welfare program.  Shut off the supply of weapons and money until they LISTEN to the hand that literally feeds them.  Frankly, they should have been cut off a long time ago.

Yeah, I get it:  a lot of Israel’s neighbors have a beef with Israel.  But most of that beef is of Israel’s own making.  For example, when modern-day Israel was created following the second world war, the intent was for a secular Israel sitting along side of a Palestinian state.  Israel has captured land that doesn’t belong to it, and has illegally occupied it since 1967.

Every time Israel is “forced” into military actions against the Palestinian people, they end up creating the NEXT generation of enemies.  Imagine the next version of Hamas that pops up in about ten or fifteen years made up of the children who were orphaned through this current war.

Item 5:  Donald Trump crashes out of the Bloomberg rich list due to his meme stock nosediving

This doesn’t bother most people like it would bother Donald Trump.  It takes $5.8 Billion to be on the Forbes list, and poor Donald only has $4.8 Billion.  Most billionaires would be more than happy with having only $1 billion and not be on Forbes’ list of stupidly-rich people.  Not Trump, he’d be furious, if not feeling embarrassed.

It’s all about IMAGE with Trump.

Do I care how much money Donald Trump has?  Nope.  It’s none of my business, except for the personal feeling that there is such a thing as being “too rich”, or rich beyond the point of making any difference.

Is a person better off with one billion or ten billion dollars?  At what point does it stop making a difference in someone’s life?

Item 6:  Book-Ban Campaigns Hit 4,240 Titles

How uniquely American!  The land of the Free and the Brave, and we ban books that a handful of loud, obnoxious fucknozzles don’t like and we think this is ‘freedom’.

Yes, there are a LOT of books out there that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.  A LOT of what I personally would consider ‘garbage’.

But isn’t it a good idea that I don’t get to decide on what books I will allow you to read based solely on my personal preferences?

There are a LOT of things that I don’t like in this world.  But I will be the last person who will tell you that you can’t have them because I don’t like them.  If you think you wouldn’t like a certain book or publication, then don’t go out of your fucking way to buy the damn thing.  It’s a pretty simple concept.

Item 7:  NASA Spots Object Speeding Around The Moon

Pretty strange, innit?

For me, this is FAR more interesting than the stupid shit that normally passes as “news”.    Even  more interesting is the fact that what does pass for news outlets in this country haven’t said a damn thing about this object.

Need help with substance use disorder or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.


What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Nothing.  I went to bed at 1700 last night.

Recommended Podcasts for Today

I listen to a lot of podcasts before falling asleep at night.  My Echo Dot plays them in stereo while I lay there relaxing before dozing off.  The following is what I listen to last night:

The Daily – The New York Times

Today, Explained – Vox

The Conspiracy Letters – Spotify Studios

Memes From the Meme Box

The acceptable way to view the eclipse

Whatever happened to our Grammar Czar?

I am constantly seeing people post the amount of groceries they bought.

I used to play bagpipes in high school and college.

Yup.  That’s what makes us “exceptional”.
Exceptional idiots, that is.

This works, “trust me”.

This is so wrong, but then, so am I…

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