Good morning, from my office stuffed between two stadiums in Seattle.  I don’t have much time today, I have a LOT to do and only a few hours to do it in, so I have to make this short.

Item 1:  Bye, bye Bibi: Is the game up for Israel’s great survivor Netanyahu?

As I’ve pretty much stated from the beginning of this thing way back in October, it is been my suspicion that Bibi allowed the Hamas attacks to happen in order to save his own ass following a summer of protests and demands to resign.  

Some of you here took exception of my suspicions — mainly because you hadn’t really been paying close attention to the events in Israel over the past year or so.

It is getting really hard not to believe that Israel didn’t have the intelligence to know ahead of time that Hamas had planned its attack on October 7th.

The reason I have to believe that the Hamas attack was allowed to happen has been backed up several times by the news and revelations that have come out of Israel over the past six months about concerning the Israeli government’s ultimate plans following its utter destruction of Gaza and the out and out murder of Palestinian citizens NOT connected in any way to Hamas.

You can choose to ignore the revelations coming out all you want — it wouldn’t change the fact that the ultimate goal of the Right wing government of Israel is to kill off as many Palestinians as they can, and then try to shove the rest of them into either Egypt and/or Jordan.

This is literally what the government has been pushing for over the past six months or so.

Like it or not, it is considered a WAR CRIME.

Item 2:  Florida Abortion Rulings to Keep Issue Front and Center in November

There are a few things that could guarantee a win for Democrats this coming November:  Pot and Abortion.  If both of those items are on a ballot,  Republicans will have NO chance of winning anything, because abortion and Pot will bring out Democrats who ordinarily don’t bother voting, out to vote in droves.

Floriduh may find itself a bit Blue this coming November.

There is a reason why Republicans have never actually done anything about the abortion issue — the issue has been a huge, and reliable source of cash for the GOP, and if they had managed to completely outlaw abortion, the money source would have almost immediately dried up.

As far as important issues for Republicans to run on, abortion was really their only act to play.

Now that abortion is all but illegal in several states, you can expect that Democrats will be juiced to come out and vote any and every Republican than see out of office.  After all, there are far more Democratic-leaning people in this country than there are Right wing Republicans.  It’s like almost two to one.  The ONLY thing that has kept the Republican party in play is the fact that most Democrats don’t actually vote most of the time — unless they have a solid reason to turn out.

They have a solid reason now.

Item 3:  Solar eclipse conspiracy theory sweeps across US claiming its path through ‘biblical’ towns proves country is ‘wicked’

Some people are as stupid as fuck.  Others are even stupider.

There are too many people out there who seem to have a serious problem with reality.  They are gullible enough to fall for just about anything they are told, as long as it doesn’t have any real tangible basis in fact.

Item 4:  Scientists Accidentally Create Mouse With Six Legs and No Genitals


What were they intending to create, if a six-legged mouse with no genitals is what they ended up with?

Today’s Suggested Podcasts

The Daily, From The New York Times

The Journal, from The Wall Street Journal


Have a few Memes

Here are some of the memes that people have sent me in the past 24 hours:

Ronald Reagan in Drag:

Yes, this IS Ronald Reagan in drag.  It’s one of about ten different times the man dressed up like this, and yet nobody has ever raised the fuss that they are doing right now.

DJ’s Final Word of the Day:

The other day I purchased a computer, sight unseen, from Amazon. It’s about 5″ x 5″ x 1″, and it runs Windows 11 with a 1 TB Solid State Hard drive, 16 GB of RAM for a whopping $239 + Tax. I have it running two monitors on a 1.5 gig fiber optic connection.

That tiny little box under the alarm clock is the entire computer. It has no fan, no moving parts, and is 100 percent solid state. It has the following features:

  • [2023 Intel N100 Mini Computer] The 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake N100 mini pc is 4 Core 4 Threads 6MB cache, base frequency burst speed up to 3.4GHz. More powerful performance and smoother running than J4125/N5095/N5100/N5105/N95. Ideal for routine tasks, office work and home entertainment, which is more convenient than traditional desktop pc.
  • [Prebuilt Mini Computer] GMKtec Nucbox G3 mini pc is prebuilt with 16GB DDR4 RAM, you will enjoy a speedier experience with Built-in 1TB PCIe 3.0 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD Hard Drive. Our mini desktop pc boots up in seconds, work on multiple software applications and quickly transfers files.
  • [Fast Wireless Connections] Nucbox G3 mini computer is equipped with USB 3.2*4,up to 5Gbps/S, HDMI(4K@60Hz)×2, 3.5mm Audio Jack. Supports WiFi 6, and Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 2.5G network connectivity, Bluetooth 5.2. This Mini PC supports multiple device connection and can be used with servers, monitoring equipment, office equipment, displays, projectors, televisions, etc.
  • [4K Dual Screen Display] Mini desktop computer is equipped with Intel UHD Graphics(max 750MHz), supports 4K video playback and AV1 decoding, connect the pc with a projector as a home theatre, enjoy a variety of entertainments. Two HDMI 2.0 ports allows you to multi-task efficiently on two 4K@60Hz displays.
  • [WiFi6 & Fast BT5.2] Features the latest wireless connectivity with 802.11ax which offers speeds up to 600Mbps. Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 enables you to connect multiple wireless devices such as mice, keyboard, monitoring equipment, printer and monitor. High-speed wireless connection technology, reliable and efficient transmission speed, providing a faster internet experience for browsing and streaming. Small pc supports Wake On LAN, PXE Boot, RTC Wake and Auto Power On, ideal to use as a server.

Okay, Mutts.  That’s it for today.  Tomorrow, I will be at home in my Hunker-Bunker all the live-long day.

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