Good Tuesday morning from my office perched between two stadiums in Seattle.  It is 0515, and I am in the Engineering shop playing with a new toy I bought on Amazon yesterday.

That little grey box you see here?  It’s a complete Mini-PC that I bought off of Amazon yesterday.  It has a 1 TB solid state hard drive, 16 megs of RAM, running Windows 11 Pro.  It has three HDMI slots for three monitors, four USB slots, and is super-duper fast and snappy.

The cost, you ask?  Are you sitting down?

$239, same day delivery.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  World Central Kitchen charity halts Gaza operations after apparent Israeli strike kills 7 workers

In case you weren’t aware, Israel considers anyone helping Palestinians at all to be legitimate targets.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out:  World Central Kitchen had not only gotten written permission from Israel to deliver meals inside of Gaza, they were also in constant communication with the IDF to coordinate their movements and prevent exactly what happened to them yesterday.

There is NO way you can convince me that Israel didn’t deliberately target this group.  Their fucking emblem was emblazoned ON TOP OF THE VEHICLE, so that there would be NO mistaking who the fuck they were.  They had just cleared their movements with the IDF — and were fired upon twenty minutes later.

Item 2:  Trump barred from attacks on judge’s daughter in New York “hush money” case gag order

Raise your hand if you believe that Donald J. Trump is being treated unfairly.  Raise your hand if you think that Donald Trump is being treated differently than any other criminal defendant.

Okay, if you raised your hand on the first one, you would be wrong.  If you didn’t raise your hand on the second one, you would be wrong again.

Trump is hardly being unfairly treated.  He is also being treated completely different than any other criminal defendant ever to be hauled before a court on criminal charges.

Most criminal defendants going through a Federal court get arrested, mug shot, fingerprinted, and held in a holding cell until they can make their first appearance before a magistrate.  Almost no one gets released immediately after their first appearance — a bond hearing is usually set in ten days minimum for Court services to investigate the background of the defendant to determine the eligibility for release on bond and the proposed conditions of that release.  Almost always, a bond will get you home confinement, with orders not to leave the bounds of the District without prior permission from an assigned probation officer.

With the exception of one person in this country, most criminal defendants could never make the argument that they are “running for president” and not get laughed out of a courtroom.  HINT:  running for president does NOT take precedence over being prosecuted for committing a series of crimes.  (can you imagine it if every defendant tried to make that claim in order to stave off a criminal prosecution…)

Finally, no other criminal defendant would ever be allowed — even once — to talk shit about the judge, the prosecutors, and their families the way Donald Trump has been doing. You can count on being tossed into jail for the duration of the prosecution if you had done that even once.

Item 3:  Iran’s Khamenei Vows to Punish Israel After Deadly Syria Strike

Well, good luck with that.

Item 4:  Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Create Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter?

Okay, this has got to be one of the more stupid ‘outrages’ that MAGA has ever done — and that’s saying a lot.

While I have never heard of the Trans Visibility Day before now, apparently it has been a thing since May 31, 1999, and Easter doesn’t change that.  Wait until next year:  Easter falls on 4/20, the marijuana day.

All  you people losing your tiny little minds over transexual people need to get your OWN life.  Worry about your own stinking shit, and not be concerned about the stinking shit of others.

If you stop caring about what OTHER people you don’t even know are doing, then you will probably start feeling a lot better about your own life.

I’ve got enough to deal with in MY own life that I really don’t have time to be concerned about where you stick your dick and with whom.

You should try that.

Need help with substance use disorder or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.


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