Remember when we used to have to use dial-up modems and it would take a minute or two to load the simplest website?  It would take hours to download music and if someone were to pick up the extension phone — everything would be lost.

Well, go back to the phone cradle.  THAT’s how it felt like trying to do even the simplest task here this morning.  Well, after six hours of trying to get a backup of the database here in case I bricked the whole site, the server kept crashing and I could never get even past the 4% mark.

I went out and got a burrito bowl from the taco truck a couple of streets below my Hunker-Bunker, and that fixed ME up.  I had enough.  I was ready to work without a safety net.  If it bricked, then so be it.  C’est la vie.

Welcome back to November 2022!

I went back in the WordPress repository and grabbed a version from November 2022, the last version known to run the current php version on this server.  Some of the plugins are newer, and are using a fail over code which might cause things to stumble.  I suspect that Askimet is probably causing a major shit fit on the server, since it is going to have the newer coding.  Soon, I will lose the ability to fight spam on this site, which is why it is imperative to upgrade the php as soon as possible.


But this is what we’ve got as a last resort here.  The raft is still taking on water, but the small wheel barrow innertube is still helping to keep it afloat, for now.


Did I “fix” it?

Kinda sorta.  I mean it seems a bit faster and it is  a bit more responsive, but it is still struggling with a connection issue.  It’s possible that one of the plugins is too new for this version of WordPress.  I will figure that out later.  I’ve had enough for today.

I may still have to mirror this site, and wait for the day when I have to redirect the url to a new server.

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By Imperial Tech Wizard

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Your Sock Puppet
February 2, 2024 15:22

This site DOES load faster when you are not logged on, because of the way I set the cache up. You don’t have to be a registered member to comment here, so it’s probably a lot faster for those folks.

If you do log in to your account to comment, just know that it might be a bit slower for you. But the overall page loading is a lot faster now.

If this hadn’t worked, my only other alternative was to just mirror the site over on my server.

This is obviously how the Rott server is connected to the internet…


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