Greetings from my Hunker Bunker that normally overlooks the Puget Sound in Seattle.  I say normally, because visibility isn’t all that great at 1100 this morning.

I had originally posted this thing at 0400 this morning from my office between two stadiums in Seattle, but after a couple of hours, I decided I need to come home for a few days rest.  My last session of proton beam therapy kinda left me a bit shaky.  Once I got here, I started feeling better.  No matter, I can work from the Hunker-Bunker almost as well as being there, but without all the … people ick.

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve taken all of the music I’ve posted here so far and made one continuous jukebox.  You can  look in the menu above for FULL MUSIC LIST, click the link here:


I take requests, you know.  This is but a tiny fraction of what I have.  Okay, on with the day…

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  E. Jean Carroll judge bench-slaps Trump’s attorney 14 times over basic lawyering in a single day of testimony

The deference these judges are giving towards Trump and his defense team(s) is not normal.  If this had been any other defendant in any other court in the nation, not only would Trump be cooling his heals either in detention or on home detention with an ankle monitor.  His attorneys would be sitting in holding cells for contempt of court looking at massive fines and possible disbarment.

Item 2:  ‘I rushed out of there’: Ballard contractor makes explosive discovery while remodeling bathroom

Well,  it’s a good thing he wasn’t remodeling my Hunker-Bunker then…

Item 3:  Supreme Court Justice’s Words Echoed in Case Before Him

“The Court’s decision to overrule Roe and Casey is a serious jolt to the legal system—regardless of how you view those cases.”

Try as he might, he’s riding a runaway train that is determined to upend every legal precedent the Court has ever set.  With each falling precedent, the authority of the Court diminishes.  Before long, governments will stop following the rulings of the Supreme Court and the so-called “rule of law” will evaporate.

Item 4:  Webb telescope finds oldest, most distant black hole

Wait. You needed a telescope to find the oldest black hole when everyone knows it is in Washington DC?

Item 5:  Assassination attempts are on the rise worldwide — is the US next?

I am actually surprised that we haven’t had an assassination lately.

Item 6:  Former President Donald Trump’s mysterious red hands spark hilarious online conspiracy theories – from ketchup to curling iron burns. So what do YOU think caused them?

The image in question is today’s Featured Image.  The guesses ARE pretty hilarious, ranging from ketchup from his most recent Micky-D’s experience to syphilis.

Item 7:  Altman says ChatGPT will have to evolve in “uncomfortable” ways

I’m already uncomfortable just thinking about it.

Item 8:  AI Fraud Act Could Outlaw Parodies, Political Cartoons, and More

Somehow I think this could run afoul of the First Amendment.

Item 9:  Senate Republicans warn House they won’t get a better immigration deal under Trump  NEW!

“To my Republican friends: To get this kind of border security without granting a pathway to citizenship is really unheard of. So if you think you’re going to get a better deal next time, in ’25, if President Trump’s president, Democrats will be expecting a pathway to citizenship for that,” he said. “So to my Republican colleagues, this is a historic moment to reform the border.”  – Lindsey Graham

He’s actually right on this one.  This is pretty much a one-time deal, and after the bell rings, you will never see anything close to this if Trump is in office.

I know a lot of you hate the idea of ‘incrementalism’.  But in order to get anything done, you have to do it in stages.  Especially if you want it to hold over time.

The politician will tell you this is the best you will get, but they haven’t stopped thinking about the next step to build.


What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Detective Forst – Netflix

When a detective’s maverick approach to investigating gets him suspended, he teams up with a journalist to solve a series of brutal murders outside the law.

A Polish TV show based on a series of novels.

Music I found on the Rott Server

Today’s selection brought to you by the letters

Q“, “R“, and “S

Memes From the Meme Box

I receive dozens of memes in my Meme Box on a daily basis from people all over the landscape.  Some are political, some topical, but most are just everyday events with a little fun inserted.  My absolute favorite are just photos that will speak those thousand words clearly.


I thought that every area is a “crime-free zone” by default.






I need one of these…




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