Good Friday morning to the mutts here.  I am here in my Hunker-Bunker staring out into the dark abyss of the early morning.  By “early” it is 0652 right now, and the Winter solstice makes for a dark morning here in the Puget Sound region.

As I said, today is Friday, commonly referred to in the news business as “Friday Evening Dump Day”.  Friday evenings is the time when all the important news gets released after the close of the business week, when everybody is off enjoying the weekend, not paying attention to their news feeds.  Mark my words, something interesting will get ‘dumped’ into the news machine later on this evening, and you probably won’t pay attention to it until Monday morning.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1: Kinzinger says he’d vote for Biden instead of Trump ‘in a heartbeat’

Is this really news?  There are a LOT of Republicans who would vote for just about anyone else but Trump.

Would Kinzinger vote for Bernie Sanders?  Probably not.

Item 2: ‘Carpetbagger.’ ‘Selfish.’ ‘Fighter.’ Lauren Boebert’s potential new constituents – and her rivals – weigh in

Can anyone name just two things this woman has done for her district since being sworn into office in January 2021?  Has she accomplished anything that can considered even remotely positive?

She’s an utter embarrassment to anyone she is ‘representing’, and the people of her own district began to realize that last year when she won re-election by only 521 votes.  She’s only gotten worse since then.

Item 3: Tesla puts German factory production on hold as Red Sea attacks disrupt supply chains

With the tensions in the middle east being the way they are right now, this is only going to get worse.  We are probably going to be entering into another period of inflation and supply-chain issues thanks to the Houthi  militia in Northern Yemen that has shooting missiles toward Israel and attacking commercial ships passing through the Red Sea.

We may be in for a ground war in Northern Yemen and beyond.

Item 4: Israel defends itself at the UN’s top court against allegations of genocide against Palestinians

I question South Africa’s current standing in this issue.  I also question their motives, given their own dubious past history of Apartheid, barely a generation removed.

I also question the futility of this action.  Whatever decision the court comes to will still have to survive a US veto on the UN Security Council.  Good luck.

Next, we will have a world wide benefit concert…

Item 5: GOP’s New Year’s resolution: Less legislating, more Hunter Biden porn   OP-ED

Less?  Can they do any less legislating?  Will the government even be open after the end of this month?  Will the House have a Speaker by the end of next week?

But sure, with all the stuff going on both here and elsewhere, let’s continue on with Hunter Biden’s cock.  Never elect a party who insists that “government doesn’t work”.  They will prove it to you by their ineptness.

Item 6: How a horny beer calendar sparked a conservative civil war   VOX

Without bothering to read this, I’m guessing that the ‘civil war’ is between the social conservatives and the fiscal conservatives.

Now where is Of Sockpuppet?

Item 7: Trump deliberately CHOSE not to be on the Nevada primary ballot

I was talking to a guy yesterday who was losing his mind over the fact that Donald Trump will not be on the Nevada primaries ballot.  “Election interference!  Arrrrrrggghhh!”  (or something like that)  When I looked it up, I found out that the Republican Party is doing a caucus, not a ballot.  Jesus, look it up before going ballistic.

Item 8: Gen Zers won’t even apply to a job if the salary isn’t listed

Do you blame them?  If I were looking for a job online, I would want to know a ballpark of what the company was paying for that position before I go through the entire kabuki dance of putting in a resume tailored to highlight the qualifications for that particular position, then going through at least the first round, if not the second round of interviews before you find out that  McDonalds is paying only a couple of bucks less for that computer-related degree everyone said you were going to need to make a lot of money only to find out that the labor market is over-saturated with people just like you, competing for the handful of low-paying contract positions available.

We can’t get a nibble on Indeed unless we post the salary.  I don’t see a problem with it.  We are competing for the best labor in the pool, and we can put ourselves up there against other employers looking for the same.  This is how employers started providing benefits like healthcare, PTO, retirement, bonuses, etc.  It was to compete for good employees in the labor market.

Yeah, I know.  We used to pound the pavement looking for work.  Send out resumes in the mail.  Make phone calls.  Network.  Call in favors.  But today, the internet is right there in your hand, or on your desk.  We can apply for jobs instantaneously, all over the friggin’ world and save both the employer and future employee a whole lot of time and trouble.  I can have someone working within a week or two of needing that person.  Maybe even that day.  Change can be good, sometimes.  Too bad it was too late for me to need it.

LATE BREAKING:  GOP Presidential Candidate Arrested on Federal Tax Charges

OMG!OMG!OMGEEEEE!  That fucking Joe Biden Justice Department is Out. Of. Control!  They just arrested Ron DeSantis on trumped up tax charges!  This cannot stand!

Wait, it wasn’t Ron DeSantis?

OMG!OMG!OMGEEEEE!  That fucking Joe Biden Justice Department is Out. Of. Control!  They just arrested Ron DeSantis Nikki Haley on trumped up tax charges!  This cannot stand!

Huh?  Not Nikki?   Well then, WHO?

John Anthony Castro?  Whodaphuck is that?

It seems like ANYONE thinks they can run for president these days.  John’s presidential campaign had raised $678 as of September.

I wonder if he’s going to try to argue “election interference” and hitch his wagon to Trump’s upcoming Supreme Robe case.  If you think you might get arrested, then run for president and claim “Election Interference!” if they come to arrest you.

What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Boy Swallows Universe

Boy Swallows Universe is a 2024 coming of age television limited series for Netflix based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Trent Dalton. Produced by Andrew Mason and Troy Lum and written by John Collee, the story revolves around Eli Bell, a working-class youth who enters Brisbane’s underworld to save his mother from danger.


Music I found on the Rott Server

Today’s selection brought to you by the letter


Memes From the Meme Box

I receive dozens of memes in my Meme Box on a daily basis from people all over the landscape.  Some are political, some topical, but most are just everyday events with a little fun inserted.  My absolute favorite are just photos that will speak those thousand words clearly.

Some are funny, some are not.  It’s all subjective, and don’t read anything into any of it.  If you have any you’d like to share, send them on to me, in the form of a link.  Do NOT send me the image itself, I will never see it.


This airport is in a pretty tough neighborhood


What the fuck is this mini-marshmallow “training” for?



This one seems a bit real:

“He’s just one of us”

He probably won’t last the whole year

Probably smells like old jock straps and broken dreams



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