Good morning, to all 66 of you who came here yesterday to view my last commentary.  A few of you came back three or four times to re-read the post.  Ya couldn’t drop a comment?  Not even a “fuck you, you _________   __________”?  (adding a qualifier is even more effective)

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays.  The consumer deals abound.  It’s hard to resist.   I hoped you stayed within your budget.

The Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Oh, where to begin, it’s all pretty weird, and funny

Item 1:   Iranian drone struck chemical tanker in Indian Ocean

This is the spreading of the Israeli/Hamas war that some people have been worried about.  The headline insinuates that Iran sent this drone.  Iran doesn’t have to get its hands dirty, they are selling their ‘drones’ to anyone who wants to buy them.  They are certainly outfitting the groups they fund.  I don’t know if that is much of a distinction, though.  They can be a nuisance by blocking shipping through the Strait of Hormuz.  Watch inflation start to rise again.

Sure be a shame if something were to happen to their drone factories.

Item 2:   Iran summons Russian envoy over statement on Persian Gulf disputed islands

Iran wants to lay the foundation for international claim to the Strait of Hormuz.   Their claim “of antiquity” is mostly true, but irrelevant, if not hypocritical — especially considering their attitudes on Israel.   This has never been a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” there was going to be a time when we would have to decide with military force.  Well, we may be close to that “when”.

Item 3:   Outdated green card laws hurt workers from India

Just by reading the headline?  GOOD.  The words “hurt” and “India” especially.  Then I read the first half — “Outdated green cards” — and once again we are back to the gorilla in the room:  Where the fuck is Congress?  Hello?  Can we get both parties to stop playing fuck-fuck and blaming each other for the shortcomings of Congress and actually DO something about immigration?  Something that is more in line with today’s realities, not those of the Reagan era?

Your complaints about the border pales in comparison to the LONG rant that I have about immigration laws that Congress needs to be addressing sooner than later.  I don’t even have an actual stance on immigration — I just want Congress to debate with the drive and resolve to actually WRITE and PASS some comprehensive immigration laws with the provision to sunset in thirty years from enactment without amendment.  That forces the next generation to revise according to their needs.

I mean, I could sit here in my Hunker-Bunker and outline a basic framework of an immigration policy inside twenty minutes.  It would just need to be fleshed out, and that is what the debating is all about.

Biden hasn’t proposed his ‘vision’ of what immigration should look like. (LOL)  But then, NOBODY in congress has introduced what could even laughingly be considered a workable, comprehensive immigration bill that doesn’t sound like something out of a dystopian show I’d be watching on Amazon Prime.

Any comprehensive immigration package HAS to deal with the causes for the migration(s) in the first place.  It’s cheaper to pay them off there, than to deal with them here.  We have a LONG history of paying despot governments to do our bidding.  We cut off foreign aid to the countries where most of these migrants come from a few years ago.  We need to revise and bribe those countries again to keep their people from wanting to flee.  And we also might want to turn a blind eye for a while, in the process.

Item 4:   Newsom rejects plan to block Trump from California ballot

Always, I am sure there is a caveat.  I suspect that Newsom would change his mind when Trump is convicted, which is the unofficial standard of the presumption of someone being innocent until proven guilty.  But that is only in a court of law.  Out here in society, it is always the other way around.  That person is always presumed guilty by the general public based solely on the first version of the story you heard.  Newman probably wants to ride the fence for political reasons.

Item 5:   Europe and its Jews: Is the clock ticking until they part ways?

There has always been a fairly large element of anti-Semitism in both Europe and America.  Most of the time, it is quiet, and in the background.  But every now and then, it comes back.  In waves.  Right now, I think the tide is coming in.

Item 6:   Iran threatens to close Mediterranean Sea citing US ‘crimes’ in Gaza

Through the use of drones?  Maybe a few missiles on the plants making the drones might send a message?

Item 7:   Prince Andrew ‘in torment’ as name ‘set to appear’ in unsealed Jeffrey Epstein docs

Now here is where I get a heavy boner.  This is the porn I dream of — seeing the list of 177 people who will immediately be mercilessly be smeared into oblivion by virtually everyone.  I’m expecting both Bill and Don to be on that list.

Item 8:   We Aren’t Posting on Social Media as Much Anymore. Will We Ever?

Social media is a cesspool, and a lot of people are coming around to that.  It takes a while.

Item 9:   Elon Musk promised an anti-‘woke’ chatbot. It’s not going as planned.

‘Anti-Woke’ means to be deliberately unaware of certain facts that might interfere with the construct you’ve created for yourself?

That’s hilarious.

Item 10: ‘Zombie deer disease’ epidemic spreads in Yellowstone as scientists raise fears it may jump to humans

Nothing says Christmas like a good zombie story…

What The Fuck Did I Just Stream?

Reacher – Prime Video

Jack Reacher is a former U.S. Army Military Police Major with extensive investigative and combat experience who now lives as a drifter, traveling from town to town across the United States.

In Season 1, while visiting the (fictional) rural town of Margrave, Georgia, he is arrested for murder. After he is freed, he teams up with two honest police officers, Oscar Finlay and Roscoe Conklin, to investigate a local conspiracy involving corrupt lawmen, politicians, and a wealthy business tycoon and his son.

In Season 2, Reacher is contacted by a former member of his defunct MP unit from New York City when one of their own is murdered under mysterious circumstances. He reassembles his old team to find the murderers and avenge their friend.

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Mustache – Freddie Mercury?


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