These are interesting times, there’s no denying that.  We live through a ‘new norm’ just about every day.  The older we get, the more we pine for the “old days”, because things were “so much simpler then”.

I will try to update the daily headlines that caught my attention each day for the next week or so.  Just because I post ’em, doesn’t mean I endorse any of it.

Today’s image is from:  Reddit.


This is an open thread.

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By Your Sock Puppet

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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August 18, 2023 07:14
August 18, 2023 19:01

OK folks – have a look see at this and tell me if your BS detection antenna is quivering.

August 21, 2023 14:50

The article says that the material is (gasp!) derived from petroleum. The greens are going to tie themselves in knots when it is clear that to gain more “green” stuff you need more petroleum stuff, not to mention nuclear power. Pass the popcorn.

Imperial Tech Wizard
August 20, 2023 14:09

A whole bunch of comments got “orphaned” here for some reason. I can see them in the backend, they just won’t show on the page itself.

I don’t really have the time to look at it right now, maybe in a few days. I doubt I could ever get Aaron to come back here.

You can still leave comments, apparently. I will see what I can do in a couple of days.

August 21, 2023 07:21

Headline: 12 interesting facts about the marine fish

So there are non marine fish?

Oh yeah, I forgot about Wanda, never mind.

August 22, 2023 21:49

As historic wildfires raged across the Hawaiian island of Maui over the past two weeks, claiming hundreds of lives and scorching thousands of acres, President Joe Biden managed to take two vacations, padding his record of over 365 vacation days since taking office. [He’s taken a YEAR of vacation since becoming president!]
Facing significant pressure to do so — especially after an early refusal to comment on the disaster — he cut short his second vacation and made his way to Maui on Monday.
The environmentally conscious president and his nearly 30-car motorcade passing disgruntled residents who jeered him, yelling, “Thanks for nothing!” and “Go home, Joe!”
Other residents who confronted Biden along the way held signs that read “F*** Biden” and “Trump Won.” Others held signs near Kapalua Airport, where the president touched down, that read, “It’s too late.”
The New York Post noted that there were additional signs amid the ash and ruin in Lahaina that said, “Action speaks louder than words” and “FJB,” as well as “No comment,” in reference to Biden’s Aug. 13 refusal to address the tragedy while vacationing in Delaware.
After joking about the ground being hot and a cadaver dog’s boots, he made a speech. While he remembered the name of the island this time around, the 80-year-old president mispronounced the names of multiple Hawaiian officials and called the disaster an “unimaginable travedy.”[travedy?]
Biden later addressed another crowd at the Lahaina Civic Center, where he drew a parallel between the deadly inferno, which has reportedly claimed more than 480 lives, and the near-loss of his beloved ’67 Corvette as the result of a kitchen fire.
“I don’t want to compare difficulties, [and then goes on to do just that!] but we have a little sense, Jill and I, of what it’s like to lose a home,” said Biden. “To make a long story short, I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette, and my cat,
A restaurant owner in Kihei, Maui, told the Daily Signal that Biden’s comparison was “the most despicable thing this president has ever said,” adding, “How do you compare almost losing your f****** Corvette to the children burned in their f****** homes, man?”

August 25, 2023 18:42

Once again, you revert to Trump. You are obsessed with him. Does Trump have anything to do with Hawaii?

“No comment” is a refusal to comment.
Why didn’t he know what was going on? It was all over the news, even I knew what was going on. It’s his JOB to know what’s going on in the country, he supposedly has people to brief him.  A whole city was destroyed and he couldn’t be bothered to do ANYTHING.

Again with the speech defect defense. How many times are you going to use that? Does it work when he confuses Russia and Iraq?

He’s being empathetic by comparing burning CHILDREN to his CORVETTE? Very empathetic. Just like comparing his son, who died of a brain tumor, to the Gold Star families whose children died by being blown up in Afghanistan during HIS botched withdrawal? And yes, it was botched, a new book just came out delineating all the mistakes. I’ll look it up for you.

I just saw a video of people in Hawaii, and one man made a very good point. Pearl Harbor is the largest naval and Marine base. Why didn’t they send help? Could it be that no one was awake? Or no one cared? Or his Secretary of the Navy was incompetent?  We got to Ukraine quicker than to Maui.

August 29, 2023 20:37

You talk about MY lack of empathy? How about comparing the loss of children to a car- that didn’t burn? How about turning it into something about himself? That’s what he does, because he’s a narcissist.

Oh, so ONLY 850 people are missing. That makes it so much better.
You prefer to talk about Trump, rather than answer my questions. Why didn’t Biden or one of his minions or the military help the people in Maui? He is, God help us, Commander-in-Chief of the military and this was something that went on for days. It’s HIS responsibility to order help. You can bet your ass that if wildfires were burning in Delaware, the federal government would be there.
And what are they doing now to help?
It’s already being called “The Biden Curtain,” as new videos from Lahaina, Maui, reveal miles of black curtains erected to prevent people from seeing what’s happening at the origin site of this month’s catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii.
“There seems to be a huge emphasis on ensuring that the media and anyone else can’t see what’s going on,” Cygnus reported.
You also didn’t answer me about how his speech defect him confusing Ukraine with Iraq. YOU prefer to talk about Trump rather than look at Biden’s failures and his corruption. Talking of elephants in the room.
So stop with the laughing emojis and mocking comments. Because this was a true tragedy, people lost their lives, their children, their homes and have no place to live. And the first thing Corn Pop does is say we’re sending another $380 million to Ukraine. Or is it billion? $78 billion and counting. After all, the Bidens have experience with Ukraine, as Biden BRAGGED when he was VP. And it’s a convenient place to launder Biden money.

August 23, 2023 13:12

Geez! Interesting times indeed. Apparently the boss of the Wagner group – Prigozhin – might have been on a plane that just crashed in Russia. What next?

August 23, 2023 23:40

The real fire in Biden’s house that he referred to in his speech was in 2004. It was a kitchen fire that was put out in 20 minutes.

August 24, 2023 16:48

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