A few weeks ago we were blessed with the little snippet of news on the matter of sliced and diced cows in several locations of the Southwest. Since then, there have been added news articles regarding the UFO phenomenon, on a fairly consistent basis. Almost every case appears to be promoted by The Government ™ or their paid lickspittles in the press (otherwise labeled l Presstitutes).

Earlier this week, we were all regaled once more, this time by some government nobody, testifying under oath before congress (for what that is worth nowadays), that “he heard” the USG had as early as 1944, obtained actual physical evidence of non terrestrial machines and (gasp!) actual little green men or pieces thereof. Mind he has not touched, observed or otherwise had any direct first hand input on the matter.



Now I know the readers of this wonderful blog are all pretty well shielded from the rain of BS that descends from the heavens (or at least from the cesspool of DC every time a news meteor strikes it) , as to be judiciously scratching their heads, beards (or perhaps lower parts), thinking that it is all a coordinated effort to distract from likely really dangerous things (any and all action taken by the so called Gubbmint, like maybe sending 3000 marines to the M.E. ostensibly to scare the Iranian hotheads ) that are going on in The Real Word ™

All this in parallel with the soap operas now playing


, namely “Destroy the Trumpster” and “My Son the Perfect Man” which run concurrently in DC. Just more things to obfuscate and bury by the political swamp.

Now, being a techy type, with a degree and love of Science (real and fiction) that extends back over 60 years, physics is a stone cold bitch with regards to traveling distances measured in parsecs.

Even if mathematically there is a hint of a way to exceed light speed (Alcubierre et all) no one has been able to demonstrate feasibility due to energy requirements for same. Our nearest star neighbor at 4 light years distance give or take, does not appear to have habitable planets nor is radiating anything we could interpret as civilization byproducts. That would push the LGM origins ever farther away and with diminishing likelihood of being real. As it now stands, because things are never totally dismissable, there is perhaps a 0.0000000001 % chance someone technologically able would show up here (I may have missed a few dozen extra zeros or more).

Then there is the “coup de grâce”, all of this appears to originate from…..yeah…. The Government™

Enjoy the show folks and as usual YMMV.

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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August 6, 2023 16:28

I see that Disney is getting ready to present their earnings report. Unfortunately for them, the wokerati haven’t been filling theater seats or theme parks like the common folks do.

Darth Mickey.png
Your Sock Puppet
August 7, 2023 07:59
Reply to  tweell

The “wokerati”? I am fascinated by the effort you guys go into relabeling people, places and things.

I think Disney will do just fine. It’s Floriduh you should be worried about. If the “wokerati” aren’t visiting the Floriduh theme parks, then the state and surrounding businesses are the ones who are hurting. Disney can rejigger their business model to maximize any situation. The state of Floriduh, not so much.

Disney recently shut down the Billion dollar investment it was going to make in Floriduh, and instead has decided to use it to build up it’s California properties.

You know what? Politics aside, Disney would be smart to think about pulling completely out of Floriduh over the next few years. I know that you probably don’t want to accept this fact, but global warming will eventually put much of the state under water. That’s already starting to happen.

August 7, 2023 08:58

Hey, the woke consider themselves the literati, so why not combine the two words? No effort at all, DJ, no effort at all.

Florida is doing fine. The drop in Disneyland tourism dollars is more than made up by the number of folks moving in from California (let alone other states). As far as Disney investing, given their recent losses and their bad deal with Comcast, they’re not going to be able to buy much without overextending.

Ah, global warming will put Florida and all our coastal cities underwater. All of the ice will melt! Snow is a thing of the past! The glaciers will be gone by 2020!
Sorry, but I’ll believe my lying eyes, not you this time. Every goal post set has been wrong, and I’m tired of seeing them moved yet again.

I remember when we were supposed to be going into an ice age. We needed government intervention and spending lots of money! 20 years later, we were going to burn up. We need government intervention and spending lots of money! It’s almost as if this is all about giving the government more power and money. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Meme - Special Snowflake award.png
Your Sock Puppet
August 7, 2023 16:38
Reply to  tweell

I like to consider myself “woke”. That is, knowledgeable, and aware of a lot of different things. The opposite of “woke” is to be asleep. Asleep, as in being ignorant, either naturally, or on purpose. It seems to me that the people who bitch and complain about people who are “woke” would rather those people be kept down or ‘in their place”.

To be clear, those who bitch about “wokeness” are typically expressing their racist mindset. It is really that simple.

Florida is doing fine. The drop in Disneyland tourism dollars is more than made up by the number of folks moving in from California (let alone other states). 

In 2021, 674,740 moved into Floriduh from other states in the country. 469,577 moved OUT. More people moved out of Floriduh than moved in from both California and New York.

Up until recently, people in Floriduh enjoyed low taxes and a low cost of living compared to other states. But now that Disney’s teat has pretty much dried up in Floriduh, and other businesses are leaving as well, the tax base that used to fund Floriduh is now pretty much gone.

If Disneyworld were to cut back operations to five days a week, most of the hotels in the area would go out of business, and along with it, all the other businesses that rely on Disneyworld for their income.

Ah, global warming will put Florida and all our coastal cities underwater. All of the ice will melt! Snow is a thing of the past! The glaciers will be gone by 2020!

It’s still melting, and the sea level is still rising whether you believe your lying eyes or not. Maybe you will believe NASA?


Maybe read a little more about it here? I mean, you don’t have to believe me on any of this, and honestly I don’t care if you do or don’t. You are entitled to be wrong, and wallow in that wrongness.

I remember when we were supposed to be going into an ice age. We needed government intervention and spending lots of money! 20 years later, we were going to burn up.

Then you must be misremembering or you didn’t have a good grasp on it back then, because the alarm has ALWAYS been the same: a global climate change, where the combined land and ocean temperature across the globe has been rising 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit ( 0.08 degrees Celsius) per decade since 1880.

Currently, our average global temperature is a whopping 57° F. If the average global temperature rises as much as two degrees, it would spark another mass extinction event.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually a very big deal. Maybe not so much for you and I since we are likely to be dead and gone before our kids and grandkids will be facing it full-on.

But then, virtually every Conservative I know doesn’t really give a flying fuck about things that will happen after they are dead and gone.

August 8, 2023 10:12

DJ, it’s your side’s label, so fly it proudly. The negatives associated with that label were earned. A sh*t by any other name still stinks.

Ah, didn’t see the moving out part. I was wrong there. Still, they’re running a positive population, unlike California and New York. Also, Disney doesn’t have the economic clout you seem to think they have. They paid $780 million of $101.7 billion Florida tax revenue. Universal Studios and Seaworld together run ~$500 million and are trending higher while Disney World is trending lower, so… Finally, the hotels have already gone through a Covid winnowing, most not on firm financial ground have already gone under.

Misremembering, DJ? Will you believe wikipedia? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_cooling
I remember Newsweek putting out a headliner The Cooling World. There were many other articles and scientific papers saying the same thing.

No, I won’t believe NASA, they have been caught editing data. James Hansen was beating the global warming drum 35 years ago, to date all his predictions have failed. Land rises and sinks, the ocean wears away at the shore, but the tidal markers left by Captain Kidd still indicate high and low tide. The glaciers at Glacier National Park are still there, and actually growing.

Your Sock Puppet
August 9, 2023 08:18
Reply to  tweell

I have a “side”? Maybe in your zero-sum way of thinking, but life isn’t either/or, up/down, in/out or black/white. There is an infinite in between. It would be easier to try to find the “side” of a round rubber ball.

I think you tend to mistake my disagreement with being on one “side” or the other. If I have a “side” it would be on the ‘side’ of facts and truth, and not hyperbole and wishful thinking.

If you are too intellectually lazy to bother to look up the facts wherever they may take you, then that’s on YOU. But expect to be hit square in the face with actual facts if you are going to talk to me.

There are times where I may be wrong, and if I am confronted by some actual facts to dispute something I’ve said, I will always adjust myself accordingly. I don’t continue to repeat by rote the talking points of whatever “side” you think I’m on.

Take for example the word “woke”. The word “woke” came from the earlier African-American vernacular of “stay woke” that came from the the 1920s. Most white people didn’t hear of the phrase until after the Fergusson crap in 2014 that culminated in the BLM movement. But “stay woke” is something that black parents have been teaching their children for almost 100 years

The earliest known examples of “wokeness” as a concept revolve around the idea of Black consciousness “waking up” to a new reality or activist framework and dates back to the early 20th century. In 1923, a collection of aphorisms and ideas by the Jamaican philosopher and social activist Marcus Garvey included the summons “Wake up Ethiopia! Wake up Africa!” as a call to global Black citizens to become more socially and politically conscious. A few years later, the phrase “stay woke” turned up as part of a spoken afterword in the 1938 song “Scottsboro Boys,” a protest song by Lead Belly. The song describes the 1931 saga of a group of nine Black teenagers in Scottsboro, Arkansas, who were accused of raping two white women.

The “negatives” you describe are not from “my side”, it’s from a racist mindset that has prevailed throughout the existence of this country from it’s history in slavery up until the modern day, where an overt racist became POTUS and “woke up” and gave license to the other bigots and racists out there. If that’s the “side” you are on, then maybe it’s YOU who should fly that “proudly”.

Them there are the FACTS, and no amount of massaging is going to change them.

Also, Disney doesn’t have the economic clout you seem to think they have. 

Um… if a company, entity, or even a private person were to inject $1 billion dollars into a project, that entire region is going to be affected. Just the spending of money means it is generating ‘business’ which pays wages for the labor needed to provide those services and material.

Since Floriduh is not known as a manufacturing or resources state, it gets its tax base from it’s main industry: tourism. Before Disney came to town, Floriduh was pretty much nothing more than a swamp with endless beaches. Disney came to town, bringing high revenue, and that brought businesses that rely on Disney to stay alive and thrive. But if Disney hadn’t come to town, Floriduh would be another Arkansas, but with more hurricanes. If Disney were to roll up shop, pull stakes and leave Floriduh would find itself in the shitter economically in addition to it’s current standing on pretty much every other metric.

In case you haven’t been told by your favorite news silo, Floriduh is losing a crapload of tourist dollars since Ron DeSantis embarked on his ‘anti-wokeness’ tirades.

This is from the local CBS Miami affiliate:

DeSantis’ ‘anti-woke’ bills are costing Florida millions of dollars in business

[…] As of July 26, Ritter said that Visit Lauderdale has tallied 10 events and conventions that were canceled by organizations citing recently enacted laws, policies and travel advisories. That amounts to 15,000 lost hotel room nights and an estimated $20 million economic impact, she said.

Taylor Swift came to Seattle a few weeks ago, and played at Lumen Field to almost 50.000 fans over the course of two nights. The 211-room hotel adjacent to the stadium had rooms going for as much as $5000 per night for a three-night minimum. Doing the math, that was $3.1 million to just that one hotel for three nights. The restaurant in that hotel clocked $180,000 for that same period. Even the housekeeper made an average of $15 in tips per room per day in that period.

That was just one major event, with just one hotel, just to give you an idea what tourism dollars actually are and how a major event (or draw) can bring in a pile of revenue for the entire region.

Floriduh is not an income tax state, so it has to get its operating revenue from somewhere, and that’s taxing the tourist dollar. If there is a sudden drop in tourism, then that’s less money for the state, and less money for the businesses that rely on the tourist dollar to stay afloat.

If Floriduh has suddenly decided to make it uncomfortable for tourists to visit, then that’s only going to hurt Floriduh. Disney decided to NOT invest another billion bucks into its operations in Floriduh, and that is going to have some long-term effects on the state. You can pretend all you want that it won’t, but we are already watching it happen.

Tourism is just one thing. Cancelling conventions can have a long-term effect on revenue going forward. Other businesses in the area that rely on the convention dollars will either wind down and/or fold.

As far as the people moving out of California? Mostly Right-wingers from Northern California. Not much of a loss, if you ask me. We see a lot of Far-Right-flight here in Washington also. Most of them flocking towards Idaho. Good riddance, if you ask me. They are taking their White Supremacy bullshit somewhere else, and that’s a good thing.

Now if only we can find a place for the Far-Lefty-Loonies to gravitate towards. I’d be happy to cede to them the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

My actual problem isn’t with rank and file Republicans or Democrats, it’s the fringes of both parties that I have a problem with.

HINT: I don’t belong to either fringe. I have as many issues with the Far-Left as I do with the Far-Right. Both should be placed on the shitpile of history.

August 9, 2023 11:46

So, you’re claiming the woke is the original black meaning and not the post-hijacking white progressive one. Bull. Word wizardry will avail you not, flame of Udun! It’s a common tactic that liberals pull – take a word with a positive connotation and paste it on, saying that’s you. To rephrase David Burge: Wear it as a skin suit, while demanding respect. That tactic has been used too often.

No, I don’t think so. Homey don’t play that.

As far as Disney goes, I believe that the corporation will survive as a much diminished entity, but it may be bought out and disappear entirely. Sears was dominant when I was a young man, now there’s only a few stores left. They made bad decisions and squandered good will, so their lunch got eaten by other companies. The entertainment industry isn’t immune to that, if anything they’re more cut throat.

You produce a lot of facts to bolster your opinion, but they didn’t negate mine – there’s other folks in the business and they’re doing better. The trans Minnie Mouse isn’t going to bring folks from flyover country to Disney World, and some hotels may go under along with Disney, but that isn’t going to take the state of Florida down.

I say when I am wrong, DJ. I haven’t noticed you doing that.

Good bye.

Your Sock Puppet
August 9, 2023 17:53
Reply to  tweell

So, you’re claiming the woke is the original black meaning and not the post-hijacking white progressive one.

Wait. You think there is a difference? What exactly is that difference? Can YOU define it for me?

The term was revived in 2014 by BLACK people, not white progressives.

Progressive. This USED to be the Republican Party. It was the DEMOCRATS who used to be the racist party. But all them Dixiecrats split and took over the Republican Party, causing the progressives of the Republican party to go over to the Democrats.

Sears was dominant when I was a young man, now there’s only a few stores left. They made bad decisions and squandered good will, so their lunch got eaten by other companies.

Yeah you can blame corporate raider, Edward S. Lampert for that. He owned Kmart, and then went on to buy up Sears for the purpose of selling off large chunks of them for the purpose of liquidation. This was by design.

Not anywhere near the same as Disney.

 The entertainment industry isn’t immune to that, if anything they’re more cut throat.

It depends on which division of Disney you are talking about. Disney has a finger in a LOT of pies as you can see here:

Disneyland, Inc.
WED Enterprises
Retlaw Enterprises
Wrather Corporation
Capital Cities/ABC Inc.
Fox Family Worldwide
Saban Entertainment
The Muppets and Bear in the Big Blue House properties
Avalanche Software
Climax Racing
Junction Point Studios
New Horizon Interactive
Wideload Games
Marvel Entertainment
UTV Software Communications
Maker Studios
Euro Disney SCA
21st Century Fox

So if you are thinking that Disney is going out of business any time soon, then you are sadly mistaken.3

The trans Minnie Mouse isn’t going to bring folks from flyover country to Disney World, and some hotels may go under along with Disney, but that isn’t going to take the state of Florida down.

Bwah ha ha ha ha! A couple of things here: The Minnie Mouse characters you see in Disneyland and Disneyworld are quite often have men under that costume. Just as Mickey Mouse will often have women inside there.

Having never heard of a “trans Minnie Mouse”, I had to go look it up to see what it was you were talking about. It appears you are talking about a story that came out today about some “gender fluid” person partnering up to promote a clothing line selling Minnie Mouse apparel to girls.

No, they aren’t creating a “transgender Minnie Mouse”. You are talking about a person who was born male who identifies as “whatever”, promoting clothes for … wait for it … GIRLS.

But as usual, the Reich wing media took the story and made it sound like Disney was become a transgender playground. It isn’t.

What Disney IS doing, is making money. They are in the business of making money, and whatever it takes to do so. If they want to expand their customer base to attract gays, lesbians, and “whatever”, then they will find a “whatever” who speaks the language and can promote for Disney. It’s not a zero sum operation here. You are complaining about a company that tries to market to EVERYONE, including the LGBT[…] community.

And seriously, why do any of you care? If you aren’t part of the LGBT[…] community, then why do you care if Disney tries to market to that group? Are you afraid that Disney will stop marketing to straight people or something. Or is this just another act of bigotry that you can’t seem to shake?

I say when I am wrong, DJ. I haven’t noticed you doing that.

I’ve been wrong a few times, I’m sorry you missed those. I have corrected myself several times when I’ve misspoken. It doesn’t happen often, because I research the hell out of things before I put them out here. I’ll set off some fireworks to get your attention next time. How about that?

Most of what you’ve said here is your opinion. Opinions are not facts, and therefore are not really subject to right and wrong. Your POV is different than mine, maybe you see things that I don’t and vice versa.

Over the years on this site, most of you have gotten me completely wrong. You all make the faulty assumption that I am this Far-Left communist/socialist/fascist/nazi/progressive/doohickey worthy of ridicule.

The reality is completely different. I play the “foil” here because it draws you out. In real life, I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. All this ‘trans’ stuff is so far out of my comprehension that I don’t even bother most of the time. Pronouns? meh. If someone makes it easy for me, then fine. Just don’t go into contortions to explain it all to me.

I have a neighbor, whose 15-year-old girl is transitioning to become a boy. She is now a “He” in every aspect but genitalia. Ordinarily, this is simple enough that I can easily follow along and will grant him his wish to be referred to as a ‘guy’. But he had to go and make it a bit complicated by becoming a GAY boy.

Yes, you read that right. She became a gay boy. (do try to control your eye rolling…)

I think that’s where I draw the line. Not because I disapprove, but because it takes too much energy to process, and I’m getting too old to learn new habits.

You won’t see much of me agreeing with people here NOT because I don’t agree with some of the stuff you say, but because I’m not a cheerleader. I really only comment when we don’t really agree, or someone has confused their opinions as ‘facts’.

I live in Progressive Seattle, and I can tell you from first-hand experience, it’s not all that wonderful. Thankfully, it appears the pendulum is swinging again and we are becoming a bit more conservative. A bit.

I’ve always been a live and let live kind of person. In other words, I don’t give a flying fuck what you think, say or do, as long as it isn’t impacting me or mine.

You all make the faulty assumption that I am alright with Joe Biden, and I’m not. I feel that he was the best candidate for the situation we faced in 2020 and I feel we made the correct choice.

Could we have done better? Sure, if there had been a better candidate running, but there wasn’t. We had a circus full of wannabe clowns facing another clown.

Sadly, I don’t see anyone from either party worthy of running in 2024. Those that might be at least adequate are too old to run in my opinion. If Mitt Romney were to run and somehow win the Republican nomination, I’d be tempted to vote for him. But he, is too old IMHO.

Maybe it’s because I’m pushing eighty, that I can’t think of any promising younger people to run. All my heroes are old and dead now.

August 16, 2023 13:48

Since I am unable to reply to your long, long, long screed about Afghanistan, I am putting it here. It’s from 1 of your favorite newspapers, the NY Times.

Taliban Fighters, Unsettled by Peace, Seek New Battles Abroad
“Young men seeking thrill and adventure is common everywhere; from Americas, to Europe to Asia, Africa and elsewhere,” said Abdul Qahar Balkhi. Many are also invigorated by the collapse of the Western-backed government in Afghanistan.

The group was all but stamped out nearly a decade ago. But over the past two years, it has roared back to life. Hundreds of T.T.P. fighters were freed from Afghan prisons during the Taliban takeover and armed themselves with American military equipment.

“Everywhere that Muslims are in trouble we must help them,” Mr. Malang said. “Like Palestine and Myanmar.”
Mr. Wahdat added: “Even America.”


And with an open border, they should be here any minute now.

That’s just one example.

Your Sock Puppet
August 16, 2023 17:11
Reply to  readerjp

I was unaware that I had a ‘favorite newspaper’, but if I did, I doubt it would be the NYT.  

The group was all but stamped out nearly a decade ago. But over the past two years, it has roared back to life. Hundreds of T.T.P. fighters were freed from Afghan prisons during the Taliban takeover and armed themselves with American military equipment.

Who says the Taliban were “all but stamped out”? More importantly, WHO let them out?

I’ll give you a hint, but you won’t like it.

You are aware, aren’t you, that Trump let the current leader of the Taliban along with 5000 of those fighters out of prison? Or <em>did</em> your favorite news silo fail to mention that?

You really should go back and read exactly what the Trump administration negotiated with the Taliban.

August 16, 2023 23:02

Why do you keep going back to Trump? You have Trump Derangement Syndrome. What about the open border? Are you going to blame that on Trump too? The open border in Biden, all the way.

Your Sock Puppet
August 17, 2023 08:16
Reply to  readerjp

How could I not mention Trump’s role in how the Taliban go to where they are today? It wasn’t Biden who negotiated for the release from prison the current leader of the Taliban along with 5000 of the Taliban’s worst? That was the great “deal maker”, Donald Trump who made that happen, against the loud protestations of the Afghanistan puppet government we installed.

I cannot help it if you hate being hit in the face with Donald Trump on something like that. Maybe next time you do a bit of research before you leave yourself wide open like that?

What about the open border? Are you going to blame that on Trump too? The open border in Biden, all the way.

This has what to do with the Taliban? Or are we changing subjects?

So now we are on the subject of immigration? Groovy.

You do realize that it is the purview of CONGRESS to fix our immigration and border issues, don’t you? Not the president. The only thing a president can do is to illegally apply bandaids to the problem.

Want someone to blame? Blame both parties in Congress, from the top down. Until these freaks can get together in a bipartisan manner and hash this shit out, we are going to continue down the same path as we have been.

The ‘blame’ we can give to our various POTUSI is that they’ve ALL lacked the leadership to use the bully pulpit to push the Congress into acting.

August 17, 2023 15:59


Your Sock Puppet
August 18, 2023 15:15
Reply to  readerjp

What about them?

You keep babbling on about our “open borders“. The Unites States hasn’t had open borders since 1924. Before that, anyone who could get here could be here — with a few exceptions imposed by Congress. In 1925, Congress imposed immigration prohibitions with a few small exceptions, such as a need for skilled workers, or family members of US citizens. Every now and then, when the moon and stars align in certain ways, Congress might tinker with immigration and declare things to be “fixed”. I think that everyone agrees that we are LONG overdue for some major “tinkering”.

Nothing has changed about the law. It is still there, untouched, unchanged, and therein lies the problem. Congress won’t do anything. Presidents can tinker a bit by creating policies that prioritize the implementation of the law, but if they get too far out of the limits of the law, and then challenged, a court will often block that policy. A court blocked the Trump policy on transit a few years ago, and that same court just blocked a Biden policy that was pretty much based on the earlier blocked Trump policy. The recent Biden policy had been responsible for a relatively huge drop in illegal crossings along the US-Mexican border in the past six months.

My point here is that Biden can only stay within the law or a court will pull him back. Executive Orders can only go so far, and can be easily challenged. This is why Congress needs to step up.

But “needs” is a whole lot different than “able”. Congress is currently and hopelessly unable, if not unfit for the task of tackling a 21st century fully comprehensible immigration laws.

I fear that it will be a while before we see a Congress both willing and able. It will most likely require doing away with the filibuster rule, which will make it harder to keep whatever they come up with in place. It’s a conundrum.

Also, whatever Congress comes up with has to be interpreted by the Court as being Constitutional. If not then whatever portion is unconstitutional will be stricken, and anything connected that follows. So not only must time and care be taken to fashion such a comprehensive bill that two-thirds of the Senate, a majority of the House and the POTUS can get behind, it also has the pass muster of the Supreme Rulers in Robes, all deference to them. (and a bow and scrape…)

It’s a tall task, and you have to admit not one likely to happen any time soon, right?

Yes, we can bitch and moan about how [this president] or [that president][isn’t doing enough], or [doing too much]
on immigration, but the reality is that they can only work within the limits of the laws that Congress currently has in place.

There is only so much that Biden can or can’t do before he is pushed back on by the court, if not Congress. The Court can’t decide immigration policy either. Only we can, by electing a fresh Congress sent with the task of fixing our broken immigration system.

I said the exact same thing back when whats-his-schnoz
was president. But for a very different reason. Long and short: presidents can only set policy based on existing law. I could explain the entire labyrinth of laws and regulations that can stem from legislative law, but that would take … too long, even for me. [you are welcome :)]

Is that enough for you?

August 18, 2023 15:32

It’s bullshit. The president is responsible for keeping the borders:

Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

That’s the Constitution that Biden swore to uphold.. Against invasion. And we have been invaded and crime is going up and up. There is no room for these illegals, there is not enough money to pay for all they want, and even the blue Democratic cities can’t handle it and are saying”enough.” Biden picked Mayorkas to be Secretary of DHS, and as an avowed open border activist, he has allowed the invasion and defunded and demoralized Customs and Borders enforcement. It’s BIDEN’s responsibility to protect the USA, no one else’s. It’s not Congress, because Biden and Mayorkas are not even enforcing the laws that Congress had made.

That’s one of the president’s chief responsibilities, to keep the US safe from invasion. He is not even trying. Biden is doing the opposite. Let him house the illegals, the White House is big enough. They can give Hunter’s crack room to an illegal/refugee.


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