Today’s news from Scotland.- they were pretty much doomed under the leadership of the Sturgeon broad, now on into the frying pan along with this bonzo.

Tuesday, 28 March 2023 02:56 PM EDT

Scotland’s parliament on Tuesday confirmed Humza Yousaf will replace Nicola Sturgeon as first minister, the devolved nation’s youngest and the first Muslim leader of a government in western Europe.

The Scots are wonderful people, having been made an honorary member of one clan and spent many weeks traversing the country multiple times, there are a few things that stand out. Great people, stunning scenery, excellent scotch whisky and very poor supply of arable land, IE not much grows there beyond neeps and tatties. Plenty of lamb and mutton yes, but they cannot feed or provide energy sufficient to sustain growth as a nation.

North sea oil would be a boon, but the existing platforms and reservoirs are going low from 60+ years of extraction. There are certainly more oil fields, but the green crazies have just about killed the industry and the so called “renewables” aren’t.

The first words out of Mr. Yousaf’s pie hole referenced Scottish independence from the UK, something that has repeatedly failed to pass, and for good reason. Up till now there have been enough sane minds to realize they cannot survive as an independent country. So now what?

For the sake of my many friends up past Hadrian’s wall, I pray this fellow is a very short term first minister, anything otherwise will be catastrophic and I can already see China immediately offering to place Scotland into the Belt and Road program, which will as surely destroy the country as they have done to Ceylon, Ecuador and a half dozen or so African nations.

God save ye all lads and lasses.

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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