No, not ol’ FJB, but California as a state lacking state of mind. Dementia means lacking cognitive abilities as in reason, learning from mistakes or even remembering that there was a mistake to be corrected.

When I was a younger self, as in 1982, had the first experience of Orange County where one of the first CES (Computer Electronics Show) was being held. The hotel was a scant mile or so from the show venue but it took almost 30 minutes by bus/car to get there. We took to walking; it was just as fast if not faster. Note: we could walk without fear of being assaulted, shot at or tripping over human debris on the sidewalks.

Clogged highways are nothing new for the state, but what is new is the utter destruction of what was once the largest portion of the U.S. economy and “cradle of democracy” (how I dislike that FDR term – we are (still) a Constitutional republic I think) in building thousands of aircraft in support of the war effort in the 1940’s not to mention the electronics revolution post war and on steroids since the 80’s. Oh, it was also run by extremely conservative hard working Republican leaning types pretty much on up through the Reagan era.

What went wrong? We now have a state run by people exhibiting total delusional dementia as in going to ban all ICE (internal combustion engines) by 2030. And pray tell, what will generate the energy to be stored (however short term) in banks of toxic (by their own definition) batteries and components when the state has banned coal fired generators, banned the construction of dams (have to protect the delta smelt, doncha know) and now, almost shut off their last remaining operational nuclear generating facility. Oh, and for good measure, they want to ban the use of natural gas and have already cut off water to the most fertile and productive farming in the nation.

Of course, all those oil derricks I observed on that visit so long ago, are all halted and very likely scrapped by now. CA sits on huge deposits of oil both onshore and offshore, which they are prohibited from accessing and where there is oil, there is usually plenty of natural gas.

But what do I know, the D party keeps touting the “progress” of CA and how it should be emulated across America (note that their schooling has already become pervasive in all 50 states). Which brings me to the concentration of power and centralized uni party government, doing it’s best to end the federal system of 50 independent states. It is pretty clear to me at least that allowing 50 states to each do their own things is a very good system as it fairly quickly shows what works and what fails, EXCEPT when there is mass delusional dementia in control.

I can’t say that the next election will be fair and free of corruption, we have a history of that going back to the founding, but what is new is the degree of centralized control of said corruption. This is the part which presents the greatest danger to the Republic. So do your civic duty, convince your neighbors and family that “going the California way” is not working and if they value their prosperity (jobs) and good life they are best served never voting in any candidate that supports the CA model. This means not voting in any demented power seeking asshole of whatever flavor. QED

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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