Heck, we don’t even know where to start.

Of course, we could start with the latest chapter in the Prozis’ Impeacho-rama, in which apparently the “high crime” is that the President of the U.S. asked the President of Ukraine whether they could look into the whole “collusion” nonsense that was SUCH A BIG DEAL back in ’16-early ’19, but which it is apparently a high crime and a misdemeanor to even show a modicum of interest in by now.

Oh, and possibly look into what on Earth was going on with Quid Pro Joe Biden’s deadbeat, coke-snorting son cashing a cool $600,000/year for never sitting on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company.

How do we know that Gropey Joe’s son, who wouldn’t recognize gas if it ignited and burned his eyebrows off while he was snarfing down a dozen lines of Colombian marching powder, was cashing in big time back when his old man was VP? Why, because his old senile idiot of a dad was marching around bragging about it, not to mention bragging about how he’d threatened the then Ukrainian head honcho with withholding $1,000,000,000 in promised loans to the Ukraine unless the Ukrainian promptly fired the prosecutor looking into the company Line-Snorter Hunter Biden was being paid $50,000/month to not work for.

Yeah, that’s going to work out wonderfully for you, Prozis, go right ahead. Please!

Meanwhile, in the U.N., a mentally ill child was put on display in what can only be called the most disgusting hostage video we’ve ever seen as she, desperate to please her handlers and the parents who’d been brainwashing her already troubled mind since infancy with horrifying tales of glowbull wormening, with all the theatrical talent of a tobacco store Indian, read aloud from the script that had been prepared for her.

The Prozis, once again deploying children as human shields.

Explain to us again how that is any different from ISIS strapping explosives to kids, African warlords handing out AK-47s to tweens or Adolf Hitler distributing Panzerfausts to teens, ordering them to stop the advancing Soviet Tank Armies, because we sure as fuck don’t see it.

If there ever was such a thing as convincing proof that the CPS needs to exist, Greta Thunberg’s parents would be it.

Meanwhile, the same Prozis whose cheers and tongue baths knew no end whenever their sainted Jugeared Chocolate Jesus talked about bringing the troops back home (but never actually seemed to do anything of the sort) are having conniption fits over 50 U.S. soldiers being withdrawn from a war that’s over and out of a fight that isn’t ours. It’s as if Franklin D Roosevelt just ordered the evacuation of the Normandy beachheads.

Except that he


, being a Democrat, would of course be praised to the skies by those same Prozi arseholes.

The world shows no signs of getting any less insane and we’re going back to sleep.


P.S.: There has been much ado about comparing Californistan’s shutting off the power to millions of unfortunate Californians (to keep the undergrowth that the enviromoronic Californians refuse to clear from catching fire) to Venezuela.

We must protest. Venezuela is without power because the idiot socialist government destroyed/squandered/fucked up the sources of it. They have no power because there is no power to turn ON. The Californians’ lack of power, on the other hand, is even more idiotic. They’re without it because the idiotic government that the idiot Californians voted for turned it OFF. There’s plenty of power, they just can’t have any. Because reasons, dammit!

By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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