Damn, that failure theatre that the Demorats are putting on just keeps getting funnier and funnier, doesn’t it?

So now they’re calling on an officer, decked out in full kit to use as a shield against criticism, to offer “testimony” on how he feels about the President’s conversation with Ukraine President Zelensky.

Not testimony on any of the actual contents of the phone call, that wouldn’t fly too well since everybody interested has had access to the full transcript for four weeks plus now, but testimony about what he thinks was in it.

What a joke.

And the Enemedia, suddenly caught in a sudden and uncharacteristic for them blaze of patriotism, are going absolutely nuts howling about how it’s un-American and borderline treasonous to as much as think about criticizing an actual, uniform-wearing, bona fide hero of the Soviet Union nation. He’s wearing a uniform!!! Treason!!!!

Yeah. So was other “heroes” such as Nidal Hassan, Bradley Manning and Bowe Bergdahl and so on and so forth.

We’re not in any way comparing Lt. Col. Vindman to those sad wastes of protein and traitors

, we’re merely pointing out that wearing the uniform doesn’t mean that you’re forever above any sort of criticism, no matter what you do or say.

Not to mention pointing out the usual double standards of the execrable excuse for a “press” we have in this country. Their situational patriotism isn’t exactly a new phenomenon.

But it’s nice to see how the Demorats and the Enemedia are doing all that they can to ensure a landslide win for President Trump in 2020.

Keep it up.

It would, after all, be terribly rude to interrupt an enemy while he’s busy making a mistake.


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By Emperor Misha I

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